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Target is a retail chain that offers a variety of products, including clothing, food, home furnishings and electronics. If you're looking for a job at Target, the application process can be completed online. The target application form is straightforward and easy to complete. In order to apply for a job at Target, you'll need to create an account on the company website. Once you have registered for an account, you can submit your application. You'll also need to provide your contact information, education and work history. Completing the target application form is a great way to start your job search at this popular retailer.

This quick guide will let you find out how long it will require you to complete target application form, how many pages it has, and a handful of additional specific specifics of the PDF.

Form NameTarget Application Form
Form Length5 pages
Fillable fields114
Avg. time to fill out24 min 7 sec
Other namestarget application form pdf, target application, target application online form, target job application

Form Preview Example

Store Use Only – to be completed upon receipt of application from applicant

Store Number:


Is privacy statement signed?

Received By:


Has applicant retained

Date Received:


Reference Page?

Yes No

Yes No


Target Store Recruitment Application Form





















Email Address:




























Phone Number:



Mobile Number:






If you are under 21 years of age, please provide your date of birth


Note: where under 21 years of age, junior rates may apply.





Name of Current Store applying for ______________ (post or drop off directly to Store)


If interested in applying for more than one store please specify store location ____________

Name of New Store applying for_________________ (post to Geelong National Office if an alternative


address has not been provided)

Please indicate what type of store based position you are interested in:

Customer Service Assistant

Administrative Assistant


Duty Manager (Target Country only)

For store management or office based opportunities at our Regional or Geelong National Office, please refer to our website

Select what type of employment you would prefer:



Part Time


Full time




Christmas work






Please list your employment history, if applicable. (This may include voluntary employment)



Dates Employed

Reason for





















Have you previously been employed at Target?


Yes. If answered yes, please advise when, where and the reason for leaving:






If answered no, what was the

If answered yes, what level are

Are you currently studying:

highest level of education

you currently studying?






Higher Education


Higher Education


Please list any training



courses / qualifications



that you are currently



undertaking or have










List any achievements i.e. employment, education, personal or sporting

List your hobbies, interests or involvements


Please indicate the days and times you are able to work. Note that you will not necessarily be asked to work all the hours you are available. The information enables us to source employment opportunities according to your availability.

















































Please indicate the amount of hours you are willing to work in a 7 day period

Up to 4 hours


Less than 10 hours

10 to 20 hours


21 to 30 hours

31 to 37 hours


Full Time


If you are interested in Christmas work, please indicate your availability through this period:

7 days per week


5 days including weekend days

5 weekdays only


Less than 5 days including weekend

Less than 5 weekdays



If you have scheduled holidays, please specify dates:


Please list the details of two referees who can be contacted to provide either employment or character references. Where employment referees may not be available, references may include a contact from school/university i.e. teacher or family friend as a character reference.

Referee 1

Referee Name:

Referee 2

Relationship with referee:


Referee position:

Referee telephone number:

Referee email address:

Please note that Target will only conduct reference check/s following an interview.


What do you perceive as good customer service?

What are some of your traits that makes you an ideal candidate for a customer service position?

What does teamwork mean to you?

Why do you believe safety is important in the workplace?


Are you an Australian or New Zealand permanent resident or citizen?





Proceed to Section 9

Complete this section



Please note you will be required to provide proof of your residency status (Visa and Passport) if you are successful through the interview process. Providing this information authorises the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to release the details of your work rights status. This allows Target to ensure we comply with Australian Visa requirements and enables you to be rostered appropriately according to your Visa type.

What hours does your Visa allow you to work per week?

0 – 10

21 – 30

11 – 20

31 +


Do you have any pre-existing illness or injury which may



impact on your ability to safely perform the inherent



requirements of the position(s) for which you have applied?



(The inherent requirements of this position include repetitive



actions and physical work involving lifting and/or standing



for long periods.)







If the answer to the above question is “yes”, then please




disclose details of how the illness or injury might affect




your ability to safely perform the role(s) (eg. in relation to




lifting or carrying weights, bending, pulling, twisting,




standing or sitting etc).








