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Embarking on a journey of healing and improvement often begins with a comprehensive Treatment Plan, a critical tool designed for those seeking guidance through therapy or medical care. At its core, this plan serves as a roadmap, laying out objective and measurable goals tailored to the individual's needs, complete with estimated timeframes for achieving these milestones. Crucially, it emphasizes a collaborative approach, requiring the development of the plan with the active participation of the patient, who must sign off in agreement to the outlined treatment strategy. This consent ensures that the patient's voice is heard and that their commitment to the process is secured. The Treatment Plan delves into various objectives such as reducing risk factors and major symptoms, improving functionality, developing coping mechanisms for stress, and achieving both short-term crisis stabilization and long-term symptom management. It extends further into suggesting specific interventions and patient participation activities like assertiveness training, stress management, and cognitive restructuring, aligning closely with the treatment goals. Additionally, it highlights the importance of medication, referrals, and the integration of significant others in the treatment process, aiming to encompass a holistic approach to recovery. Completing the plan, the inclusion of estimated timeframes adds a structured timeline to the recovery journey, giving both the patient and therapist clear goals to work towards. The Treatment Plan, ultimately, stands as a testament to the personalized, patient-centered approach to therapy and healing, ensuring that both therapist and patient are aligned in their goals and methods for achieving wellness.

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Treatment Plan Template

Treatment plans need to:

Include goals that are objective and measurable with estimated time frames for goal completion

Be developed with the patient and document the patient’s agreement to the treatment plan (patient’s signature)

Treatment Goals [after each item selected, indicate outcome measures (i.e., “as evidenced by”)]

____ Reduce Risk Factors of:

____ Reduce Major Symptoms of:

____ Ameliorate Functional Impairments of:

____ Develop Coping Strategies to Deal with Stress of:

____ Stabilize (short term) Crisis of:

____ Maintain (long term) Stabilization of Symptoms of:

____ Medication Referral to:

Planned Interventions-Patient Participation (must be consistent with treatment goals):

___ Assertiveness Training

___ Problem Solving Skills Training

___ Anger Management

___ Solution Focused Techniques

___ Affect Identification and Expression

___ Stress Management

___ Cognitive Restructuring

___ Supportive Therapy

___ Communication Training

___ Self/Other Boundaries Training

___ Grief Work

___ Decision Option Exploration

___ Imagery/Relaxation Training

___ Pattern Identification and Interruption

___ Parent Training




___ Engage Significant Others in Treatment:





___ Facilitate Decision Making Regarding:





___ Explore/Monitor:





___ Teach Skills of:





___ Educate Regarding:





___ Assign Readings:





___ Assign Tasks of:





___ Referrals Planned:





___ Use of Resources/Strengths:





___ Preventive Strategies:





___ Obstacles to Change:





Estimated Timeframes




Goal 1 ________________________________

Goal 2



I have been provided education on my primary diagnosis of

My therapist and I have developed this plan together, and I am in agreement to working on these issues and goals. I understand the plan that has been developed for my treatment.

Patient Signature



Therapist Signature

©2017 Magellan Health, Inc. Rev. 11/17

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