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The SC 220 form is a form that is used to document the findings of an environmental site assessment. The form can be used to document both Phase I and Phase II assessments, and it provides a concise overview of the site conditions, potential environmental concerns, and steps that have been taken to mitigate any potential risks. The SC 220 form is an important resource for property owners, developers, and business owners who are looking to purchase or lease property. It can also be helpful for individuals who are interested in learning more about a particular property's history.

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Form NameSc 220 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesnty claims form sc220, sc 220 form, sc 220, request make payments

Form Preview Example

SC-220 Request to Make Payments

Read the other side before you fill out this form.

I am asking for permission to pay my small claims judgment in payments. My name is:

Mailing address:


Clerk stamps here when form is filed.

Fill in the court name and street address:

On (date):, the court made the decision (judgment) that:

I owe (total amount): $

To (name of party you must pay):

Mailing address:


I am asking for permission to make payments, instead of paying the full amount all at once, because (explain):

If your answer will not fit in the space below, check this box and attach your answer on a separate sheet of paper. Write “SC-220, Item 3” at the top.

Superior Court of California, County of

Fill in your case number and case name:

Case Number:

Case Name:

I ask the court to allow me to make payments on the following terms (check and complete all that apply):


Payments of $


, on the

day of each (month, week, other):













Starting (date):


, until (date of final payment):

; amount of final payment: $













Other payment schedule (specify):


The total amount of payments is $, which includes interest on the unpaid balance of the judgment.

The actual amount of that interest may be different if the payments are made late or early.

Attach a page that shows how you calculated the interest and write “SC-220, Item 4c” at the top.


The total amount of payments is the same as the judgment. If all payments are made in full and on time, no interest will be owed on the judgment, and the judgment will be paid in full.


Other (specify):

Warning! If any payment is not made in full and on time, the judgment creditor may notify the court

to cancel the payment plan and the entire unpaid balance will become due and collectible.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information above is true and correct.


Type or print your name

Sign here

Judicial Council of California, Rev. July 1, 2013, Optional Form

Code of Civil Procedure, § 116.620, Cal. Rules of Court, rule 3.2107

Request to Make Payments

SC-220, Page 1 of 2

(Small Claims)

Payments in Small Claims Cases

General Information

If the court ordered you to pay money, you can ask the court for permission to make payments. Here’s how:

Read this form.

Fill out Form SC-220, Request to Make Payments. Fill out one form for each plaintiff or defendant (judgment creditor) you want to make payments to.

Fill out Form EJ-165, Financial Statement.

File your completed forms with the small claims court clerk.

The court will mail all other plaintiffs and defendants in the case copies of your Request to Make Payments and Financial Statement, and a blank Form SC-221, Response to Request to Make Payments.

The other parties will have 10 days to file a Response. Then, the court will mail all plaintiffs and defendants in the case:

A decision on the Request to Make Payments or

A notice to go to a hearing.

If the court ordered someone to pay you money,

and that person has filed a Request to Make Payments

Read this form and the Request.

If you agree with the Request, you do not need to do anything.

If you do not agree with the Request or you want to be paid interest, file a Response within 10 days after the court clerk mailed the Request to you. (This date is on the Clerk’s Certificate of Mailing.) If you do not do this, the court may allow the person who owes you money to make payments. And, you may lose your rights to collect interest on the judgment.

To file your Response:

Fill out Form SC-221, Response to Request to Make Payments.

Have your Response served on all other plaintiffs and defendants in your case. (See Form SC-112A, Proof of Service By Mail.)

File your Response and Proof of Service with the small claims court clerk.

Answers to Common Questions

When is the judgment due?

Unless the court orders otherwise, small claims judgments are due immediately. If the judgment is not paid in full within 30 days, the judgment creditor (person to whom the money is owed) can take legal steps to collect any unpaid amount. (Collection may be postponed if an appeal or a request to vacate (cancel) or correct the judgment is filed.)

Can the judgment debtor make payments?

A party who was ordered to pay a small claims judgment (the judgment debtor) can ask the court for permission to make payments. If the court agrees, the party who is owed money (the judgment creditor) cannot take any other steps to collect the money as long as the payments are made on time.

Is interest added after the judgment?

Interest (10 percent per year) is usually added to the unpaid amount of the judgment from the date the judgment is entered until it is paid in full. Interest can only be charged on the unpaid amount of the judgment (the principal); interest cannot be charged on any unpaid

interest. If a partial payment is received, the money is applied first to unpaid interest and then to unpaid principal.

When the court allows payments, the court often does not order any interest, as long as all payments are made in full and on time. Unless the creditor asks for interest to be included in the order allowing payments, the creditor may lose any claims for interest. But, if the debtor does not make full payments on time, interest on the missed payment or the entire unpaid balance might become due and collectible.

How do I calculate interest?

If you are proposing a payment schedule that includes interest, you need to itemize the principal and interest for each payment. To do this, you can search on the Internet for “free amortization calculator.” Enter the total amount of the judgment as the principal, the interest rate of 10 percent per year, the frequency of payments (monthly, weekly, etc.), and the number or length of payments. Print the results showing the payment amount and how each payment is divided between principal and interest. Attach this to your Request or Response.

Need help?

For free help, contact your county’s small claims advisor: [local info here]

Or go to “County-Specific Court Information” at

Rev. July 1, 2013

Request to Make Payments

SC-220, Page 2 of 2

(Small Claims)

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Write down the details in the I ask the court to allow me to, Payments of on the day of each, Other payment schedule specify, The total amount of payments is, The total amount of payments is, Other specify, and Warning If any payment is not made field.

Filling out sc 220 form california step 2

Write all information you need in the space I declare under penalty of perjury, Date, Type or print your name Sign here, Judicial Council of California, Request to Make Payments Small, and SC Page of.

Finishing sc 220 form california part 3

Step 3: As soon as you are done, select the "Done" button to transfer your PDF form.

Step 4: Get at least several copies of the file to stay clear of any specific possible future challenges.

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