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Are you a brewery looking to make and distribute beer in the United States? One of your first steps is obtaining an Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) permit. Filing the TTB Form 5130-9, or Brewer’s Notice, is compulsory for all breweries that want to produce alcohol beverages. In this blog post, we will answer all your questions about these forms - why they are necessary and how to file it properly. So keep reading if you want to learn more!

Form NameTtb F 5130 9 Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesquarterly brewer's report of operations, report brewery operations, brewers report, ttb quarterly report of brewer's operations

Form Preview Example

OMB No. 1513-0007 (04/30/2015)


Our Brewery EIN is:








Our TTB Brewery Number is:





TTB can reach the brewery by calling:





What is the nam e of your brewery?

What is the location of your brewery?

(Number & Street)





(ZIP Code)

Reporting Period (enter year)












Monthly Report for (enter month)


OR Quarterly Report for:

January - March

April - June

July - September October - December

Part 1 - Beer Summary












































Additions to Beer Inventory (round your entries to the nearest second decimal)

1.On hand beginning of this report period (see line 33 totals from last monthly report or line 17 from last quarterly report)

2. Beer produced by fermentation

3. Addition of water and other liquids

4. Beer received from racking and bottling

5. Beer received in bond (see Instruction #10)

6. Beer received from cellars

7.Beer returned to this brewery after removal from this brewery (see Instruction #11)

8.Beer returned to the brewery after removal from another brewery of same ownership (see Instruction #11)

9. Racked

10. Bottled

11. Physical inventory disclosed an overage


13.Total additions to inventory, plus beer on hand (add all columns in lines 1 through 12)

Removals from Beer Inventory (round your entries to the nearest second decimal)

14. Removed for consumption or sale (see Instruction #7)

15.Removed tax-determined for consumption or sale to tavern on brewery premises (see Instruction #12)

16. Removed without payment of tax for export

17.Removed without payment of tax for use as supplies (vessels/aircraft)

18.Removed without payment of tax for use in research and development

19.Removed without payment of tax to other breweries and pilot brewing plants of same ownership

20.Removed without payment of tax as beer unfit for sale removed for use in manufacturing

21. Beer consumed on premises (see Instruction #12)

22. Beer transferred for racking

23. Beer transferred for bottling

24. Beer returned to cellars

25. Beer racked

26. Beer bottled

27.Laboratory samples

28.Beer destroyed at brewery (see Instruction #13)

29.Beer transferred to a distilled spirits plant

30.Losses, including theft (see Instruction #14)

31.Physical inventory disclosed a shortage (see Instruction #14)


33.Total amount of beer on hand at the end of this period (see Instruction #15)

34.Total beer (see Instruction #16)

TTB F 5130.9 (01/2015)

Page 1 of 2

See instructions and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice on TTB F 5130.9i.

Prior Period Adjustments (see instruction #16)

35. Additions to beer inventory



36. Removals from beer inventory



Under penalties of perjury I declare that this report is supported by true, complete, and correct records that are available for inspection at my brewery. I have examined this report and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true, complete, and correct.

















Part 2 - Cereal Beverage Summary






(products that are less than 0.5% alcohol by volume)















Loss and wastage






























Total on hand end of period











Part 3 – Remarks

(Add remarks below or on a separate piece of paper attached to this form)

TTB F 5130.9 (01/2015)

Page 2 of 2

See instructions and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice on TTB F 5130.9i.

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1. Whenever filling out the brewers report of operations, ensure to complete all essential blank fields in its corresponding area. This will help to speed up the process, allowing for your details to be handled promptly and appropriately.

Part number 1 in filling in ttb form 5130 9

2. The next stage is usually to fill out all of the following fields: Addition of water and other, Beer received from racking and, Beer received in bond see, Beer received from cellars, Beer returned to this brewery, brewery see Instruction, Beer returned to the brewery, brewery of same ownership see, Racked, Bottled, Physical inventory disclosed an, Total additions to inventory plus, add all columns in lines through, Removals from Beer Inventory round, and Removed for consumption or sale.

Part no. 2 of submitting ttb form 5130 9

3. The third part is normally hassle-free - fill out all of the form fields in pilot brewing plants of same, Removed without payment of tax as, removed for use in manufacturing, Beer consumed on premises see, Beer transferred for racking, Beer transferred for bottling, Beer returned to cellars, Beer racked, Beer bottled, Laboratory samples, Beer destroyed at brewery see, Beer transferred to a distilled, Losses including theft see, Physical inventory disclosed a, and Total amount of beer on hand at to finish this process.

Completing segment 3 of ttb form 5130 9

Be very mindful when filling in Beer transferred to a distilled and Laboratory samples, as this is the part where a lot of people make mistakes.

4. This next section requires some additional information. Ensure you complete all the necessary fields - see Instruction, Total beer see Instruction, TTB F See instructions and, and Page of - to proceed further in your process!

How to prepare ttb form 5130 9 step 4

5. As you come close to the end of the form, there are actually a couple extra points to complete. Particularly, Additions to beer inventory, Removals from beer inventory, Under penalties of perjury I, Signature, Title, Date, Produced, Removed, Received, Part Cereal Beverage Summary, products that are less than, Bbls, Loss and wastage, Bbls, and Bbls should all be done.

How to fill out ttb form 5130 9 stage 5

Step 3: Soon after taking one more look at the fields, click "Done" and you're all set! Obtain your brewers report of operations when you register online for a free trial. Easily use the pdf file from your FormsPal cabinet, along with any modifications and changes all synced! FormsPal guarantees safe form editor without personal data recording or sharing. Rest assured that your data is in good hands here!