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Form NameRegence Blue Cross Authorization Request
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields4
Avg. time to fill out1 min 22 sec
Other namesregence blue shield of washington, regence bcbs prior authorization, blue cross regence idaho medication pa form, regencerx prior request form

Form Preview Example

Pre-Authorization Request Form

Medical Services/Supplies:


 Commercial, Individual, Medicare, FEP

Behavioral Health Services: Fax 1 (888) 496-1540

members: Fax 1 (855) 207-1209

SNF, LTAC, IP Rehab: Fax 1 (855) 848-8220

 Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Mail to: PO Box 1271, WW5-53,

members: Fax 1 (844) 679-7763

Portland, OR 97207-1271

Used for skilled nursing (SNF), long term acute care (LTAC), inpatient rehabilitation (IP Rehab), behavioral health services, and medical services including; inpatient and outpatient surgeries, outpatient medical services, transplants, DME and professional services.

Instructions: This form should be filled out by the provider requesting the service or DME. Please complete all applicable fields. Prior to completing this form, please confirm the patient’s benefits, eligibility and if pre-authorization is required for the service.

Have you verified if pre-authorization is required? Yes No

*Note: If no, please verify with the pre-authorization list on the Provider Web site or call the number on the back of the member’s card. Is this request:

New Authorization Extension Providing Additional Information

Medicare Only – Preservice Benefit Organization Determination Request

If you already have an authorization number, please list it here ___________________________________

Expedited request. I attest that this request meets the definition indicated below by checking the

expedited request box . Fax to 1 (855) 240-6498.

Expedited is defined as: when the Member or his/her physician believes that waiting for a decision under the standard time frame could place the Member’s life, health, or ability to regain maximum function in serious jeopardy.






















Patient Name (Last)















Patient’s Phone Number





















Patient’s Regence Member ID Number

Group Number





Date of Birth




















































Please check one: Requesting Provider

Rendering Provider DME Supplier

Provider Name












Tax ID Number













Phone Number




Voice Mail

Fax Number

















Provider Address














State Zip Code

Who should we contact if we require additional information?


Phone Number


Confidential Voice Mail

Yes No

Fax Number

FORM 5266WA - Page 1 of 2 (Eff. 6/18) v1


Is this request: Pre-Service or Concurrent Review


Date of Service (if scheduled) __________________ (mm/dd/yyyy)



Please check one: Outpatient Hospital















Please check all that apply: Surgical

DME Diagnostic



















Rendering or Treating Provider and Provider Specialty

















Physical Address where services will occur






Zip Code


















Facility Name




Company Name














Anticipated Admission

Anticipated Length of stay

Tax ID Number
















Note: If anticipated length of stay is not indicated, no

DME Address





more than two days will be assigned if approved.

















Zip Code

Note: This form does not serve as a notification of







Signed copy of prescription attached: Yes No

admission. Please reference the Provider Web site for

instructions to notify us of an admission.



Invoice attached: Yes No



Please provide all diagnosis, CPT® or HCPCS codes

and their descriptions, if available; this will help

processing of your request.









Diagnosis code(s) and description(s)


CPT® or HCPCS code(s) and description(s)

DME Only Line










Item Cost




























Please submit the following clinical documentation with this form as appropriate for this request:

History & Physical Lab/Radiology/Testing Results Current Symptoms & Functional Impairments

Treatment History and any other information such as chart notes that support medical necessity for the request.

FORM 5266WA - Page 2 of 2 (Eff. 6/18) v1

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Complete the re, gence prior authorization PDF and provide the material for each section:

example of fields in blue cross regence idaho medication pa form

Fill in the TaxI, D, Number NP, I Provider, Address Phone, Number Confidential, Voice, Mail, Yes, No Fax, Number City, State, Zip, Code Phone, Number Ext, Confidential, Voice, Mail, Yes, No Fax, Number and FOR, MW, A, Page, of, Eff, v areas with any data that can be asked by the software.

part 2 to entering details in blue cross regence idaho medication pa form

In the Date, of, Service, if, scheduled, mm, dd, yyyy Other, Other, City, State, Zip, Code IF, INPATIENT, OR, OUTPATIENT, FACILITY Facility, Name Company, Name Anticipated, Length, of, stay, TaxI, D, Number IF, D, ME NP, I D, ME, Address City, and State, Zip, Code part, emphasize the necessary particulars.

part 3 to completing blue cross regence idaho medication pa form

The space Item, Cost Lab, Radiology, Testing, Results and request should be where you can indicate all parties, ' rights and responsibilities.

blue cross regence idaho medication pa form ItemCost, LabRadiologyTestingResults, and request blanks to insert

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