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The Virginia Ecclesiastical Vendors Attendance Report Form is a document that must be filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of State Treasury annually by all ecclesiastical vendors doing business in the state. The form is used to report the amount of tax collected and paid to the state during the previous calendar year. The deadline for filing this form is March 1st. Any vendor who fails to file this form will be subject to penalties and interest. To help vendors understand and complete the VA Ecc Vendor Attendance Report Form, we have created a guide with instructions and definitions. In this guide, you will find information on what expenses are taxable, how to calculate taxes owed, and when payments are considered late.

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Form NameVa Ecc Vendor Attendance Report
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesvaecc attendance form, va ecc vendor attendance, vaecc login, va ecc vendor

Form Preview Example









Service Period

Start Date:


End Date:

Vendor ID:



Case Number:


Vendor Name:



Parent Name:


Vendor Address:



Parent Address:


City, State, ZIP:



City, State, ZIP:





Child Client ID:


Vendor Phone:



Child’s Name:


Please read complete form before submitting any manual attendance (Detailed directions are on page 2)

If the Vendor Attendance Report (Manual Attendance) does not include a valid reason code as shown below or is missing valid documentation, this form will not be processed. Any attendance not received by VDSS within 30 days of the service period will not be accepted or processed for payment. Please make copies of all completed attendance forms before sending the original forms as they will not be returned. The three (3) valid reasons for submitting attendance are listed below and are in compliance with the Vendor Agreement in sub-section 9.6. Manual attendance submitted for invalid reasons will not be processed or returned.

Valid Manual Attendance Submission Reasons: (choose)


Unresolved Error Message: Include exact message, date and time error message was reported to Conduent call center and the ticket number.____________________________________________________________________

No POS: (Required Information) Date new POS was ordered______________________________________

Damaged POS/IVR (Required Information) Ticket number from Conduent for repair or replacement of POS/IVR order and date request was made. Attach further documentation as needed. __________________________________

2.VA-ECC Card:

Parents/families that have not been issued their VA-ECC swipe card. Requiring parents/families to record attendance by POS or by IVR is required. Manual attendance submitted for parents/families that are not recording their attendance by POS or IVR but have been issued a VaECC card is not a valid reason for manual attendance submissions. Manual Attendance for invalid reasons will not be processed for payment.

(Required Information) Date new card was requested. ____________The VaECC card, once ordered, will be available within 7-10 business days. The Case Manager should be notified if the VaECC card is not received within that time period. Attendance is required to be entered by POS or IVR by back swiping up to the previous 8 days once the card is received.

3.Retroactive Authorization:

If the case manager issues a Purchase of Service Order with an effective date prior to the eight-day back swipe period then attendance can be entered manually. This is not a common occurrence.





Time In

Time Out

Time In

Time Out














Select Day



Select Code






























Select Day



Select Code



















Select Day



Select Code



















Select Day



Select Code



















Select Day



Select Code


















Select Day



Select Code






























Select Day



Select Code





























Select Day



Select Code







































Select Day


Select Code

















I certify that this statement of services provided by this provider is an accurate and true record of attendance. I understand that I can be prosecuted for fraud if this is a false statement.

Parent Signature/Date ______________________________________________/ _______________________________

Vendor Signature/Date_____________________________________________/________________________________

Rev. 08.27.19


Instructions for Completion of VA-ECC Vendor Attendance Report

Each line must be filled out per instructions

1.Service Period- The first day on the month through the fifteenth day of the month or the sixteenth day of the month through the end on the month. Submit only requested dates for attendance do not include the entire service period unless necessary.

2.Vendor information

a.Vendor ID – your 9 digit Vendor ID from your Purchase of Service Order

b.Vendor Name – Enter the name of the business

c.Vendor Address- street address of the center or home where the care is provided

d.City, State, Zip Code where the care is provided

e.Administrator- Child Care director or authorized representative to contact

f.Vendor Phone- Child care phone number

3.Parent Information

a.Case Number- 9 digit Case Number from your Purchase of Service Order

b.Parent Name- first and last name of the child’s parent/guardian

c.Parent Address-Street address

d.City, State and Zip Code

4.Child’s Information

a.Child Client ID: 10 digit child Client ID number from the Purchase of Service Order

b.Child’s Name- first and last name of the child (one child per form)

5.Manual Attendance Reason: (Please see valid reason descriptions on the front of the attendance form)

a.VA-ECC Card issues


c.Retroactive Authorization – Effective begin date on Purchase of Service Order is more than 8 previous days.

6.Attendance Report Details

a.Date-Enter each Date for the service period 1st-15th or the 16th –the end of the month

b.Day – Enter each Day of that attendance is requested

c.Code- Enter a 3 letter code (ATT, AFD, APD, and HPD) See code definitions on # 7 Attendance Codes below.

d.Time In-Enter the exact time the care. Hour and minute, AM/PM,

e.Time Out -Enter the exact time the care. Hour and minute, AM/PM,

f.Hours-Enter the total hours and minutes for each day the child was in care

7.Attendance Codes

a.ATT-Attendance; must enter Time In, Time Out and total hours and minutes

b.AFD-Absent(Full Day) child was absent, vendor was open, child was authorized and expected to attend full day (5 or more hours)

c.APD-Absent (Part Day) child was absent, vendor was open, child was authorized and expected to attend part day (less than 5 hours)

d.HFD- Holiday (Full Day) vendor was closed, vendor charges parents for days they are closed due to state paid holiday as per schedule. Vendor is authorized to be paid for Holidays.

e.HPD – Holiday (Part Day) vendor was closed, vendor charges parents for days they are closed due to holiday, and the child is authorized for Part Day care. Vendor is authorized to be paid for Holidays.

8.Parent and Vendor Signatures and Dates

a.Attendance reports must have both a parent and a vendor signature in blue ink. Lack of both parent and vendor signatures may results in rejection of the attention report. If parent is not available to sign the form after multiple attempts, include “parent not available to sign” on the signature parent line. This should be a rare accordance. All attendance must be received within 30-days of the service period.

b.Asking a parent to sign blank attendance forms will result in the vendor’s termination from program participation

9.Maintain a copy of the completed manual attendance reports for your records. Allow 7-10 business days for regular mail to ensure that attendance is received by VDSS within 30-days of the service period.

Mail completed attendance report to: Virginia Department of Social Services Attn: Vendor Services Unit

PO BOX 1997

Richmond, VA 23218-1997

Rev. 08.27.19

How to Edit Va Ecc Vendor Attendance Report Online for Free

The PDF editor makes it easy to manage the vaecc vendor attendance report form. You will be able to build the form easily by following these simple actions.

Step 1: Search for the button "Get Form Here" and select it.

Step 2: So, you can modify the vaecc vendor attendance report. The multifunctional toolbar makes it possible to add, get rid of, adjust, highlight, as well as carry out other commands to the content and fields inside the file.

To complete the vaecc vendor attendance report PDF, provide the information for all of the sections:

vendor attendance report blanks to consider

In the VAECC Card, Parentsfamilies that have not, manual attendance submissions, Required Information Date new, swiping up to the previous days, Retroactive Authorization, If the case manager issues a, manually This is not a common, Date, Day, Code, Time In, Time Out, Time In, and Time Out area, put down the information you have.

stage 2 to finishing vendor attendance report

Jot down the demanded particulars as you are on the Vendor SignatureDate box.

Filling in vendor attendance report stage 3

Step 3: As soon as you click the Done button, your ready form may be exported to any of your devices or to electronic mail provided by you.

Step 4: Be sure to avoid possible complications by generating a minimum of a pair of copies of your document.

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