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The VTR 136 Form is used to designate a county of residence of the vehicle purchaser in Texas. If the vehicle is immediately removed from the state, then there is no need to complete this legal form.

This blog post will provide an overview of the VTR-136 Form and explain how to complete it correctly. You can find several particulars about the VTR-136 Form PDF here. This page can specify the form's size, completion time, and the areas you'll be expected to fill.

Form Name Vtr 136 Form
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 15 sec
Other names county of issuance, gopj 136, texas county of issuance, vtr 136

Form Preview Example

County of Title Issuance

Instructions for Motor Vehicle Dealers

Transportation Code, §501.0234, requires licensed motor vehicle dealers to apply for title and initial registration for a motor vehicle in the county as directed by the purchaser(s). A dealer may not pre-populate a county selection on this form for the purchaser(s).

This form should only be submitted with the title application when the purchaser(s) designates their county of residence and the county is closed. Otherwise, the original form should be retained with the dealer’s vehicle records.

This form is not required if the purchaser(s) will be immediately removing the vehicle from Texas.

Instructions for Purchasers

Vehicle purchasers select the Texas county where a licensed motor vehicle dealer files a title application to transfer title and/or initially register the purchased vehicle. The county selected will receive a portion of the sales tax, title fees, initial registration fees, and other applicable state and local fees. Subsequent registration renewal notices will automatically be mailed to the purchaser from the purchaser’s county of residence if it is different from the selection on this form.

Purchaser(s) choose where their application is filed from one of the below:

County of residence of the purchaser(s)

County where the motor vehicle is purchased

County where the motor vehicle is encumbered (by the lienholder)

If the purchaser selects their county of residence and the county is closed, the dealer may submit the title application to any county willing to accept the application.

If the county selection on this form has been pre-populated by the dealer, please visit www.TxDMV.gov, and select the “Motorist” tab to file a complaint against the dealer.

Note: If you sold your vehicle, or traded your vehicle into a dealership, you can also protect yourself by submitting a Vehicle Transfer Notification online at www.TxDMV.gov.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Identification Number



Body Style


County Selection – This field should not be pre-populated by the motor vehicle dealer

File my application in the following Texas county:

Purchaser(s) Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that I was provided with this form and have voluntarily selected the county listed above in which to have the title application and initial registration, if applicable, filed by the dealer. In the event I have selected my county of residence and the county is closed, I authorize the dealer to submit the application to any county willing to accept the application.

Signature of Purchaser

Printed Name (Same as Signature)


Signature of Additional Purchaser (if any)

Printed Name (Same as Signature)


Dealer Statement

The purchaser(s) county of residence as designated by the purchaser(s) above is closed, and the title application will be submitted to the following Texas county:

Signature of Dealer


Printed Name (Same as Signature)



VTR-136 Rev 04/20

Form available online at www.TxDMV.gov

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texas county of issuance empty spaces to fill out

Include the requested particulars in the Dealer Statement The purchasers, Si gnature of Dealer, VTR Rev, Printed Name Same as Signature, Date, Form available online at, and Page of box.

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