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Managing staff schedules in the hospitality industry is a complex task, and the Shift Availability Form plays a crucial role in this process. This form is designed to streamline the scheduling process by collecting employees' available working hours. It requires staff members to indicate their availability for shifts throughout the week, both for AM and PM slots, offering a clear view of when they can work. This information aids managers in creating fair and efficient schedules that align with both the operational needs of the business and the personal preferences of its employees. The form also prompts employees to specify their job class—such as server, server assistant, dishwasher, or cook—further assisting in the accurate allocation of shifts. Although the form helps in accommodating personal schedules, it explicitly states that filling it out does not guarantee a set schedule or confirm that the employee will be assigned shifts for all the times they are available. It also mentions that should an employee's availability change, it is their responsibility to submit a new form, underscoring the dynamic nature of scheduling and the importance of communication. Additionally, the form outlines that hiring decisions and the continuation of employment may be influenced by the availability provided, highlighting the form's significance in the operational logistics of Savor Inc.

Form NameShift Availability Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesschedule availability form template, availability sheet online, availability sheet pdf, availability form printable

Form Preview Example

Shift Availability


Please Check Job Class:


Server Assistant



This sheet in no way implies a set schedule, or guarantees that you will be scheduled every shift you check. We will try to accommodate your schedule the best to our ability. Lunch and dinner availability is required. If your availability changes a new form needs to be filled out. Hiring is dependant upon availability. If your availability changes Savor Inc. reserves the right to change quantity of shifts offered as well as end employment.

Place a check in each box that you are available


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday






Request for: Full Time____________Part Time________________





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stage 1 to writing blank availability sheet

You should enter the appropriate data in the Request for Full Time Part Time, and Comments area.

blank availability sheet Request for Full Time Part Time, and Comments fields to insert

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Step 4: Come up with as much as a few copies of the file to stay clear of all of the possible future concerns.

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