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When you are starting a new job, there are many things you need to do in order to get up to speed. One of the most important is familiarizing yourself with the company's policies and procedures. This includes reading the employee handbook. The US Bank employee handbook form contains a wealth of information on everything from benefits and pay to dress code and sexual harassment prevention. Reading it all may seem like a daunting task, but it's important to know what is expected of you as an employee. Plus, knowing the policies can help protect you from any potential legal issues. So take some time to read through the US Bank employee handbook form, and if there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask your supervisor or HR department.

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Form NameUs Bank Employee Handbook
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Other namesus bank w2, u s bank w2, us bank bereavement policy, chase bank employee handbook

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Employee Handbook

U.S. Bank Policies and Programs

Dear fellow employees:

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of U.S. Bank and for contributing to our success. You should be very proud of our accomplishments

and looking forward to a great future. This may be your irst handbook, or it may be your 31st. Regardless, we’re thrilled to

have you as part of the team and our team is better because you are on it.

I would like you to consider your time and commitment with U.S. Bank as a

career-long opportunity. I understand that we have an obligation to you as well, and

we want to provide every opportunity for development, fun, and success. We sincerely hope that you will grow, be challenged, and be rewarded during your

time with U.S. Bank. This handbook provides an overview of our programs

and policies that are meant to support you and your professional growth. This handbook also complements the U.S. Bank Code of Ethics and Business Conduct handbook, which

explains the professional and ethical conduct standards that are critical to our continued success and make us a valuable part of our communities.

Please review your handbooks carefully. We are always interested in your feedback. I invite you to provide comments to your manager or HR representative, and know that I

am grateful for your contributions!


Richard K. Davis

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Oficer


Corporate Highlights

Our Mission


Our Promise to Customers: Service Sets Us Apart


Privacy Pledge To Our Customers


Our Promise to Employees: Our People Strategy


Open Communication


U.S. Bank Ethics Line


Integrity in the Reporting Process


Non-Retaliation Policy


Working at U.S. Bank

Introductory Period


Performance Reviews


Performance and Conduct Counseling


Career Advancement


Employment of Relatives/Personal Relationships


Business Appearance


Use of Tobacco Products


Working in More Than One Position at U.S. Bank


Verification of Employment, Employment References, and Recommendations


Your Pay and Time Reporting

Employee Status


Payroll and Time Reporting


Accurate Employment Records




Occasional Sick Days


Time Away From Work

Reporting Absences


Excessive Absenteeism


Job Abandonment


Employees With Sick Leave Accrual Balances


Family and Medical Leave


Paid Leave for Birth or Adoption


Medical Absence


Jury Duty


Military Leave



Leave for Court Proceedings/Legal Matters


Funeral/Bereavement Leave


Personal Leaves


Leaves Exceeding One Year


U.S. Bank Employee Emergency Event (E3) Line


Hazardous Conditions and Weather Emergencies


Security and Safety on the Job

Background Inquiries


ID Access Cards or Security Access Systems


Security at the Workplace


Photographic Equipment


Workplace Violence


Restraining Orders




Accidents and Injuries at Work and Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Communicable Diseases




Employee Benefits



Adoption Assistance


Educational Assistance


Tuition Reimbursement


Employee Assistance


Employee Assistance Fund


Discounts on Financial Products and Services


Career Development



Harvard Resources






Development Network


Leadership Development


Employee Community Involvement

U.S. Bank Five Star Volunteer Day Policy


U.S. Bancorp Matching Gift Program


Environmental Affairs


U.S. Bank Policies and Programs

Corporate Highlights

At U.S. Bank, one thing is clear: we are a company

committed to our mission. And we know every employee plays an important role in achieving that mission. From

how you greet customers when they walk into your branch, to collaborating with a coworker, our mission

is reinforced by the actions you take every day. As a company, we’re focused on making every action lead to our mission’s success.

Our Mission

We fulfill our mission by:

Engaging our employees

Increasing value for our shareholders

Deepening service and relationships for our customers

Building our communities

Engaging our Employees

U.S. Bank highly values the employees of our company. It is their hard work and commitment that creates our

success as a company. The programs in this handbook have been designed to enable each of us to connect, develop, feel rewarded, and lead to the best of our

abilities every day.

Increasing Value for Shareholders

Continued strong earnings support the company’s ability to pay and increase dividends, while expected future

growth in revenue and earnings drives our stock price.

Deepening Service and Relationships for our Customers

Our loyal customers are highly satisied with U.S. Bank,

are very likely to continue their relationship with us and willingly refer their family and friends to us for business.

Building Our Communities

U.S. Bank places a high priority on investing in the

communities we serve and communities in which our customers, our employees and our shareholders live and


Our Promise to Customers: Service Sets Us Apart

Only U.S. Bank guarantees customer service by every

business line and every employee for every transaction every day.

From your irst day with U.S. Bank, we count on you to provide exceptional service, both to your internal clients

and to our customers.

