Indiana Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The State of Indiana recognizes a document that establishes powers of a non-parent to make decisions regarding the principal’s minor. This is the Indiana Minor Child Power of Attorney, also known as a POA for Minor Child Form. This fillable power of attorney form is generated when a parent wants to give the designated agent authority and responsibility regarding the minor’s health care, education, lodging, food, and travel.

Different reasons result in rendering such decisions. Some parents are involved in military service and have to leave the residence for several months. Other situations include the parent’s prolonged illness—anything that renders the parent(s) incapable of taking care of the minor.

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Guardianship-related matters are regulated by §29-3 of the Indiana Code. However, the form does not grant complete guardianship, as the parent remains responsible for the child’s supervision.

The Indiana Minor Child Power of Attorney document remains valid for a year and must contain the following data:

  • A designated attorney-in-fact. Any dependable (based on the parent’s acknowledgment) adult can become an agent.
  • Once the parties have placed their signatures, the document comes into force. The document doesn’t require certification by the court.
  • You must provide a notary public authorization to validate the POA form.
  • The document is effective for 12 months. Once the period is over, the form must be renewed.
  • To revoke the minor (child) POA in Indiana, the principal must notify the designated attorney-in-fact about the matter in writing.
  • In some situations, the chosen agent should additionally fill out Form-2, offered by the Indiana Department of Education. This paper is mandatory when registering a minor in school.
  • Both lawful parents require to consent to designate. It is worth noting that the parents do not withdraw their parental rights by authorizing the form.

Indiana Minor Child Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Indiana Minor Child Power of Attorney Form
Other Name Indiana Temporary Guardianship Form
Relevant Laws Indiana Code, Section 29-3-9-1
Duration 6 Months
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 44
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out the Indiana Minor (Child) POA Form

The guidelines below will assist you in completing the Indiana POA for minor (child) template correctly. You can create and download the form using our form-building tools.

The form has several sections to be filled out, while most of the pre-written text introduces Indiana statute requirements and legal recommendations for each party. Some templates may differ in the structure, but they all contain the same requirements.

Introduce the Legal Guardians

The first line requires you to enter the legal names of the child’s current guardians. For example, if you are the child’s parents, you should submit official names and physical addresses.
Step 1 to filling out an indiana child power of attorney guardians

Designate the Attorney-in-Fact

Introduce the person who will take care of the child (children) during your absence. Write down their legal name and residency where applicable. Include contact phone numbers of the chosen agent.
Step 2 to filling out an indiana child power of attorney template agent

Introduce the Child

Enter the child’s (or children’s) name(s) and date(s) of birth. Fill out the information regarding all minor(s) (thus under 18 years old). Some Minor (Child) POA templates may require you to specify the physical address.
Step 3 to filling out an indiana minor poa child

Specify Additional Powers or Restrictions

The parties need to read the list of duties and powers assigned to the agent. Should you have any special instructions for the appointed representative, please specify them in this section. If there are any limitations or restrictions that the parents want the agent to adhere to, this is where to write them down in a free format.
Step 4 to filling out an indiana child power of attorney example special instructions

Collect the Signatures

If the set out terms and data are correct and genuine, you may proceed to authorization.

Do not place your signatures without a notary witnessing your authorization. Once you appear before a notary public, the parent(s) may submit their names, current date, and signatures.
Step 5 to filling out an indiana child poa form signatures

Acquire a Notary Public Acknowledgement

A notary public will verify the identity of the person(s) who sign the Indiana Minor (Child) POA and affix the stamp and signature to complete verification. Once the procedure is done, the document is legally binding.
Step 6 to filling out an indiana minor blank power of attorney notarization

Template Preview
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Published: Apr 8, 2022