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As a citizen of Texas, you may be required to file Form Ps 1040R in order to declare and pay your state income tax. Completing this form can seem intimidating and confusing at first, but with the right guidance it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we’ll explain what exactly is needed when filing Form Ps 1040R and provide tips on how to make the entire process as painless as possible. Read on if you want to ensure that your filing experience goes smoothly!

Form NameTexas Form Ps 1040R
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Other namesps1040r ps 1040r texas form

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Career Schools and Colleges

Refund Worksheet - Vocational Programs

Instructions: Use this worksheet with all refunds for programs approved by TWC to demonstrate that each refund meets the state’s minimum cancellation and refund requirement, even if your school’s policy exceeds minimum requirements. Include the completed worksheet in the student’s file. You must have all supportive documentation listed on page 2 readily available upon TWC request; we encourage you to attach copies of that documentation to this worksheet in the student’s file. Use a separate worksheet for each program.

Date of this Refund Calculation
















School #S


School Name
















Student’s Name








Student’s SSN #









Student’s Address


















Student’s Phone #







Refund Computed By










Type of funding (Check all applicable) LOAN,







Program Name




















(Full name as it appears on the List of Approved Courses of Instruction)









Did the student drop from the program within 72 hours (until midnight of the third day,











excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) after the enrollment contract was signed?

















If the answer is Yes the student is due a full refund.

























Did the student drop within the first 3 scheduled class days?











Note: If the student dropped during the first 3 scheduled class days, the school may retain not more than $100 in administrative fees and items of extra expense that are necessary for the portion of the program attended. Anything retained must be stated separately on the enrollment agreement.

Total Course Time in the whole program (1a)

Tuition and included fees for the whole program



Total Course Time in the portion charged (2a)



Tuition and included fees for the portion charged



(1)Program hours and costs should reflect totals adjusted for credit given for previous education and training, if applicable.

(2)Course Time and Tuition for the current portion charged. The current portion charged may be the whole program.

Administrative fee for the whole program (May not exceed $100): $

Other charges for the whole program $





















Date of enrollment in the program



Date of termination from the program







For the Current Portion Charged:

(Use these four items to check against the calculation for #4 below).


First Day of Attendance (Date)





Last Day of Attendance (Date)




Hours Scheduled Per Day





Days Scheduled Per Week


















What portion of the program is the current portion for which the student has been charged?



The whole program

Calculate items below for the entire program.



A part of the program Into how many portions is the program divided?





For which portion is the student charged? Portion #:




Calculate items below for this portion.


For the current portion of the program for which the student is charged:














Use whole hours, rounding to the nearest hour if necessary.



















How many hours did the student attend?



















For how many hours was the student absent?


















Calculate the total hours the student was scheduled for:










(through the last date of



























What is the Total Course Time in this portion of program?







(must match Total Course Time (2a)



























Calculate the percentage of the program’s Total Course


















Time for which the student was scheduled:


( #4 ÷ #5 ) Will be a decimal.

Calculate to three decimal places (example: .452 (45.2%).

Use #6 to calculate #7. If greater than .75 (75% of this portion of the program), use 1.0 (100%) in the calculation.

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REV 11/13

7.Calculate tuition and included fees earned by the school for the current portion charged:

Tuition and included fees for current portion charged



(2b from previous page)








#6 (From previous page)

× .














8. Total of tuition and fees earned from prior (How many?


) portions charged













Earned fees and supplies for the whole program:


Administrative fees earned, but not included in tuition (not to exceed $100.00)





Chargeable* books not included in tuition (receipts required):





Chargeable* supplies and other fees not included in tuition (receipts required):

+ $




*Must be necessary for portion of program attended & separately stated in enrollment agreement






Total earned by school for the whole program

(items 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11) = $









Total amount paid towards #12 on behalf of student (Fees, Tuition, Books, Supplies) $









Refund due (if #13 is greater than Item #12) =






Balance due school (if #13 is less than Item #12)






The following documents must be readily available, preferably attached to this Refund Worksheet in the Student’s file:

1.Enrollment Agreement

2.Record of Previous Education & Training (PS-010)

3.Complete attendance record

4.Complete progress record w/status changes

5.LOA/make-up requests (if applicable)


7.Book & supply receipts (if applicable)

8.Proof of consummation of refund

For questions concerning Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges Cancellation and Refund Policy, please consult the form series PS-023; law governing Career Schools and Colleges, Title 3, Texas Education Code, Section 132.061 and 132.0611; and the Texas Career Schools and Colleges Rules, Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, Sections 807.261 through 807.264.


Completed forms, inquiries, or corrections to the individual information contained in this form shall be sent to the TWC Career Schools and Colleges, 101 East 15th Street, Room 226T, Austin, Texas 78778-0001, (512) 936-3100. Individuals may receive and review information that TWC collects about the individual by emailing to open.records@twc.state.tx.us or writing to TWC Open Records, 101 E. 15th St., Rm. 266, Austin, TX 78778-0001.


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2. When this segment is complete, you're ready include the needed specifics in Program hours and costs should, Administrative fee for the whole, Date of enrollment in the program, Date of termination from the, For the Current Portion Charged, First Day of Attendance Date, Last Day of Attendance Date, Hours Scheduled Per Day What, Days Scheduled Per Week, The whole program Calculate items, For which portion is the student, Calculate items below for this, For the current portion of the, How many hours did the student, and For how many hours was the in order to proceed further.

Texas Form Ps 1040R completion process clarified (stage 2)

3. Your next step is usually straightforward - fill out every one of the form fields in Calculate tuition and included, Tuition and included fees for, b from previous page, Total of tuition and fees earned, From previous page, Earned fees and supplies for the, Administrative fees earned but, Chargeable books not included in, items, and Chargeable supplies and other to finish this part.

Chargeable supplies and other, Administrative fees earned but, and b from previous page in Texas Form Ps 1040R

In terms of Chargeable supplies and other and Administrative fees earned but, be sure you double-check them in this section. The two of these are the most important fields in the PDF.

4. Filling out Chargeable supplies and other, Enrollment Agreement Record of, For questions concerning Texas, and Completed forms inquiries or is essential in the next stage - ensure to devote some time and be attentive with each empty field!

Step no. 4 in filling in Texas Form Ps 1040R

5. The final section to complete this document is pivotal. Make certain to fill out the appropriate blank fields, which includes Completed forms inquiries or, PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF THIS FORM, Page of, and PSR REV, before submitting. Failing to do it could contribute to an incomplete and possibly nonvalid document!

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