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If you are in the process of planning a wedding, one of the many things you will need to do is create a list of people who will be in your wedding party. The wedding party sheet form can help make this process easier. This form allows you to track the names and contact information for all of your wedding party members. It also includes space for you to indicate the role each person will play in your wedding. Having this information handy will make communicating with your wedding party members much simpler. If you are looking for a printable version of the wedding party sheet form, you can find one online. There are also many template options available if you want to create your own form.

The listing holds information regarding the wedding party sheet. You will have the rough time you will need to fill in the form and a few additional details.

Form NameWedding Party Sheet
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other nameswedding line up list, printable wedding party list template, bridal party list template, wedding party introduction sheet template

Form Preview Example

Wedding Party Introduction Sheet

Please print names in the exact manner and order you would like them announced.

Leave it blank if not applicable.

Grandparents of the bride: ________________________________________________

Grandparents of the groom: ________________________________________________

Parents of the groom:




Parents of the bride:




Flower Girl

Ring Bearer

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________


_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

Maid/Matron of HonorBest Man

_____________________________Escorted By:_____________________________

Bride and Groom to be announced as:_________________________________________

Wedding Reception Questionnaire

Below is an outline of the usual reception schedule in the most popular order.

If necessary, you may reorder them by writing numbers to the left to indicate the exact

order of events. Write “N/A” if not applicable and /or “DJ” for DJ’s choice.

_____ Introductions

Music?(Y/N)_____ ___________________________________





_____ Blessing

Given By:


_____ Dinner

Check Type:

_____ Served

DJ meal included?(Y/N)____



_____ Buffet



Check Preferred Background Music: _____ Jazz




_____ Piano/Orchestra




_____ Easy Listening


Special Requests: _______________________________________

_____ Toast(s)

1st Given By: __________________________________________



(traditionally the Maid/Matron of Honor)


2nd Given By: __________________________________________



(traditionally the Best Man)

_____ Cake Cutting

Before Dinner?_____ During Dinner?_____ After Dinner?_____


Song (if not DJ’s choice): ________________________________





_____ Bride and Groom First Dance:_________________________________________



_____ Bride and Father’s Dance:




_____ Groom & Mother’s Dance:




_____ Wedding Party’s Dance:




_____ Throwing the Bouquet


_____ Garter Removal and Toss


Wedding Reception Questionnaire(Continued)

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = Best), rate each music category in terms of the likely appeal to the dancers in your crowd:

_____ Rock

_____ Oldies

_____ Motown/Soul


_____ ’70s/ Disco

_____ Country

_____ ‘80s/Early ‘90s

_____ Polka

_____ Rap

_____ Club/Dance

_____ Current Top 40

_____ R&B


What (if any) participation dances would you like?:

_____ Macarena

____ Electric Slide

_____ Dollar Dance

_____ Chicken Dance

____ Anniversary Countdown

_____ Hokey Pokey

_____ YMCA

____ Locomotion

_____ Limbo

_____ Cha - Cha Slide

____ Hula-Hoops

_____ Freeze

Photographer’s Name: ___________________________________

Videographer’s Name: ___________________________________

Is there anything special that the DJ should know or announce about the bride and groom, their parents, any of the guests, etc.?



How to Edit Wedding Party Sheet Online for Free

You'll find nothing hard about preparing the wedding party template using our PDF editor. By taking these easy steps, you can obtain the ready document in the minimum time you can.

Step 1: Press the orange button "Get Form Here" on this webpage.

Step 2: At this point, you may update the wedding party template. This multifunctional toolbar allows you to include, eliminate, customize, highlight, as well as carry out similar commands to the text and fields within the file.

In order to fill in the wedding party template PDF, provide the information for all of the segments:

part 1 to completing bridal party list printable

In the Escorted By, Escorted By, Escorted By, Escorted By, Escorted By, Escorted By, Escorted By, Escorted By, MaidMatron of Honor, Best Man, and Escorted By box, jot down your information.

Completing bridal party list printable stage 2

Put in writing any information you need inside the segment Bride and Groom to be announced as.

stage 3 to filling out bridal party list printable

The field Wedding Reception Questionnaire, Introductions MusicYN, TitleArtist, Blessing, Given By, Dinner, Check Type Served Buffet, DJ meal includedYN, Check Preferred Background Music, PianoOrchestra Easy Listening, Special Requests, Toasts, st Given By, traditionally the MaidMatron of, and nd Given By is where you can insert both sides' rights and obligations.

Entering details in bridal party list printable part 4

Review the sections Cake Cutting Before Dinner During, Song if not DJs choice, TitleArtist, Bride and Groom First Dance, TitleArtist, Bride and Fathers Dance, TitleArtist, Groom Mothers Dance, TitleArtist, Wedding Partys Dance, TitleArtist, Throwing the Bouquet, and Garter Removal and Toss and thereafter fill them out.

Finishing bridal party list printable part 5

Step 3: When you hit the Done button, your finished file may be transferred to any kind of your devices or to electronic mail provided by you.

Step 4: Try to create as many duplicates of your file as possible to keep away from future issues.

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