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As a business owner, you may be required to file a SCdor 111 form. This form is used to report the amount of income tax that was withheld from your employees' paychecks. Filing this form on time is essential, as it helps ensure that you are in compliance with state tax laws. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the SCdor 111 form and explain how to complete it. We will also offer tips for ensuring that your withholdings are accurate.

The listing holds information about the scdor 111 form. You may want to learn its length, the actual time to prepare the form, the fields you will have to fill in, and so on.

Form NameScdor 111 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesscdor, sc retail license, scdor forms south carolina, south carolina retail license application

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(Rev. 10/20/20)


*See SCDOR-111 Instructions, available at, for additional details and assistance with completing this application.

Section A: Entity Registration Information

Registration Selection



Sales & Use Tax







Withholding Tax










Nonresident Withholding Exemption



















(Section D)







(Section E)










(Section F)














































1. Type of ownership





































































































































Limited Liability Company













Professional Association


































































Single Member








Sole Proprietor






































































Limited Liability Partnership


















SC Resident



























































































































years &



months lived in SC

































Limited Partnership

























































































































2. ID Type (Required)











3. Business Names




















































































4. $25 CL-1 Fee (This is not applicable for Sole Proprietors.)


5. State and Date Incorporated (mm/dd/yy)







Not paid


Paid at SOS










































































































































Section B: Owner, Partner, Officer, and Member Information























Social Security




















Home Address




















































Section C: Business Addresses

Mailing address












Physical address (No PO Box)












































Street address












Street address






































Unit type









Unit type













































In care of













Municipality (required)




















Section D: Account Details

Retail License - $50 Artist & Craftsman's License - $20

Use Tax Certificate - No Fee

*A retail license will not be issued to a person or entity with any outstanding state tax liability.







6. Nature of business (Provide a brief description of your business activity.)


7. Sales & Use Account Commence Date (mm/dd/yy)





















































8. Filing Frequency (Zero return must be filed for active periods with no sales)


9. Account Subtype

















Seasonal - list active months below:













Aviation Tax

















































Max Tax






Use Tax



















































10. NAICS Code Categories





















Agriculture, Forestry,


Max Tax (Vehicles) (44)




Real Estate, Rental &






Fishing, & Hunting (11)


Retail Trade (44-45)




Leasing (53)












Mining (21)





Professional, Scientific,








Utilities (22)



Artists & Craftsman (45)




& Technical Services (54)









Transportation &




Management of Companies





















Construction (23)



Warehouse (48-49)




& Enterprises(55)



Manufacturing (31-33)



Information (51)




Administrative & Support,
















Waste Management &


Wholesale Trade (42)



Finance & Insurance (52)




Remediation Services (56)







Durable Medical






Education Services (61)










Equipment (44)







Health Care & Social

Assistance (62)

Arts, Entertainment, &

Recreation (71)

Accommodation & Food

Services (72)

Other Services (81)

Public Administration (92)



Additional Sales Selections (check all that apply)











Large appliances



Motor oil


Prepaid wireless cards


Rental surcharge
















Lead acid batteries






Service to cellular and personal communications users




























Sales Methods (check all that apply)














Art shows, craft shows, or festivals





Physical storefront



























Flea market





Online website:




























Online marketplace (which does not collect sales tax)
















Examples include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace)


















Section E: Account Details - Withholding

Every employer with employees earning wages in South Carolina must register for Withholding. Other types of payments also require state tax Withholding. See instructions for more information.

13. Withholding account date of first payroll (mm/dd/yy)

14. Sole Proprietor FEIN (required)
























15. Residency status of employer or Withholding agent








Resident business


Nonresident business























16. Filing frequency for Withholding returns (See Form 105 for Withholding payment frequencies)








Annual (Must meet specific requirements. See instructions.)







Section F: Nonresident Withholding Exemption

Nonresident businesses who have activity but no employees in South Carolina can be granted exemption from Withholding Tax. See instructions for more information.

