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SBI Card Dispute Form Online can be used to register a complaint or make a query about your SBI Credit Card. This form can also be used to request for a replacement card in case it is lost or stolen. You can also use this form to update your personal details such as contact information and mailing address. The online form is easy to fill out and submit, and you will receive a response from the bank within three working days. If you are facing any issue with your SBI Credit Card, don't hesitate to use the SBI Card Dispute Form Online. The bank staff will help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Keep in mind that delay in registering a complaint may lead to further inconvenience.

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Form NameSbi Card Dispute Form Online
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namessbi file card, charge dispute form sbi online, sbi dispute form, sbi chargeback form

Form Preview Example

Reach us at Chargeback Unit, 10th Floor, DLF Infinity Tower C, Gurgaon-122002 / fax 0124 3992476 e-mail id :


Name _______________________________________ Mobile / Landline Number __________________

SBI Card Number ____________________________________ Email id ____________________________

Details of the Disputed Item (s)

Transaction Date

Merchant Name

Transaction Amount Disputed Amount

DECLARATION: I am disputing the transaction (s) listed above for the reason as follows:

Duplicate Charge (Attach copy of accepted transaction chargeslip/Ticket booking History for online



I have been charged twice for the same transaction on: ___________________

I have enclosed the following documents along with this form:

I incurred one transaction-dated _______ at the above merchant establishment

1. ____________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________

ATM Cash Not Received

3. ____________________________________________

Cash Not dispensed_______


Partial amount dispensed by ATM _______

I hereby affirm that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. My card was in my possession and control at the time of the questioned transactions.

Paid for Goods by Other Means- (Attach copy of cash memo/ bank statement/other bank card statement) Cardholder's Signature

฀ Cash

฀ Cheque / DD/ Credit card #_________________ Date ____________

Ordered Goods or Services not received (Attach copy of order receipt/booking details) Tickets/merchandise not received. Expected Delivery Date: __________________

Credit Not Processed (Attach copy of Credit Voucher/Refund note/Merchant’s letter or any form of merchant confirmation that the credit is due)

Date of Credit Voucher Issuance: __________________

Billed for No-Show Charge after Cancellation (Attach copy of proof of cancellation)

Cancellation Date: __________________ Cancellation Number: _____________

Incorrect Transaction Amount (Attach copy of chargeslip/document for the accepted amount) The transaction amount incurred was _______, but I have been billed for ____________

Fraudulent Transaction(s) (card blocking mandatory)

Neither me nor my family members incurred or authorized the above transactions.

hMy card was lost / stolen on date ________ and was reported to SBI Credit Cards on date ________

Others (any additional comments)

Other Comments _ _____________________________________________________________________


I declare that above given information is true and correct to my knowledge. I understand that I can be held liable for all charges incurred if dispute raised by me is found invalid. I agree to pay the charges levied by the bank for the same including the cost incurred for investigation of my claim. By ticking the option for fraudulent transaction(s), I permit SBI Cards to de-activate the card on which the fraudulent transaction(s) took place.

Cardholder's Signature __________________________________________

* Please note that a Retrieval Fee of Rs. 225 (plus service tax as applicable) shall be charged per


transaction to your Card Account if case does not close in your favour.


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