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If you have ever had a dispute with a merchant over the purchase of goods or services, you may have used a transaction dispute form. A transaction dispute form is a document that allows consumers to communicate directly with the merchant about the issue at hand. In many cases, using this form can help to resolve the dispute more quickly and effectively. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at transaction dispute forms and provide some tips for using them effectively. We will also discuss some of the benefits of using a transaction dispute form in lieu of other methods of resolving disputes. Finally, we will provide a link to download an example of a Transaction Dispute Form Pnb.

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Form NameTransaction Dispute Form Pnb
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields31
Avg. time to fill out6 min 46 sec
Other namespnb charge dispute form, punjab national bank charge dispute form, pnb dispute form, chargeback form pnb

Form Preview Example


DATE: ______________

Credit Card No: ______________________________

Telephone/ Mobile No: _________________

Cardholder Name:____________________________

Email Id: ____________________________

Add On Credit Card No. : __________________________


Add-on Cardholder Name: __________________________


Details of Disputed Transactions:


S.No Statement date

Transaction Merchant Name Date

Transaction Amount. (INR)

Disputed Amount. (INR)

Name of Merchant Country___________

Acquirer Reference NO.______________

I am disputing the above listed transaction(s) for the reason (ticked) and mentioned below:-


I neither made nor authorized above transaction.


My card was (circle one of the following choices below)

A. Lost/Stolen: on Date: __________ Location: _____________

B. Card Never Received

C. Card was in my possession at the time of fraudulent use


I have been charged ----- times for the same transaction. I authorized only one transaction on------

(mention the date). The original amount appeared on my------ (indicate month) statement (enclose

copy of statement)


The amount on my sales slip differs from the amount billed and shown in------ statement(indicate

month) . I am attaching my receipt showing the correct amount. The difference in amount is____________


I cancelled this transaction on ____________(indicate date).I am attaching receipt indicating the

specific reason for the cancellation and cancellation reference numbers.



I am disputing the quality of goods/services I received from merchant. I have contacted the merchant/retailer . The response to my request for refund, is stated on annexure attached herewith.


I was given a credit slip in the amount of _____________on_________ (DD-MM-YYYY) by the merchant

retailer which has not yet appeared on my billing------- Statement (indicate month) The copy of the credit

slip is attached.



I paid for the transaction by Cash

Cheque Draft

Other credit card. I attach

cash receipt

orcopy of cheque / Cheque no. alongwith Bank statement orother credit card




I have returned the merchandise and requested a refund from the Merchant retailer and have forwarded a copy of the proof of return to him. I attach proof of return herewith.


The goods/services are different from what was ordered or described. On attached sheet I have explained what was expected, what was received, and indicated my attempt to return the goods. The proof of return is also attached.


I have not received the goods/services and for that reason,I contacted the Merchant/retailer

on___________(DD-MM-YYYY) . The merchant response to my request for a refund or delivery date is

given on separate attached sheet .The copy of letter to the merchant attempting to resolve the dispute is enclosed.


The amount on my ATM slip differs from the amount billed in statement. Attached is my receipt showing the correct amount. The difference in amount is ______________ or I

did not receive cash from ATM.

ANY OTHER (Give full details)

Primary Cardholder Signature: _________________________________

Add-on cardholder Signature: ____________________________(mandatory if the

transactions disputed are done through the Add on Card)


Cardholder is requested to submit card statement highlighting disputed transaction and required documents wherever it is requested

After dispute charges are resolved, should such charges recur in the statement, you are requested to intimate the Bank for these disputed charges vide this form within 30 days of statement date to enable us to take up the dispute with the member banks. After the lapse of 30 days, it will be construed that all the charges are acceptable and in order.

A retrieval fee as prescribed in schedule of charges will be levied on per transaction basis to your account

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Note the requested data in the section DIFFERENCE, IN, AMOUNT CANCELLED, TRANSACTION and Cont.

step 2 to filling out pnb bank charge dispute form

You will be required specific vital particulars if you want to submit the box.

Entering details in pnb bank charge dispute form part 3

The ANY, OTHER, Give, full, details Primary, Card, holder, Signature IMPORTANT, NOTE and your, account field is where each party can indicate their rights and obligations.

pnb bank charge dispute form ANYOTHERGivefulldetails, PrimaryCardholderSignature, IMPORTANTNOTE, and youraccount blanks to fill

Step 3: As soon as you are done, select the "Done" button to export the PDF form.

Step 4: To prevent yourself from potential forthcoming issues, it is important to have as much as several copies of every single form.

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