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A new Tennessee temporary plate form is now available. This form can be used to request a temporary plate when you are selling or purchasing a vehicle. The form must be completed and submitted to the Department of Safety along with other required documentation. Make sure to review the instructions carefully to ensure that your request is processed quickly.

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Form NameTennessee Temporary Plate Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields20
Avg. time to fill out4 min 15 sec
Other namestemporary tag tn, tn temporary tags, tennessee temporary tag 2020, how to get temporary tags online

Form Preview Example


Temporary Plate Application

RV-F1320301 (11-21)

Licensed Tennessee motor vehicle dealers: November 1, 2021 licensed dealers are now required to use a print on demand dealer drive out tag instead of the green card stock, Dealer Drive out tag. These print on demand tags are available through Revenue's EZ Tag Program. Participating dealers have found the EZ Tag program to be fast, efficient and time-saving. For questions about EZ Tag, contact Business Information Systems at (866) 800-6498 or support@ezdealertags.com. To sign-up for EZ-Tag, visit www.EZDealerTags.com.

Trailer manufacturers or businesses selling trailers which do not require registration: Use this form to order temporary trailer permits to provide for customers (TCA § 55-4-115(d)) . This permit allows an applicant operating a motor vehicle using a trailer that is not subject to registration in Tennessee a five-day period of operation, when the proposed operation is temporary in character.

Individuals: Use this form to purchase an individual trailer temporary plate.

Business/Dealership Name (DBA if applicable):









TN Motor Vehicle Dealer License Number:





Expiration Date:


Representative’s Name:











Representative’s Email:













Address (of dealership if applicable):



















Zip Code















Type of Tag Requested


Cost (each)

Quantity Requested



Total Cost

Vehicle Temporary Plate










Motorcycle Temporary Plate










Trailer Temporary Plate










Total Amount Remitted




















Certification: As the applicant named above, I certify the information contained on this form is correct. Fraudulent statements made in this application could subject the signatory to criminal and civil penalties.













Mail completed form along with check payment* to:




Vehicle Services Division






Attn: Inventory Unit






500 Deaderick Street



*For dealer purchases:

Nashville, TN 37242







Payment must be made by a company check.




The applicant must hold a valid Tennessee dealers license issued by the TN Motor Vehicle Commission to purchase


vehicle or motorcycle temporary plates.



3) If a dealership has not contacted the Division regarding an EZ-Tag hardship their application for Vehicle Temporary Plates and check will be returned.

Temporary plates will be mailed within 1-2 weeks of receipt of application. We are unable to process walk-in applications.

For questions, please submit an online help ticket at www.tn.gov/revenue, email dg_plate&supply.team@tn.gov or call 615-741-3101.

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