Nature of business




I agree to file a South Carolina tax return




I am not subject to South Carolina Tax Jurisdiction (no NEXUS)

















Section G: Banking Information







17. Financial Institution


Phone number


















Section H: Business Contact Information


***POAs must submit completed and signed SC2848

18. Contact's name


Phone number



Notice of automatic additional account creation: Due to NAICS Code requirements, the applied for account may automatically generate a Business Personal Property Account. Additional notification by mail occurs when applicable.

I certify that all information on this application, including any attachments, is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Section I: Signatures, Titles, Dates

Signature of owners, all partners, officers, and members



Date signed
















For more information on starting and running your business in South Carolina, visit

Make checks payable to SCDOR.

Mail to: SCDOR, PO Box 125, Columbia, SC 29214-0850

Social Security Privacy Act Disclosure

It is mandatory that you provide your Social Security Number on this tax form if you are an individual taxpayer. 42 U.S.C. 405(c)(2)(C)(i) permits a state to use an individual's Social Security Number as means of identification in administration of any tax. SC Regulation 117-201 mandates that any person required to make a return to the SCDOR must provide identifying numbers, as prescribed, for securing proper identification. Your Social Security Number is used for identification purposes.


How to Edit Scdor 111 Form Online for Free

The entire process of filling out the retail license south carolina is rather straightforward. Our team made sure our software is not hard to use and helps fill in virtually any PDF without delay. Below are a couple of simple steps you will have to take:

Step 1: The first task is to choose the orange "Get Form Now" button.

Step 2: So, you can start modifying the retail license south carolina. Our multifunctional toolbar is at your disposal - add, remove, transform, highlight, and carry out several other commands with the content in the file.

Enter the appropriate data in every area to fill in the PDF retail license south carolina

part 1 to filling in form scdor sc form

Type in the details in the Social Security Number, Name, Title, Phone, Home Address, Ownership percentage, Section C Business Addresses, Mailing address, Physical address No PO Box, Street address, Street address, Unit type Unit City State, Unit type, Unit, and City area.

stage 2 to completing form scdor sc form

The system will demand you to include some relevant details to instantly fill out the segment Utilities, Construction, Artists Craftsman, Transportation Warehouse, Manufacturing, Information, Wholesale Trade, Finance Insurance, Durable Medical Equipment, Professional Scientific Technical, Arts Entertainment Recreation, Management of Companies, Accommodation Food Services, Administrative Support Waste, and Education Services.

form scdor sc form Utilities, Construction, Artists  Craftsman, Transportation  Warehouse, Manufacturing, Information, Wholesale Trade, Finance  Insurance, Durable Medical Equipment, Professional Scientific  Technical, Arts Entertainment  Recreation, Management of Companies, Accommodation  Food Services, Administrative  Support Waste, and Education Services fields to complete

The Additional Sales Selections check, Large appliances, Lead acid batteries, Motor oil, Tires, Sales Methods check all that, Flea market, Online marketplace which does not, Prepaid wireless cards, Rental surcharge, Service to cellular and personal, Physical storefront, Online website, Other, and Section E Account Details box can be used to indicate the rights and responsibilities of both sides.

step 4 to entering details in form scdor sc form

Complete the file by analyzing the following areas: Section G Banking Information, Financial Institution, Phone number, Email, Section H Business Contact, Contacts name, Phone number, Email, Notice of automatic additional, I certify that all information on, Section I Signatures Titles Dates, Signature of owners all partners, Title, Date signed, and For more information on starting.

Filling out form scdor sc form stage 5

Step 3: Select the "Done" button. So now, it is possible to transfer your PDF file - upload it to your device or deliver it by means of electronic mail.

Step 4: Get duplicates of your document. This may save you from potential future misunderstandings. We cannot watch or reveal your data, hence feel comfortable knowing it is secure.

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