The level of service is deined through the tenets of our Service Values and comes to life through ive key

philosophies. Every employee is expected to adopt these tenets and demonstrate them in every customer interaction.


Take Ownership

Make It Personal

Add Value to Every Interaction

Make Courtesy Common

Share Your Knowledge


Corporate Highlights

Privacy Pledge To Our Customers

Protecting the privacy of our customers is important to U.S. Bank.

Successful banking relationships are built on trust and integrity. In the course of transacting business with our customers, we gather pertinent

personal information in order to accurately maintain accounts and offer services to help our customers attain their personal inancial goals. All of this information is very private in nature. Therefore, we are committed to conidentiality.

To show that we take customer privacy very seriously, we send our customers a privacy pledge each year. Customers irst receive the pledge upon opening an account, and interested parties can ind the pledge at The privacy pledge maintains compliance

with recent laws and gives customers detailed information on why we gather data, how data is used, how it is maintained and protected, and the

circumstances in which data may be shared.

The privacy pledge promises all U.S. Bank customers that we will:

collect only relevant information about customers;

strive to keep accurate records;

limit employee access to customer information on a need-to-know basis;

disclose to customers what information is shared with U.S. Bank companies and with others;

provide customers ways to limit how their information is shared; and

investigate customer concerns about inappropriate sharing of information.

Familiarize yourself with the pledge, and follow all consumer customer privacy procedures related to your job. Above all, remember that your

actions should always respect and protect customer privacy.

U.S. Bank Policies and Programs

As you can see, everything you do makes a big difference for our customers. So, as your employer, we want to make

the difference for you by striving to make your employee experience the best it can be.

We irmly believe that Your Career is Here at U.S. Bank.

Our Promise to Employees: Our People Strategy

We want you to view your time with U.S. Bank as a career- long opportunity. How do we support this? It’s simple — we attract and retain great people, then keep them engaged

and develop their skills and knowledge by offering com- petitive beneits and programs.

All of our employee-focused initiatives and programs currently fall into four key areas:


Through internal and external learning resources, we

provide a comprehensive framework of opportunities to help you explore your career development options, learn new skills, establish networks of colleagues and managers who can help you achieve your goals, and build a development plan that will move you to that next step,

whatever it may be.


From individual and corporate award programs such as the

Exceptional Service Bonus, to the variety of special offers available in our Employee Value Package, we recognize

you for your contributions and showcase all of the great beneits we offer you and your family.


Programs such as MentorConnect and the Development Network give you the opportunity to meet and share experiences with U.S. Bankers across the organization.


We offer you development and networking opportunities to build skills, implement important leadership practices into your daily business routines, and lead the development

planning of your teams.

Corporate Highlights

Open Communication

Open lines of communication are essential to employee engagement and corporate success. At U.S. Bank, we

Behavior and Harassment contained in the U.S. Bank Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Section 5, Demonstrate Workplace Respect).

strive to create excellent relationships between and among

all employees, including management. To facilitate this,

we maintain an open communication policy.

When you have questions or concerns about your work responsibilities, environment, disciplinary actions or general work issues, meet with your supervisor or

manager to discuss them. If you do not feel comfortable

U.S. Bank Ethics Line

You may also contact the U.S. Bank Ethics Line to

report concerns about inappropriate workplace behavior conidentially, anonymously if desired. You may reach

the Ethics Line at 866-ETHICS4 (866-384-4274). The

Ethics Line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by an independent call center. Please be aware

discussing the situation



that the Ethics Line call center cannot

with your supervisor

If you have general

provide advice, offer opinions, or answer

or manager, consider

questions about U.S. Bank’s Code of Ethics

discussing it with his or

questions about payroll,

and Business Conduct policies. Also, if

her manager. Supervisors

beneits, or Human

you have general questions about payroll,

and managers strive to do

beneits, or Human Resources policies,

of assistance. Experience

Resources policies,

Service Center at 800-806-7009, or contact

whatever they can to be



please contact the U.S. Bank Employee

shows that most work-

please contact the U.S.

your Human Resources generalist.

related problems are best

Bank Employee Service

The resource or resources you choose are

resolved between the

employee and his or her

Center at 800-806-7009,

up to you, but keep in mind that a problem

is likely to remain a problem until you do

manager or supervisor;

or contact your Human

something about it. We strongly encourage

however, your supervisor

or manager cannot

Resources generalist.

you to take the initiative and ask for help.


help if he or she is not

Integrity in the Reporting



aware of the problem.




It is important to keep the lines of communication open.


Making false allegations, due to improper motives, is a

Sometimes just talking about a dificult situation is a

serious issue and may result in disciplinary action. Such

tremendous irst step toward resolving the problem.



allegations undermine the effectiveness of the reporting

If you are concerned about discussing the problem with

process, compromise the reputation of others and will not

your supervisor or manager, there are other options. Your

be tolerated.

