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SBI Card Dispute Form Online can be used to register a complaint or make a query about your SBI Credit Card. This form can also be used to request for a replacement card in case it is lost or stolen. You can also use this form to update your personal details such as contact information and mailing address. The online form is easy to fill out and submit, and you will receive a response from the bank within three working days. If you are facing any issue with your SBI Credit Card, don't hesitate to use the SBI Card Dispute Form Online. The bank staff will help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Keep in mind that delay in registering a complaint may lead to further inconvenience.

We've gathered some technical information about the sbi card dispute form online. Our advice is that you read through this material before you begin editing the form.

Form NameSbi Card Dispute Form Online
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namescharge dispute form sbi online, chargeback form sbi, charge dispute form, charge dispute form amazon

Form Preview Example

Transaction Dispute Form

Date : _________________


Card Number (mandatory)

Phone Number (This is important to allow us to get in touch with you for further clarification)

Email ID (This is important to allow us to get in touch with you for further clarification)

Details of Disputed Item(s)





I am disputing transaction(s), mentioned above due to the following reasons (please tick the appropriate reason(s)). Request you to resolve the dispute.

1.I have neither authorized nor participated in the above transaction(s). The card was in my possession at all times. I Authorize SBI Card to block my Credit card as per the VISA/MASTERCARD norms.

2.My card was lost/stolen on ___/___/___ at _____a.m/p.m and I’ve reported the same to SBI Card on ___/___/___ at _____ a.m/p.m by way of _________________ (Attach copy of FIR filed with Police, if any).

3.Duplicate/multiple billing: I have done only one transaction but I was billed ______(Twice/Thrice etc). (Attach accepted transaction receipt, showing the actual amount).

4.Changed the payment mode: First I gave my card for payment and later on I ‘d changed my mind and paid by Cash (attach cash receipt/bill) / Cheque (attach cheque receipt/bank statement) / Other card (Attach Chargeslip/other card statement).

5.The transaction Amount was Rs._________, but I was billed for Rs.__________ (Attach copy of Chargeslip/Sales slip/Statement of card account).

6.Transaction got cancelled, but I have not received the credit/refund for the same (Attach credit slip/refund note/merchant’s letter or any form of merchant’s confirmation that the transaction was cancelled and the credit was due to you).

7.Cancelled Membership/Subscription/Booking, but I have been billed for Rs.______ (Attach the cancellation letter which you sent to the merchant).

8.I’d ordered goods/services and the same were expected by date ___/___/___, but I never received

the same. I contacted the merchant on date ___/___/___ and their response was ______________

________________________(Please specify as to what good(s) or service(s) were expected. Please

also attach correspondence with merchant for order status).

9. The goods supplied/serviced by the Merchant are not as described: The item(s) purchased or

service(s) paid for do not conform to what was agreed to have been supplied by the merchant or was/were defective. (Please specify as to what good(s) or service(s) were expected & what were actually delivered. Enclose any documentation that supports your claim. Please return the goods to the merchant & provide proof of returned goods, Copy of correspondence with merchant, Terms & Conditions of Contract/delivery and nature of defect etc).

10.Cash not dispensed in the ATM but I was billed for the amount of Rs._______ / Cash dispensed partially in the ATM for Rs.________ but I was billed for the entire amount of Rs. _______ (Attach copy of ATM slip).

11.Others (Please explain in detail. Please attach a separate letter, if necessary).

12.I do not remember the transaction. Kindly retrieve chargeslip / documents for my reference. I agree to pay charges specified by SBI Card in this regard.

Declaration :

I declare that above given information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I can be held liable for all charges incurred before the time of reporting of loss/theft and also, if dispute raised by me is found invalid. I agree to pay the charges levied by SBI Card for the same.

Any Additional Comments:




Primary Cardholder's Signature



(i)On receipt of the disputed claim along with the relevant supporting documentation requested within the stipulated time (30 days) from the date of disputed transaction, we will take up the matter with the member bank and request them to provide the details on the basis of which the disputed charge was processed to your card account.

(ii)On receipt of clarifications from member bank regarding the disputed charge we shall revert to you with the clarifications on the dispute, which takes normally around 45 to 60 days’ time in accordance with the VISA/ MASTERCARD Rules.

(iii)SBI Card may request the customer to provide a signed progressive feedback letter or further clarification on the dispute after review of the documentation provided by the member bank on the dispute, which is required to progress the dispute further with the member bank.

(iv)In case we do not hear from you by the stipulated revert date, the disputed transaction shall be construed to be in order, and we shall be constrained to close the matter at our end.

(v)Request to the Cardholder: Please attach copies of your correspondence with the Merchant, charge-slips wherever applicable and any supplementary documents pertaining to the transaction/s, as appropriate.

The dispute form duly signed by you may be sent to us with the relevant supporting documents by post or email at the following address:

Chargeback Team, SBI Card,

DLF Infinity Towers, Tower C, 10-12 Floor, Block 2,

Bldg 3, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, India

Email Address:

How to Edit Sbi Card Dispute Form Online Online for Free

Our PDF editor was built to be so simple as it can be. Since you stick to these steps, the process of managing the charge dispute form sbi online fill file will undoubtedly be simple.

Step 1: To start out, press the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: You can find all the functions that it's possible to take on the template when you have entered the charge dispute form sbi online fill editing page.

You will have to enter the next data in order to fill out the document:

step 1 to writing sbi file card

Complete the I have neither authorized nor, My card was loststolen on at, Duplicatemultiple billing I have, Changed the payment mode First I, The transaction Amount was Rs but, Transaction got cancelled but I, and Cancelled area with the details required by the application.

sbi file card I have neither authorized nor, My card was loststolen on  at, Duplicatemultiple billing I have, Changed the payment mode First I, The transaction Amount was Rs but, Transaction got cancelled but I, and Cancelled blanks to fill

It's essential to emphasize the crucial particulars within the Cancelled, Id ordered goodsservices and the, and The goods suppliedserviced by the section.

Filling in sbi file card step 3

Please make sure to describe the rights and obligations of the parties within the services paid for do not conform, Cash not dispensed in the ATM but, Others Please explain in detail, I do not remember the transaction, Declaration, I declare that above given, and Any Additional Comments part.

Finishing sbi file card stage 4

Complete the template by taking a look at the following sections: Primary Cardholders Signature, IMPORTANT NOTES, i On receipt of the disputed claim, and The dispute form duly signed by.

Filling out sbi file card part 5

Step 3: Select the button "Done". The PDF file is available to be transferred. It is possible to download it to your laptop or email it.

Step 4: Prepare duplicates of your template. This may save you from forthcoming problems. We do not view or reveal your information, so be sure it will be protected.

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