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At the heart of every special education meeting, the Teacher Input Form serves as a crucial tool, facilitating the development of a tailored educational plan attuned to the unique needs of each student. It's a moment for teachers to share insights and observations, pouring their firsthand experiences into a document that impacts the student's educational journey. Designed to be completed in preparation for the special education meeting, this form invites teachers to elaborate on various aspects of the student's school life, from academic performance, highlighting classroom habits and study skills, to behavioral patterns and social interactions, pinpointing specific incidents that might affect learning. It doesn't stop there—teachers are also asked to provide current grades, attendance records, and an evaluation of any ongoing classroom accommodations, evaluating their effectiveness in supporting the student's learning. Furthermore, the inclusion of parent concerns offers a well-rounded perspective, ensuring the educational plan is not only comprehensive but also inclusive of the parent's voice. Completing and returning this form is a step towards fostering an environment that recognizes and responds to the individual challenges and strengths of students, making education accessible and equitable.

Form NameTeacher Input Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesinput form iep, teacher input form for iep pdf, teacher input form for iep, teacher input for iep examples

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Teacher Input Form to IEP

Please take a few minutes to complete this form for your student's upcoming Special Education Meeting. The information you provide will assist the special education team in developing an appropriate

educational plan for your student. Return this form to:




Student Name


Case Load Teacher









1)Academic Performance: (describe classroom habits and study skills)

2)Behavioral Performance: (describe behavior in the classroom and list specific examples of behavior which interfere with academic performance)

3)Social Interaction: (describe the students interaction with teachers and other students including specific incidents where ever possible.


Present Classroom Grade:


Attach printout (if appropriate)


Attendance: Number of Absences:


Number of Tardies:


6)Current classroom accommodations being used and their success:

7)Please describe parents concerns: (Per conferences and contacts with student's parents)

8)Additional Comments:










Classroom Subject taught:





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