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Form NameWc 00 03 13
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields6
Avg. time to fill out1 min 27 sec
Other namescompensation workers subrogation of waiver, workers comp waiver of subrogation, wc 00 03 13, wc000313

Form Preview Example


WC 00 03 13

(Ed. 4-84)


We have the right to recover our payments from anyone liable for an injury covered by this policy. We will not enforce our right against the person or organization named in the Schedule. (This agreement applies only to the extent that you perform work under a written contract that requires you to obtain this agreement from us.)

This agreement shall not operate directly or indirectly to benefit anyone not named in the Schedule.


This endorsement changes the policy to which it is attached and is effective on the date issued unless otherwise stated.

(The information below is required only when this endorsement is issued subsequent to preparation of the policy.)


Effective Policy No.

Endorsement No.




Insurance Company

Countersigned by___________________________________________

WC 00 03 13

(Ed. 4-84)

© 1983 National Council on Compensation Insurance.

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workers compensation waiver of subrogation endorsement gaps to complete

Write down the information in The information below is required, Effective Policy No, Endorsement No Premium, Countersigned by, Endorsement Insured Insurance, and National Council on Compensation.

workers compensation waiver of subrogation endorsement The information below is required, Effective Policy No, Endorsement No Premium, Countersigned by, Endorsement Insured Insurance, and National Council on Compensation fields to fill out

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