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The Utah Dmv Tc 656 Form is a document that is used to request information about someone's driving record. This form can be filled out and submitted online, or you can visit your local DMV office in person. The information contained in this form will help you determine if someone is eligible to drive in the state of Utah. Be sure to check out the requirements for driver's licenses in Utah before you submit your request. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the DMV for more information.

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Form NameUtah Dmv Tc 656 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields102
Avg. time to fill out20 min 43 sec
Other namesform tc 656, tc 656 form utah, utah dmv 656, ut tc 656

Form Preview Example

Clear form

Utah State Tax Commission

Division of Motor Vehicles • PO Box 30412 • Salt Lake City, UT 84130 • 801-297-7780 or 1-800-368-8824

Vehicle Application For Utah Title


Rev. 11/20

Get forms at tax.utah.gov/forms

New Change of ownership Change of lienholder Corrected title Salvage title Non-repairable title Dismantling permit

Section 1: New Owner Name Information

Relationship to co-owner: And Or

Primary owner’s driver’s license no. (or FEIN, if business)

DL state

Primary owner’s DOB

Co-owner’s driver’s license no. (or FEIN, if business)

DL state

Co-owner’s DOB

Primary owner’s name (last, first, middle initial, or business name)

Email address


Co-owner’s name (if at different Street address, check here and list on back)










Street address (primary owner)






ZIP code











Mailing address, if different from Street address (primary owner)




ZIP code












Section 2: New Lessee Information





Relationship to co-lessee:



Lessee’s driver’s license no. (or FEIN, if business)

DL state

Lessee’s DOB

Co-lessee’s driver’s license no. (or FEIN, if business)

DL state

Co-lessee’s DOB












Lessee’s name (last, first, middle initial, or business name)




Co-lessee’s name (if at different Street address, check here and list on back)












Street address (primary lessee)






ZIP code











Mailing address, if different from Street address (primary lessee)




ZIP code












Section 3: Vehicle Information (Note: Missing or incorrect information may result in a rejected application.)

Passenger, light truck, van, or utility














Farm use? (Y/N)

















Street motorcycle

















Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)





Fuel type

Small motor vehicles (CC_____HP_____ )




















Motor home (Length: ___ ft. ___ in.) (Class____)

















Fleet number


Unit number


Off-highway vehicle (check one: ATV Motorcycle)

















Street-legal ATV

Body type (trailers)






If branded title, brand type


















Low-speed vehicle















Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)


Purchase price





















Manufactured housing

















Odometer Disclosure

I certify that the odometer reading (check one):


Heavy truck (Registered weight: _______ )













Reflects actual mileage for this vehicle














If this is a commercial vehicle with a registered
























Reflects the mileage in excess of odometer’s mechanical limits

weight of 10,001 lbs. and greater, you must provide























your USDOT number:____________ .

Enter odometer reading (no tenths)

Is not the actual mileage (Warning: Odometer discrepancy)


Park Model Tent trailer Travel trailer


Utility trailer

Other trailer: _________ Length of trailer selected: ___ ft. ___ in.














Section 4: Registration Information

Contribute $2 to:

ATV-Off Highway Fund Friends For Sight Organ Donation Support

License plate type (For a new personalized plate, complete TC-817. Additional fees will apply.)






Title only

In God We Trust Life Elevated Arches

Life Elevated Skier Transfer:__________


Situs/Physical address of vehicle, if different from Street address above



ZIP code

Section 5: Lien Holder Information

Lien holder’s name

Mailing address

Email address

FEIN (or driver’s license no., if individual)

Branch number






Zip code










Section 6: Owner Signature(s)

I declare that I am the owner of the vehicle described on this application and all the above information is accurate and true. I certify that I will maintain in effect owner’s or operator’s security (insurance) for this vehicle, as required by law, in order to operate this vehicle on a highway, quasi-public road, or parking area within this state.

Owner’s signature



Co-owner’s signature



Section 7: Purchase and Dealer Information (For Utah Dealership Use Only)

I certify that the vehicle is accurately described on this application and has been delivered to the purchaser named above and that this dealership is in compliance with the licensing requirements set forth in Title 41, Chapter 3, Part 2 of the Utah Code. I also certify that this transaction was completed in compliance with the sales tax reporting requirements set forth in Section 59-12-107 of the Utah Code.

Purchase date

Permit number


Dealer number





Permit issue date

Dealer/Authorized representative’s signature




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utah dmv 656 City, State, ZIPcode, Year, Make, OdometerDisclosure, VehicleIdentificationNumberVIN, Bodytypetrailers, Fleetnumber, Color, Enterodometerreadingnotenths, Model, FarmuseYN, Cylinders, and Fueltype blanks to fill

You may be asked to enter the information to let the platform complete the section Email, address Mailing, address City, State, Zip, code Co, owners, signature, X Date, Date, Dealer, number Permit, number Permit, issue, date New, Date and Used.

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