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The PTCAS form can be a little daunting for students applying to Physical Therapy school. However, it is important to understand what is required and how to fill out the form correctly in order to ensure your application is processed without any issues. In this blog post, we will discuss what information is required on the PTCAS form and provide some tips on how to complete it. Let's get started! Physical therapist assistant (PTA) programs are competitive, and the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) is one way that you can increase your chances of getting accepted into one of them. The PTCAS allows you to apply to multiple PT schools with just one application.

This quick guide will aid you to establish how long it'll require you to fill out ptcas form, the number of pages it's got, and some additional unique specifics of the form.

Form NamePtcas Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesobservation hours form, therapy observation form, paper form for physical therapy observation hours, ptcas observation hours verification form

Form Preview Example

Physical Therapy Observation Hours


Form is only intended for use by individuals who need a PT signature for a future admissions cycle Some programs require a licensed PT to verify your physical therapy experiences. If required, provide this completed form to the appropriate PT for signature. Type or neatly handwrite your information directly onto this form, leaving your PTCAS ID number blank. Once you are ready to apply via PTCAS, enter all of your PT experiences on the PTCAS application exactly as they appear on this signed form. Select paper verification type. Print and attach the new (bar-coded) PTCAS verification form to this signed form. The PT does not need to sign the new form, if no changes. Send both forms in a single envelope to PTCAS. NOTE: If there are any changes to your PT experience after this form is signed, a PT must sign a new form to verify your revised hours.

Name of Applicant: _______________________________________________________ PTCAS ID#:_______________________

Name of Facility: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address for Facility: ___________________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________

State: ___ ___

Zip/ Postal Code: ________________________

Country: ___________________________________________


Name of Physical Therapist: ________________________________________________________________________________

PT License Number: ____________________________ State of PT License: ___ ___ PT Phone #:______________________

Instructions to physical therapist: You must enter your PT licensure information above.

PT Email: ____________________________________________________ PT Will Also Submit a Reference?



Type of Experience:



Both Start Date: ___________________

End Date: ____________________

PT Settings and Hours of Experience: Check and enter hours for all settings that apply to applica t’s experience in this facility.















INPATIENT Settings: Facility generally admits patients overnight



Hours Completed



Hours Planned / In-progress




Acute Care Hospital



























Rehabilitation/Sub-acute Rehabilitation
























Nursing Home/Skilled Nursing Facility/ Extended Care Facility

























Other Inpatient Facility























OUTPATIENT Settings: Facility has no overnight patients



Hours Completed



Hours Planned / In-progress

















Free-standing PT or Hospital Clinic
















































































Industrial/Occupational Health




























Home Health





























Other Outpatient Facility


































PT Patient Diagnoses/Populations Observed: Check all below that apply to the applica t’s experience at this facility. If the applicant did not directly observe a PT with a particular patient population, do not check box, regardless of whether the facility provides related services.

General Orthopedic (musculoskeletal)


Neurologic (neuromuscular)


Cardiovascular / Pulmonary


Integumentary (wound management)

Wo e ’s Health



Taking into consideration these characteristics, how do you think this person would perform as a health care provider?

I highly recommend this applicant as a health care provider.

I recommend this applicant as a health care provider.

I recommend this applicant as a health care provider, but with some reservations.

I am not able to recommend this applicant as a health care provider.

I do not have sufficient information about the applicant to respond to this question.

Signature of Physical Therapist


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The filling out the ptcas form is really straightforward. We ensured our PDF editor is not hard to work with and helps complete almost any PDF in no time. Take a look at several steps you'll want to take:

Step 1: First, press the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: After you have entered the ptcas form editing page you may find each of the options you may perform about your document within the upper menu.

Fill out the ptcas form PDF by providing the text required for each individual section.

completing therapy observation form step 1

Inside the field INPATIENT Settings Facility, IndustrialOccupational Health, TOTAL OF HOURS COMPLETED FOR ALL, PT Patient DiagnosesPopulations, General Orthopedic, Integumentary wound management, Pediatrics Sports Aquatics, Taking into consideration these, I highly recommend this applicant, and Signature of Physical Therapist provide the details the system requires you to do.

Completing therapy observation form step 2

Step 3: Hit the "Done" button. At that moment, you can export the PDF document - upload it to your device or deliver it by means of electronic mail.

Step 4: It can be simpler to keep copies of your document. You can rest easy that we won't share or read your particulars.

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