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Saint Pauls College Transcript Release Form is a document that allows the release of an individual's academic transcript to authorized third-parties. The form must be completed and signed by the student, and can be used to authorize Saint Pauls College, or any other institution, to release the transcript. The release form can be used for admission purposes, job applications, or scholarship applications. It is important to note that transcripts will not be released if the student has any outstanding financial obligations with Saint Pauls College.

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Form NameSaint Pauls College Transcript Release
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields30
Avg. time to fill out6 min 19 sec
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Form Preview Example

Saint Paul’s College

Office of Registration & Records

Lawrenceville, Virginia 23868



The College will not issue an official or unofficial transcript to any former or current student who has a delinquent account.

Please print the name and current address of person requesting the transcript.

Name: ________________________________________________ ID#: ____________

Last First (Middle/Maiden)

Street or Route: ______________________________ City, State & Zip: ___________________

Phone: __________________

PRIVACY ACT: Transcripts can only be released with your written permission. Please sign and date. Failure to sign will prevent the release of this transcript.





Date of Birth: _____________________________

SS# ____________________________



Dates of Attendance:_______________ Graduation Date:_____________ Major: __________

Is this your first request?

I am requesting:

(Your first request for an official transcript is free.)










Official Transcripts

______ X $5.00 = ______


Unofficial Transcripts







Payment must be submitted at the time of the request.

Personal Checks are not accepted for transcript orders.


Please Mail as soon as possible

Address to which Transcript Will Be Mailed

Hold for Current Semester Grades


Will Pick Up


Hold for Grade Change



Amount Received $__________

Receipt # __________ Financially Cleared ________________


Date Request Received: _____________

Date Processed/ Mailed:________

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