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Texas Form 01 924 is a form used to report estate and gift tax information to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The form must be completed and filed by the executor or other person in charge of the estate, within nine months following the date of the donor's death. The form requires detailed information about all taxable gifts and estates made during the deceased person's lifetime. Failure to file this form may result in significant penalties. so it is important to understand exactly what is required when completing it. This blog post will provide an overview of Texas Form 01 924, including what information is required and when it must be filed.

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Form NameTexas Form 01 924
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Other namesexemption agricultural form, texas 01 924 agricultural, tx agricultural tax exemption, exemption agricultural texas get

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01-924 (Rev.4-17/4)





Texas Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate

Commercial agricultural producers must use this form to claim exemption from Texas sales and use tax when buying, leasing or renting qualifying agricultural items they will use exclusively in the production of agricultural products for sale.

You cannot use this form to claim exemption from motor vehicle tax when buying motor vehicles, including trailers. To claim motor vehicle tax exemption, you must give a properly completed Texas Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption Certificate for Agricultural and Timber Operations (Form 14-319) to the vehicle’s seller or dealer. You must also claim the exemption on the Application for Texas Title (Form 130-U) when titling or registering the vehicle with the local County Tax Assessor-Collector.

This form is not required when purchasing the following types of agricultural items:

horses, mules and work animals commonly used in agricultural production;

animal life, the products of which ordinarily constitute food for human consumption, such as cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys and pigs;

feed for farm and ranch animals, including oats, corn, chicken scratch and hay; and

seeds and annual plants, the products of which are commonly recognized as food for humans or animals (such as corn, oats and soybeans) or are usually only raised to be sold in the regular course of business (such as cotton seed).

All other purchases of agricultural items require this properly completed form to claim a sales tax exemption. See the back of this form for examples of exempt and taxable items.

Name of retailer

Address (Street and number, P.O. Box or route number)

City, State, ZIP code

Proper use of this certificate

Purchasers - You can only use this certificate for items you purchase for exclusive use in an exempt manner. You should be familiar with qualifying items. Any non-agricultural or personal use disqualifies the purchase from exemption. See the back of this form for examples of exempt and taxable items.

Retailers - You can accept this certificate in good faith at the time of sale if it is properly completed with an ag/timber number and expiration date. You can also accept it as a blanket certificate covering all sales made during the time this certificate is valid on qualifying items that can reasonably be used to produce agriculture products for sale.

Name of purchaser

Address (Street and number, P.O. Box or route number)

City, State, ZIP code

Phone (Area code and number)

Ag/Timber number

Name of person to whom number is registered, if different than purchaser

This exemption certificate expires on Dec. 31, 2 0

I understand that I am required to keep records to verify eligibility for the exemption(s) claimed and that I will be required to pay sales or use tax on purchases that do not qualify for the exemption(s), in addition to any applicable interest and penalties.

I understand that it is a criminal offense to issue an exemption certificate to the seller for taxable items that I know will be used in a manner that does not qualify for the exemptions found in Tax Code Section 151.316. The offense may range from a Class C misdemeanor to a felony of the second degree.

Purchaser's signature

Purchaser's name (print or type)


This certificate should be given to the retailer. Do not send the completed certificate to the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Form 01-924 (Back)(Rev.4-17/4)

Always Exempt

These items are always exempt and do not require an exemption certificate or an ag/timber number.

Horses, mules and work animals commonly used in agricultural production;

Animal life, the products of which ordinarily constitute food for human consumption, such as cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys and hogs;

Feed such as oats, hay, chicken scratch, wild bird seed and deer corn for livestock and wild game (pet food is not exempt); and

Seeds and annual plants, the products of which are commonly recognized as food for humans or animals, such as corn, oats and soybeans or for fiber, such as cotton seed.


Here are examples of items that are exempt from sales tax when used exclusively on a farm or ranch to produce agricultural products for sale and pur- chased by a person with a current ag/timber number.

Air tanks


Bale transportation equipment

Baler twine

Baler wrap



Branding irons

Brush hogs Bulk milk coolers Bulk milk tanks

Calf weaners and feeders

Cattle currying and oiling machines

Cattle feeders

Chain saws used for clearing fence lines or pruning orchards




Corn pickers

Corral panels

Cotton pickers, strippers

Crawlers – tractors







Egg handling equipment

Ensilage cutters

Farm machinery and repair or replacement parts

Farm tractors Farm wagons

Farrowing houses (portable and crates)

Feed carts

Feed grinders



Fertilizer distributors

Floats for water troughs


Forage boxes

Forage harvesters

Fruit graters

Fruit harvesters

Grain binders

Grain bins

Grain drills

Grain handling equipment

Greases, lubricants and oils for qualifying farm machinery and equipment


Head gates


Husking machines

Hydraulic fluid

Hydro-coolers Implements of husbandry Incubators

Irrigation equipment

Manure handling equipment Manure spreaders Milking equipment

Mowers (hay and rotary blade)



Planters Poultry feeders

Poultry house equipment

Pruning equipment

Rollbar equipment Rollers

Root vegetable harvesters

Rotary hoes

Salt stands

Seed cleaners


Silo unloaders

Soilmovers used to grade farmland





Squeeze chutes




Telecommunications services used to navigate farm machinery and equipment*

Threshing machines Tillers

Tires for exempt equipment Troughs, feed and water

Vacuum coolers

Vegetable graders

Vegetable washers

Vegetable waxers

* As of Sept. 1, 2015, telecommunications services used to navigate farm machinery and equipment are exempt.


These items DO NOT qualify for sales and use tax exemption for agricultural production.

Automotive parts, such as tires, for vehicles licensed for highway use, even if the vehicle has farm plates

Clothing, including work clothing, safety apparel and shoes

Computers and computer software used for any purposes other than agricultural production

Furniture, home furnishings and housewares

Golf carts, dirt bikes, dune buggies and go-carts

Guns, ammunition, traps and similar items

*See www.comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/ag-timber/.

Materials used to construct roads or buildings used for shelter, housing, storage or work space (examples include general storage barns, sheds or shelters)

Motor vehicles and trailers*

Pet food

Taxable services such as nonresidential real property repairs or remodeling, security services, and waste removal

Tax Help: www.comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/ = Window on State Government: www.comptroller.texas.gov

Tax Assistance: 1-800-252-5555

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Mention the important information in Purchasers signature, Purchasers name print or type, Date, and This certificate should be given section.

Purchasers signature, Purchasers name print or type, Date, and This certificate should be given in exemption farm texas

The Guns ammunition traps and similar, See, and Tax Help section is the place where either side can indicate their rights and responsibilities.

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