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Did you know that there is a special form required to request a workbench or chair reservation in the library? Well, there is! The Wc Rfi Form can be found on the Circulation Desk's website and must be filled out at least five days before your desired date. Spaces are limited and fill up quickly, so be sure to submit your request as soon as possible! For more information, please visit our website or contact us at 610-758-3254.

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Form NameWc Rfi Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields44
Avg. time to fill out9 min 18 sec
Other nameswc rfi, texas wc rfi, rfi online, pln 11 texas wc form

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1st Reprint

Effective May 1, 1994








The following ownership statements are for use in establishing premiums for your workers' compensation

coverages under

the Experience Rating Plan. It is extremely important that all questions be answered completely. If you have any questions,


contact your agent or your insurance company. Submit the completed form to your insurance company.






PURPOSE (Check One)



Name change only



Complete column A for former name and column B for new name.



Complete only questions 1, 2 and 3 on page 2.


_____ Combination of separate entities



Complete a separate column for each entity related through common ownership (attach additional forms if





_____ Sale, transfer or conveyance of ownership interest



Complete column A for ownership before the change and column B for ownership after the change.



Merger or consolidation



Complete columns A and B for the former entities and column C for the surviving entity.


_____ Formation of a new entity



Complete column A.


_____ Sale, transfer or conveyance of an entity's physical assets to another entity which takes over its operations

Complete column A for the former entity and column B for the acquiring entity.






Name and street address of Entity





(P. O. Box Numbers are not










Legal Status of Entity (Corporation,





Partnership, Sole Proprietor,





Trustee, Receiver, Limited





Partnership, etc.)










Corporations--List names of





owners of 100% voting stock and





number of shares owned.* (Submit





shareholder proposal if transaction





involved exchange of stock.)





Partnerships--List each general





partner and appropriate share in





the profits. (If limited partnership,





list name of general partner.)





Other--If no voting stock, list





members, board of directors or





comparable governing body.





* Total shares of voting stock issued





Date of Ownership Change,








Acquisition, or Combinability





Insuring Company, Policy Number





and Effective Date







1.Has this entity operated under another name in the last four years? _________

2.Is the entity currently related through common majority ownership to any entity not listed on the front of the form?


3.Has this entity been previously related through common majority ownership to any other entities in the last four years?


If you answered yes to 1, 2, or 3 above, please provide the following information:

Name of


Carrier and




Policy Number














4.Were the assets and/or ownership interest (all or a portion) of this entity acquired from a previously existing business?

If yes, you must provide complete ownership information of the prior owner in column A and ownership information on the new owner in column B on the reverse side of this form.

5.Did the entity involved also undergo a change in operations sufficient to result in a change to its governing classification? If yes, attach a detailed explanation supporting these changes.

6.If this is a partial sale, transfer, or conveyance of an existing business (i.e., sale of one or more plans or locations): a. Explain what portion or location of the entire operation was sold, transferred, or conveyed.

b. Was this entity insured under a separate policy from the remaining portion?


If not, specify the


entities with which it was combined:








c. What entities will the seller maintain majority ownership of after this change?

This is to certify that the information contained on this form is complete and correct.

Name of insured:

Name of person completing form:

Signature of Owner, Partner or



Executive Officer






Print name of above signature




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Inside the segment W, CR, FI type in the information that the application asks you to do.

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Within the section dealing with REQUEST, FOR, INFORMATION Name, of, Business Principal, Location Carrier, and Policy, Number Effective, and Date, it's important to put down some significant data.

officers exclusion form for texas REQUESTFORINFORMATION, NameofBusiness, PrincipalLocation, Carrierand, PolicyNumber, Effective, and Date fields to insert

The If, not, specify, the entities, with, which, it, was, combined Name, of, person, completing, form Print, name, of, above, signature Title, and Date field enables you to specify the rights and obligations of both sides.

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