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Navigating the complexities of financial investments abroad can often feel like a daunting endeavor, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with tax obligations. The TAX CLEARANCE FIA 001 Application embodies a critical step for individuals looking to invest in foreign markets, underscoring the importance of adherence to tax regulations and the severe repercussions of non-compliance. By completing this form, applicants essentially request a Tax Clearance Certificate, certifying their tax status and enabling investments beyond South African borders. This process isn't just a formality; it involves a rigorous declaration of assets, liabilities, and a comprehensive account of the investment details. Misrepresentation or failure to provide accurate information is not taken lightly, carrying significant penalties under Section 75 of the Income Tax Act, 1962. The form meticulously outlines the required information, from personal identification to specifics about the foreign investment, including the nature, amount, and destination of the funds. Additional documentation may be needed to substantiate the source of these investment funds, ranging from loan agreements to inheritances, underscoring the stringent checks in place to ensure financial transparency. With the onus firmly on the applicant to ensure all details are complete and accurate, the FIA 001 form represents a pivotal step in securing the green light for foreign investment ventures, emphasizing both the opportunity and the obligation embedded within South Africa's tax framework.

Form NameSars Fia 001 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namestax certificate sars, sars tax number application online form, IT12, sars tax clearance application form pdf

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FIA 001

Application for a Tax Clearance Certificate

(In respect of foreign investment allowance for individuals)

Please note that:

It is a serious offence to make a false declaration.

Section 75 of the Income Tax Act, 1962 states: “Any person who

(a)fails or neglects to furnish, file or submit any return or document as and when required by or under this Act; or

(b)without just cause shown by him, refuses or neglects to -

(i)Furnish, produce or make available any information, documents or things;

(ii)Reply to or answer truly and fully, any questions put to him ... as and when required in terms of this Act ... shall be guilty of an offence ...”

Unless a statement of assets and liabilities has been included in your latest Income tax return, this application will not be considered. The onus lies with the applicant to ensure that SARS is in possession of his/her latest required statement of assets and liabilities.

SARS will, under no circumstances, issue a tax clearance certificate unless all the fields indicated with an asterisk on the application form are completed in full.

This application form must be completed for any lump sum amount, or annualised amounts in excess of R30,000 (i.e. R3,000 per month x 12 months) and for recurring foreign investments not exceeding R30,000 p.a.

Particulars of applicant

Surname *

First name(s) *

Date of birth*

Income Tax ref no*

VAT registration no

(if applicable)

Customs code

(if applicable)

Telephone no *

Cell phone no *


Identification no*

PAYE ref no














(if applicable)



























SDL ref no












(if applicable)























UIF ref no











(if applicable)











Fax no *






































E-mail address

Physical address* *

Postal address


Are you currently aware of any Audit investigation against you?

Particulars of foreign investment

Rand amount to be invested *

Expected annual income from this foreign investment: *

Details of foreign investment to be made:

What type of investment (call deposit, shares, other financial instruments, etc)? *

With which institution will the investment be made? *

When will this investment be made? *

What is the anticipated duration of the investment? *

In which country will this investment be made? *

Yes No




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Other details of investment

Source of the capital to be invested: (Please tick at least one) *



Loan (Attach loan agreement)






Inheritance (Attach letter from the executor of estate and a copy of the L&D











Account and latest statement of relevant bank account)








Donation (Attach details of donor and proof of donations tax paid on donation and
















Shares (Attach letter from institution stating the transfer of the funds and containing










latest bank statement of relevant bank account)






the amount of shares and estimated current market value available)















Sale of property (Copies of Deed of Sale, transfer duty declarations, transfer duty





Savings/Cash/Bank Account (Attach 3 months statement of relevant bank









receipt. Letter of Conveyancer confirming the transfer of property. Latest statement of





account and proof of source) i.e: Proof of source being where and how you obtained



relevant bank account, or letter of Conveyancer stating that the money will be transferred




the money








from Trust Account)








Other (Attach proof and explanations)








If sale of property, the Erf number is required







































I have attached a detailed statement of assets and liabilities to my latest IT12 Income Tax return. *











If the answer is “NO” then attach a copy of the Statement of Assets and liabilities to this application. Failure to do so will result in this application being denied.


I declare that the information furnished in this application as well as the supporting documents is true and correct in every respect. I undertake to declare any/and all income earned/accrued from such foreign investments, in my annual Income Tax returns.

Appointment of representative/agent *

I hereby authorise and instruct to apply to and receive from SARS the applicable Tax Clearance Certificate on my/our behalf.

Signature of applicant


Name of applicant

Identity number

Signature of representative/agent


























Name of




































representative/ agent








































































Details of agent/bank handling transfer of funds on behalf of taxpayer:

Nam e of Agen t / Ban k

Telephone no *

E-mail address

Fax no*

Postal address *

For office use only





Refer to audit


Refer to special investigations










Brief reason(s) for referral:


















TPSC reference number of certificate issued:

/ / / /

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This PDF doc needs specific details; in order to guarantee correctness, remember to take note of the recommendations down below:

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2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - Postal address, Audit, Are you currently aware of any, Yes, Particulars of foreign investment, Rand amount to be invested, Expected annual income from this, Details of foreign investment to, What type of investment call, With which institution will the, When will this investment be made, What is the anticipated duration, In which country will this, Page of, and C C Y Y with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

sars tax clearance application form pdf conclusion process described (stage 2)

3. This next segment should also be fairly straightforward, Source of the capital to be, Loan Attach loan agreement, Inheritance Attach letter from the, Donation Attach details of donor, Shares Attach letter from, Sale of property Copies of Deed of, SavingsCashBank Account Attach, I have attached a detailed, YES, If the answer is NO then attach a, Declaration, I declare that the information, Appointment of representativeagent, and I hereby authorise and instruct to - all of these fields will need to be filled in here.

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Be really careful while filling out I hereby authorise and instruct to and Source of the capital to be, as this is where most users make errors.

4. The following part needs your details in the subsequent areas: Signature of applicant, Name of, applicant, Identity number, Signature of representativeagent, Name of representative agent, Date, Date, Details of agentbank handling, Nam e of Agent Bank, Telephone no, Email address, and Fax no. Ensure that you fill out all of the required information to move forward.

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5. To conclude your document, the final subsection requires some additional fields. Entering Email address, Postal address, For office use only, Refer to audit, Refer to special investigations, Brief reasons for referral, TPSC reference number of, and Page of should finalize the process and you're going to be done very fast!

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