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The Soap Medical Massage Template Form is a great way to keep your massage treatments streamlined and organized. This form can help you to keep track of the patient's medical information, as well as the specific treatment that was given. It also includes sections for recording the date and time of the massage, as well as any notes that you may want to remember. Having this form handy will help ensure that each massage treatment is consistent and tailored to the individual patient.

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Form NameSoap Medical Massage Template
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields20
Avg. time to fill out4 min 19 sec
Other namesmassage soap note template, soap template, soap notes template massage therapy, massage soap notes template

Form Preview Example


client name

session type



soap for relaxation massage

s: Goals for Session

o: Techniques Applied

a: Comments

p: Follow-up

soap for medical massage

insurance ID number

date of injury

modality type (code)




modality type (code)




current medications






s: Functional Goals

activities affected by condition

o: Visual/Palpable Findings, Modalities

a: Resulting Subjective and Objective Changes

p: Massage Plan/Self Care Homework

symptoms:: llocation/intensity/duration/frequency/onseti ii


Ⱦ Spasm



Trigger point

Tender Point




This form was created as a resource by the american massage therapy association®. foramtaELEMENTSis not heldemployeliablesfor.amtaany servicesis not heldprovidedliable.for any services provided.

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The whole process of filling out the soap notes templates is actually uncomplicated. Our team made certain our editor is not difficult to work with and can help fill out any sort of document within minutes. Consider some of the steps you have to take:

Step 1: To start with, select the orange "Get form now" button.

Step 2: Now, you're on the form editing page. You may add text, edit existing data, highlight particular words or phrases, place crosses or checks, insert images, sign the form, erase needless fields, etc.

Complete the next segments to complete the document:

soap template empty spaces to complete

You need to provide the crucial details in the current, medications s, Functional, Goals activities, a, ec, ted, by, condition o, Visual, Palpable, Findings, Modalities cid, Adhesion, Rotation, Pain, Tender, Point Hypertonic, it, y cid, cid cid, Spasm, In, lam, mati, on and Trigger, point space.

Completing soap template part 2

Describe the significant particulars in the p, Massage, Plan, Self, Care, Homework box.

soap template pMassagePlanSelfCareHomework fields to complete

Step 3: Click "Done". Now you can export the PDF file.

Step 4: Make sure you keep away from forthcoming difficulties by generating minimally a couple of copies of the file.

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