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When you are ready to pay off your vehicle, it is important to send a payoff letter to the lender. This letter will inform the lender of your intentions and provide them with details about the payment. The Vehicle Payoff Sample Letter Form can help make this process easier. With this form, you can provide all the necessary information about your payment, including the amount and the date. Having this information on hand can make the payoff process go more smoothly for both you and the lender.

This basic guide can help you figure out just how long it'll take you to complete vehicle payoff sample letter, how many pages it has, and some additional unique specifics of the file.

Form NameVehicle Payoff Sample Letter
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesloan payoff letter example, 10 day payoff letter template, car loan payoff letter, car loan payoff letter template

Form Preview Example


1630 King Street

Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2745

703-706-5116 Fax 703-647-4802


Dear Member:

To expedite the transfer of your vehicle loan to State Department Federal Credit Union, please fill in the blank sections of the following letter. You can obtain this information from your CURRENT LOAN COMPANY. Sign and mail to State Department Federal Credit Union, Attn: Consumer Lending Department at the address above, or fax the signed form to: 703-647-4802.

When your loan is approved, we will send the completed letter and a check to pay off your loan balance to your current loan company listed below. They will send your vehicle title to us.

Thank you for using the State Department Federal Credit Union.

Please print or type

Existing Creditor’s Name ________________________________________ and Tel. No. ________________________________

Existing Creditor’s Address _________________________________________________________________________________

Please accept this check in the amount of $_____________________ as final payment on loan account # _____________________.

(current payoff balance, good for 15 days)(existing Lienholder’s account number)

I understand that this amount is good through _____________________ and that additional interest will accrue at $ _____________

per day.

Thank you,






SDFCU Member’s Printed Name

SDFCU Member Signature

SDFCU Account No.




Year ________________ Make ________________________________ Model _____________________ Cylinders ________

VIN#______________________________________________________________ Mileage _____________________________

Body Style ________________ Color _______________


Rear Entertainment System Navigation System Sunroof Theft Recovery System Automatic Transmission

Other _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Current Loan Company:

Please forward the title of this vehicle, lien satisfied, to:

Attn: Title Clerk/Mortgage Servicing Department

State Department Federal Credit Union

1630 King St.

Alexandria, VA 22314-2745

Please call (703) 706-5241 if you have any questions.

SCU154 (03/13)

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In order to get the file, type in the information the platform will ask you to for each of the appropriate segments:

portion of gaps in vehicle 10 day payoff letter sample

Type in the required information in the field ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT, Rear Entertainment System, Current Loan Company Please, Attn Title ClerkMortgage Servicing, King St, Alexandria VA, Please call if you have any, and SCU.

Entering details in vehicle 10 day payoff letter sample stage 2

Step 3: Hit the button "Done". Your PDF document can be transferred. It's possible to obtain it to your device or email it.

Step 4: Make duplicates of your document - it can help you remain away from future issues. And don't be concerned - we cannot publish or view your information.

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