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In the realm of education, particularly within the Diocese of Erie Catholic Schools, the Teacher Goal Form stands as a pivotal tool in fostering professional development amongst educators. Initiated at the start of every school year, this form requires teachers to articulate at least two professional goals. These goals are not just statements of intent; they are the foundation for a year-long journey of growth, reflection, and achievement. The form is meticulously designed to guide teachers through the process of setting realistic, meaningful objectives that can be clearly articulated, systematically pursued, and effectively measured. Teachers are prompted to detail each goal, delve into the reasons behind their selection, outline specific strategies for achievement along with a timeline, and define concrete metrics for success evaluation. By requiring a separate form for each goal, the process ensures a focused and in-depth approach to professional development. Moreover, with the inclusion of both the teacher's and principal's signatures, the form fosters a collaborative and accountable educational environment. Thus, the Teacher Goal Form is more than just an administrative requirement; it is a catalyst for continuous professional enhancement, aligning educators' personal growth with the overarching mission of the Diocese of Erie Catholic Schools to provide high-quality education.

Form NameTeacher Goal Form
Form Length1 pages
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Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesslo goals for teachers forms, teacher goal setting template, teacher online form, teacher goal form print

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Each year, teachers are to establish at least two professional goals. These goals are written at the beginning of each school year and periodically reviewed. This form is designed to help teachers develop clearly stated, realistic, and meaningful goals that can be successfully documented and measured. Use a separate form to set each goal. State the goal, why it was chosen, strategies to accomplish it, and how you will evaluate the success of the goal.


Reason for this goal:

Strategies to achieve this goal and time line to complete each step (2-3 actions), be specific:


To Be Completed By




How will you know that this goal was successfully completed? Be specific.



Teacher’s Signature




Principal’s Signature


Catholic Schools Office

August 2011

Appendix PP 12-A

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