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In the realm of healthcare administration, attention to detail and adherence to protocol are not just virtues; they are necessities, particularly when managing the complexities of Medicare services for specific populations such as railroad workers. The Ptan Request For Railroad Medicare form, a critical document facilitated by Palmetto GBA, a Railroad Medicare contractor, embodies this meticulous attention. Located in Augusta, Georgia, and committed to efficiency as denoted by its ISO 9001 certification, this form is designed exclusively for electronic claim submitters aiming to provide services to Railroad Medicare beneficiaries. The process, while streamlined, demands that providers are already enrolled with their local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and seeks to further enroll with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for seamless claim processing. Accommodating up to five providers per submission, with the provision for additional forms for larger groups, this document underscores the importance of precision from the initial step of entering information before printing. It vehemently discourages the submission of blank or handwritten forms to avoid processing delays, demonstrating the system's reliance on digital accuracy for effective service delivery. Additionally, this form is not a platform for updating existing Railroad Medicare PTANs, indicating a clear delineation of its purpose in the broader administrative landscape. Hence, the Request for Railroad Medicare PTAN form is a testament to the intricate processes governing healthcare provision for railroad workers, demanding accuracy, pre-enrollment, and electronic engagement from providers.

Form NamePtan Request For Railroad Medicare
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Other namesptan, ptan application, medicare, railroad

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PO BOX 10066 | Augusta, Georgia 30999-0001 | | ISO 9001


Request for Railroad Medicare PTAN for Electronic Submitters

This form is for electronic claim submitters only.

§Please enter your information into this form prior to pressing the PRINT button. Any forms printed blank and then handwritten will cause processing delays.

§Provider(s) must have provided a service(s) to a Railroad Medicare beneficiary.

§Provider(s) must already be enrolled with your local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

§To enroll with EDI visit,

§This form may be completed for up to 5 providers, for more than 5 providers complete additional forms.

§Please do not submit changes to your existing Railroad Medicare PTANs on this form.


Legal Business Name:

Tax Identification Number:

Payment/Remit Address:


Practice Location Address: City:



Zip Code:


Zip Code:

Individual NPI


Last Name

First Name

Group NPI #

Local MAC Group


Submitter Name: Phone Number:

Please Fax This Form to (803) 382-2417


A RRB-Contracted Specialty Medicare Administrative Contractor

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In the area City, Practice Location Address, City, State, Zip Code, State, Zip Code, Individual NPI, Local MAC PTAN, Last Name, First Name, Group NPI, Local MAC Group PTAN, Submitter Name, and Phone Number write down the information that the platform demands you to do.

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Step 3: Click the "Done" button. You can now transfer your PDF form to your device. As well as that, you may forward it by means of electronic mail.

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