If required, do you consent to having a medical examination



to determine your capacity to safely perform the inherent



requirements of the position for which you have applied?




Personal information collected via this application will only be used for the purpose of recruitment by Target Australia Pty Ltd.

The information you submit to us may be disclosed to referees, our team members who are involved in recruitment or support roles, security organisations, recruitment agencies and other third parties who assist us in the recruitment process.

If you choose not to provide any of the information requested, we may be unable to send you information, fully process your application or properly consider you for employment.

Any information we collect about you in future will be used and disclosed in the same manner as described above unless we tell you otherwise in advance. You may request access to personal information about you that is held by us.

Consent and Warranty

I consent to Target Australia Pty Ltd using and disclosing my personal information in the manner describe above.

I warrant that:

I have read and understand the above statement.

I am qualified to work in Australia, and if requested, can provide evidence of that fact (birth certificate, citizenship certificate, photo ID and/or working Visa, as appropriate)

All the information I submit (including this form and any attached resume) is true and complete. I understand that any false or misleading information I provide may lead to rejection of my application, review of any employment I accept with Target Australia Pty Ltd and potentially my dismissal from such employment.

I have disclosed all relevant information in relation to my mental and physical ability to safely carry out the inherent requirements of the position(s) for which I have applied.

Name: ________________________

Signature: _____________________

Date: _________________________

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Customer Service position at Target.

Your completed application can now be handed

into the store or

for new store openings please submit it to the

Geelong National Office.

Please retain this page of the application form for your future reference. This advises you on how you will be notified as to the success of your application for a position at Target.

This will occur by either:

You will be invited to attend an interview

A Manager from Target will call you to arrange a time for you to come into the store for an interview.

At the completion of your interview the Manager will confirm with you how you will continue to be notified throughout the recruitment process.




We receive a large amount of


applications at our store and sometimes


we do not have opportunities to


accommodate all applicants.

What if I don’t hear

If you have not had a response from the


store for a period of 3 months or more


and you are still interested in being


considered for a position, you are


encouraged to resubmit a new


application directly to the store of your



How to Edit Target Application Form Online for Free

The target application completing course of action is effortless. Our tool allows you to use any PDF document.

Step 1: Choose the orange "Get Form Now" button on the webpage.

Step 2: You're now able to enhance target application. You have many options with our multifunctional toolbar - you'll be able to add, eliminate, or customize the information, highlight its certain components, as well as undertake other commands.

The following areas will create the PDF form that you'll be filling out:

writing target recruitment application form stage 1

Please type in the appropriate information in the SECTION, EMPLOYMENT, DETAILS address, has, not, been, provided Customer, Service, Assistant, Supervisor Part, Time, Casual and Full, time, Christmas, work space.

target recruitment application form SECTIONEMPLOYMENTDETAILS, addresshasnotbeenprovided, CustomerServiceAssistantSupervisor, PartTimeCasual, and FulltimeChristmaswork fields to complete

Write the fundamental details as you are within the Position, Employer, Dates, Employed and Reason, for, Leaving section.

part 3 to entering details in target recruitment application form

You need to include the rights and responsibilities of the sides in the SECTION, EDUCATION, DETAILS Are, you, currently, studying SECTION, ACHIEVEMENTS, INTERESTS and SECTION, AVAILABILITY box.

target recruitment application form SECTIONEDUCATIONDETAILS, Areyoucurrentlystudying, SECTIONACHIEVEMENTSINTERESTS, and SECTIONAVAILABILITY blanks to fill out

Finalize by taking a look at the following fields and completing them as required: Finish, Start, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Up, to, hours, to, hours, to, hours Less, than, hours, to, hours, Full, Time and days.

stage 5 to completing target recruitment application form

Step 3: Hit the button "Done". The PDF form is available to be exported. You may save it to your computer or send it by email.

Step 4: In avoiding potential future complications, be sure you have at least two or three copies of every single form.

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