Human Resources generalist is also available to assist


you in resolving or escalating your concerns. Human

Resources will work with you, your supervisor or manager,

and other levels of management to resolve a job-related

problem. Human Resources staff are interested in helping with any type of problem, but their overall perspective

might be especially useful in cases where you feel the

problem is sensitive or conidential in nature, such as

issues around inappropriate workplace behavior (including

harassment and discrimination), performance, salary

increases or discipline.

Please also see the U.S. Bank Sexual Harassment Policy located on USBnet for speciic information about the

U.S. Bank policy against sexual harassment and reporting procedures. In addition, see the policy against Offensive

Non-Retaliation Policy

U.S. Bank does not tolerate any retaliatory action against any individual for good-faith reporting of ethics violations, illegal conduct, sexual or other forms of harassment, discrimination, inappropriate workplace behavior or

other serious issues. Allegations of retaliation will be appropriately investigated and, if substantiated, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including

termination. Diligent enforcement of non-retaliation measures is vital to the success of the reporting process because employees must feel they can report problems

without fear of reprisals. You may report suspected retaliation to a supervisor, manager, Human Resources, the Legal Department, or the Ethics Line.


U.S. Bank Policies and Programs

Working at U.S. Bank

Introductory Period

opportunities with greater challenge inside U.S. Bank.

The irst 90 days of employment are considered an introductory period. During this time, you and your

supervisor or manager should work together to ensure

that your new position is a good match. Generally, it is

expected that you will receive performance feedback during your irst 90 days.

Should your work performance or conduct not meet expected requirements at any time during or after the introductory period, you may decide it is not a good job it and voluntarily terminate your employment. U.S. Bank

reserves a similar right to terminate your employment without irst providing formal discipline.

Completion of the introductory period does not alter the at-will employment relationship that continues throughout your employment.

Performance Reviews

U.S. Bank pays for performance, and we believe in

providing positive and constructive feedback about

performance. We are committed to an active performance

review process to encourage open discussions between you and your manager or supervisor about your strengths as well as areas of potential skills development.

Formal performance reviews at U.S. Bank begin with your irst review at ninety days and typically continue annually. We also encourage employees and supervisors or managers to hold frequent, informal performance discussions

throughout the year.

Performance and Conduct


Our objective is to retain employees who demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviors consistent with the goals

and values of U.S. Bank. If your performance or conduct

does not meet the expectations of the company, counseling

or coaching may be provided to allow you a reasonable

opportunity to make the necessary improvements in order to succeed. In all cases, however, U.S. Bank has the ability to take action regarding counseling, coaching

or disciplinary measures it believes are appropriate in its discretion, up to and including immediately terminating an individual’s employment.

Career Advancement

For many of us, continued strong performance in

our current jobs will eventually lead to exploring job

With so many career paths available, we make it easier

for you to explore potential opportunities by providing

information about other departments, product areas, and

positions on the Career Development site on USBnet

(available on the Human Resources tab, under Learning &

Development) and through the U.S. Bank Career Center.

These online resources make it easy for you to learn about, search for, and apply for other positions in the company. It is a true win-win situation when U.S. Bank can ill open positions by promoting or transferring qualiied internal

candidates and when employees are able to progress in their career goals. Visit the U.S. Bank Career Center on USBnet to view open positions.

Career advancement is an individual process and ownership is maintained with the employee. Career advancement can be achieved through exceptional work and a development plan worked through with a manager.

Any questions should be directed to your manager or

Human Resources generalist.

To be eligible to apply for a position:

You must have a minimum of 12 months of service in your current position at the time you apply for the new position;

You must have satisfactory performance (including conduct) in your current position;

You must meet the qualiications of the new position;

You must inform your current manager of your intent to apply prior to applying for the open position; and

You must complete your proile and apply for the speciic requisition online through the U.S. Bank Career


While the above requirements are considered mandatory,

management may elect to deviate from the listed criteria under circumstances it deems are, in its sole discretion, appropriate. In addition, employees who are displaced

and who are eligible for severance may apply for open positions at any time.

If, as you explore the positions available at U.S. Bank, you decide you need to refresh your skills, or learn new ones, to help you progress along your career path, be sure

to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities we

offer employees, discussed at greater length in the Career

Development section of this handbook.


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colonial bank employee handbook Contents Corporate Highlights Our, Our Promise to Customers Service, Privacy Pledge To Our Customers, Our Promise to Employees Our, Open Communication, US Bank Ethics Line, Integrity in the Reporting Process, NonRetaliation Policy, Working at US Bank Introductory, Performance Reviews, Performance and Conduct Counseling, Career Advancement, Employment of RelativesPersonal, Business Appearance, and Use of Tobacco Products fields to fill

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colonial bank employee handbook Leave for Court ProceedingsLegal, FuneralBereavement Leave, Personal Leaves, Leaves Exceeding One Year, US Bank Employee Emergency Event E, Hazardous Conditions and Weather, Security and Safety on the Job, ID Access Cards or Security Access, Security at the Workplace, Photographic Equipment, Workplace Violence, Restraining Orders, Weapons, and Accidents and Injuries at Work and blanks to complete

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