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When developing recipes, many cooks prefer to use a standardized recipe form. This type of recipe provides a uniform way to measure and document ingredients, preparation instructions, and nutritional information. A standardized recipe also makes it easier to replicate a dish exactly the same each time. While there are no right or wrong ways to format a recipe, using a standardized template can be helpful for both novice and experienced cooks.

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Form NameStandardized Recipe Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesstandardized reciepe template, standard recipe format, standardized recipe, usda standardized recipe form

Form Preview Example

Standardized Recipe Form

Recipe Name_____________________________________ Category_______________________________ Recipe #__________________________


HACCP Process:

_____ 1 – No Cook _____ 2 – Cook & Same Day Serve _____ 3 – Cook, Cool, Reheat, Serve










For ___________Servings

Directions: Include step by step instructions, the critical control






points (specific points at which a hazard can be reduced, eliminated or






prevented) and critical limit (time and/or temperature to be achieved









to control a hazard).













Serving Size___________________ Pan Size_____________________

Oven Temperature & Baking Time:





Yield_________________________ Number of Pans ______________








Meal Component Fulfillment (Based on Serving Size)


Serving Size: _________________________________

*NSLP Only


Meat/Meat Alt. (oz/eq)


Fruit (c)


Bread/Grain (oz/eq)


Vegetable (c)


Dark Green Veg* (c)


Starchy Veg* (c)


Beans/Peas* (c)


Other Veg* (c)


Red/Orange Veg* (c)

Nutrition Analysis (optional):

Serving Size: _________


_____Trans Fat

_____Saturated Fat (g)

_____Sodium (mg)

Form Instructions

A standardized recipe is a recipe that has been tried, tested, evaluated and adapted for use by a food service. It produces a consistent quality and yields every time when the exact procedures, equipment and ingredients are followed.


Prepare a recipe to be standardized and test it until a high-quality product is produced.

Write the recipe to include the name, category (entrée, side, breakfast, lunch, age/grade group), and recipe identification number.

List the exact ingredients and quantities on the standardized recipe form. Weight is a more accurate measurement than volume and should be used when a scale is available.

List step-by-step instructions for preparation and cooking, including equipment, oven temperature and cooking time. Include Critical Control Points (CCPs) including critical limits (time and temperature) as appropriate for the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) process chosen. Also include final product temperature (if not a CCP) as a part of the recipe.

Include the yield and serving size on the recipe. Record the serving utensil to be used. You may find the yield and servings by measuring and counting the actual servings made from the recipe.

Provide information on how the product meets the meal pattern requirements. Use Recipe Analysis Worksheet to determine how recipe ingredients contribute to the meal pattern. A complete nutrient analysis is not required, but there is a location available to track calories, saturated fat, sodium, and trans fat if the information is available.

Adjust the recipe to correct the yield and number of servings needed for each preparation/service area.

Conduct a taste testing with staff and students to judge the appearance, texture, flavor and overall acceptability of the product. Instruct staff on the importance of following the recipe accurately and consistently.

Re-adjust the recipe as needed so that it yields a consistent product that students enjoy. Keep a copy of the standardized recipe on file and make corrections and changes if any ingredient, equipment or process changes.


Child Nutrition Programs

Standardized Recipe Form courtesy of Montana Office of Public Instruction

Oregon Department of Education

July 2016


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