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The Verification of Assets Request form serves a crucial role in the process of determining an individual's eligibility for low-income government-assisted housing, specifically for those interested in housing options regulated by authorized Assisted Housing Authorities. This form, specifically designed for use by these authorities, facilitates the acquisition of key financial information from Bank of America customers. Through it, detailed account data, including but not limited to account type, balances, average balances, interest rates, and account opening dates, can be securely requested once the customer provides authorization. It requires comprehensive information about the account holder, such as their Social Security Number, name, address, and details about the accounts in question. The form stipulates that all fields must be completed and accompanied by the customer's consent to proceed with the request, emphasizing a stringent requirement for accuracy and completeness to avoid potential reporting of the customer's entire account relationship. The process outlined ensures a response within approximately two days, through fax communication, underlining the form's efficiency and the importance of timely information retrieval in assessing eligibility for housing assistance. With Bank of America's commitment to releasing pertinent account information upon request and the protections offered to the bank against any claims or losses resulting from this disclosure, the Verification of Assets Request form embodies a critical tool in the intersection of banking and housing assistance.

Form NameVerification Of Assets Request Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesbank of america asset verification form, bank of america housing verification, bank of america verification of deposit, bank of america vod fax number

Form Preview Example

Account Validation

Housing Verification of Assets Request Form

This form should only be used by authorized Assisted Housing Authorities to obtain a verification of assets on a Bank of America customer to determine eligibility of low income government assisted housing.

All fields and customer’s authorization are required for response. Fax this single form with no additional attachments to 415.343.9306

Requestor will receive a faxed response within approximately 2 days.

Bank of America Customer’s Information (please print)

Social Security Number

Name on Account

Address on Account:






















Please check account type










Account Number





Reg. Checking

Interest Checking























































Reg. Checking

Interest Checking























































Reg. Checking

Interest Checking





















































I authorize Bank

of America to


the balance,



balance, interest rate







date on the account(s) listed above to the requestor

for the purpose of determining


eligibility for




housing. I understand that if the

information I



herein is not accurate




my total



account relationship may be reported.



































(Signature of account holder)




















Requesting Housing Agency Information (please print)










All fields below are required for response







Housing Agency:


















Phone #



















Bank of America may provide account information, including but not limited to, opening date, balance and average balance of all accounts listed above and additional accounts not listed. Bank of America shall be held harmless from and against any claim or loss suffered or incurred as a result of the release or use of information here requested

Account Validation

Phone 803 765 4882

PPMG-214a Rev 02/26/2018

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