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When you are a homeowner, there are many things to worry about. You have to keep your home in good condition both inside and out, make sure your property taxes are paid on time, and maintain the landscaping. Unfortunately, sometimes something unexpected happens that can damage your home or property. In these cases, it's important to know what steps to take to get compensated for the damages. One of the most important steps is filling out a US Bank Property Damage Form. In this blog post, we will go over what information is required on the form, how to submit it, and what you can expect after filing a claim. We will also provide some tips on how to prevent property damage from happening in the first place.

The table has got specifics of the us bank property damage form. You might like to look at it just before completing the form.

Form NameUs Bank Property Damage Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesus bank loss services address, usbank loss, us bank home mortgage damge, usbank loss draft dept

Form Preview Example

Hazard Insurance Property Damage Form

Contractor’s Statement

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage account number: ____________________________________________

I, _________________________________________________________________, state that I am a

contractor doing business as ____________________________________________________, whose

address is ________________________________________________________________________.

The undersigned further states that they have been contracted to repair the

_____________________________________________________ damage to the property located at:


It is affirmed that all applicable permits will be obtained.

Contractor’s total bid for repairs: $ ________________________________________________ The

deposit in the amount of $_________________________________________ has/has not been paid.

______________________________________________ __________________________________

Contractor’s SignatureDate

______________________________________________ __________________________________

Business Contact NumbersPermit Required for Job

***Attach copy of Contract/Bid for repairs, license, signed W-9, and insurance

--------------------------------This section is completed by the borrower-----------------------------------

Borrower’s Acceptance of Contract:

___________________________________________ ______________________________

Borrower’s SignatureDate

___________________________________________ ______________________________

Co -Borrower’s Signature


Information Authorization:

Information concerning the claim and draw status will not be provided to the contractor unless otherwise authorized by the borrower. Please indicate the information you wish released, by initialing next to your selection.

Note: Account information such as payment status, loan type, etc. is not included within this authorization. Only claim related information would be released if authorized.

_____ Authorization for contractor to request inspections

_____ Authorization to release only claim information

_____ Direct contractor to borrower for all inquiries

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