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Each business, large or small, must keep accurate and detailed financial records. The Uti Folios Consolidation Form offers a one-page summary of your company's financial standing that can be used by both the business owner and tax professionals. This form consolidates all income and balance sheet items into one document for a clear understanding of your company's overall fiscal health. Completed in just minutes, the Uti Folios Consolidation Form is an essential tool for all businesses.

Below, you'll discover a number of specifics about uti folios consolidation form PDF. It is really worth taking the time to learn this before you begin filling out your document.

Form NameUti Folios Consolidation Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesuti folio status, how to check uti mutual fund status with folio number online, uti folio statement, uti mutual fund statement

Form Preview Example


(Please read the guidelines on the reverse of the form carefully).

Please fill in the information below legibly in English and in CAPITAL LETTERS


UTI Mutual Fund


1. Folio Number :

2. Name of Sole/ First Unit Holder :



B.I/we wish to consolidate the investments of the following folios.

Sr. noFolio number 1.



Target Folio No. for consolidation (If no Folio is selected, consolidation will take place in any of the Folios listed above)

Sr. noFolio number 4.



C. Please update my (1st Holder’s) following details in the Target Folio:-

Mobile No




































Email ID
























Please attach PAN Card Copy

D. DECLARATION AND SIGNATURE OF UNITHOLDER/S (To be signed as per the mode of holding)

I/ We have read and understood the guidelines printed on the reverse and accordingly request UTI Mutual Fund to consolidate all my/ our investments in above mentioned folio nos. to the mentioned Target folio no.

I/ We understand that the details of name of the holders, order of holders and status of holders is required to be identical for consolidation. I/w agree that the mode of holding, bank mandate, address and nomination details in the Target Folio will be applicable and will prevail after consolidation even if they were different details in source folios.

First Unit holder

Second Unit holder

Third Unit holder

(To be signed by All Unitholders if units are held jointly)

UTI Mutual Fund - Acknowledgement Form for CONSOLIDATION OF FOLIOS (to be filled by the unit holder)

Received, subject to verification, Form for CONSOLIDATION OF FOLIOS

from Mr/ Mrs/ Ms : ________________________________________________________________

Source Folio/s: _______________________________Target folio :___________________________

Receiving UFC/ Registrar’s official stamp

with date and signature

Registrar: Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd., Unit: UTI Mutual Fund, Narayani Mansion, H.No.1-90-2/10/E, Vittalrao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081฀•฀E-mail:฀uti@karvy.com


1)The consolidation of folios will bring convenience of managing less than of folios to investors. This will also have ease of changing any details such as bank account, email ID, mobile number, etc., if any.

2)The folios having identical details of holders such as number of holders, name of the holders, status of holders can be requested for consolidation. Eg. All the folio having single holder of same holder or all folios with Mr A as first holder and Mrs B as second holders can be consolidated.

3)The Folios requested as specified by the unitholders, subject to the conditions of identical holding, shall be consolidated in the folio number requested by the investor as Target folio. In the absence of any such Target Folio specified by the investor, any one folio will be considered as Target Folio by the Registrar. In such case, the details of bank account etc. as prevailing in the target Folio will be applicable after consolidation to all the units.


Check list

The form has been filled up completely.

The form is signed by the holder/s as per the holding basis.

Target folio number has been mentioned.

Holding basis, name of the holders etc. have been checked for the folios requested to be consolidated.

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