Wisconsin General Financial Power of Attorney Form

In every U.S. state, it is common to consider some situations in advance by filling out special forms. A Wisconsin General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a document that ensures that all your financial and property affairs are taken care of and that your responsibilities are carried out on your behalf.

The printable power of attorney form allows you to appoint a person to take up the responsibility of dealing with financial issues when you cannot manage your finances.

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It is worth mentioning that, unlike a medical power of attorney form, this document has nothing to do with healthcare decisions. Moreover, the paper does not allow your agent to handle financial affairs when you are no longer able to communicate your wishes and decisions. It is valid for as long as the principal is of sound mind, and their physical condition does not prevent them from communicating. If you want your attorney-in-fact to represent you even if you are in a coma or vegetative state (or having other serious health problems), you should fill out a Durable POA form instead. Be careful when choosing the correct template, and make sure that it reflects your interests in the best way.

Ensure that the person you want to appoint as an agent is someone you trust most and is unlikely to turn the state of things against you. Your decision should be rational. Do not choose a person with little professional expertise or with no idea how to manage such affairs. Suppose you think that the attorney-in-fact is no longer needed or suspect them of illegal operations. In that case, you can revoke the form or limit the agent’s authority at any time in writing.

The state does not generate the form, but its variant that we recommend you fill out provides detailed information to clarify things. However, no matter what variant you choose, it should contain the following information:

  • Personal details of the principal (including the name and address)
  • Information about the agent or successor representative
  • Powers that the principal delegates to the appointed agent
  • The date of execution
  • Signatures (of the principal and a notary agent).

In Wisconsin, there are no statutes regulating the process of creating this form. However, those who decide to complete the paper can read Chapter 244 of the state law and look through the list of requirements for the durable POA form, which can be applied to the general type of the document as well.

According to the laws in the chapter, to make a power of attorney valid, the principal must sign it and let a notary agent verify it through a signature. No witnesses are required. Besides, you cannot create the document until you achieve the legal age.

Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form Details

Document Name Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form
Other Name Wisconsin Power of Attorney for Finances and Property
Relevant Laws Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations, Chapter 244
Where to File? Not necessary to file in most cases (but in real estate transactions it is needed to record the form in the office of the register of deeds in the county in which real estate is located)
Avg. Time to Fill Out 10 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 41
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Filling Out Wisconsin General (Financial) POA

The Wisconsin General (Financial) Power of Attorney form may seem to be challenging to fill out, but you just need to follow these steps:

1. Obtain the POA Template

Creating such forms has become easier with ready templates available online. To download the right document quickly, make use of our form-building software. Prepare several copies of the form to distribute to all the parties involved.

2. Enter the Principal’s Personal Info

The form starts with the principal’s statement in which you (as the principal) must write your full name and physical address (including state and street).
Step 2 to filling out a wisconsin general power of attorney principal

3. Appoint an Attorney-in-Fact (Agent)

Like in Step 2,  fill in the name and address of the agent you choose to represent you. Make sure that the person satisfies all the requirements stated in the chapter mentioned above.
Step 3 to filling out a wisconsin general power of attorney form agent

4. State What Powers You Delegate

This part of the document requires your special attention. Look through the list of responsibilities to delegate to your agent and choose the ones you need by placing your initials. The list includes the power to conduct all kinds of property transactions and handle banking or business operations matters. Besides, the agent may be asked to pay taxes, conclude contacts, or be entitled to access safe deposits. There are many other powers in the form, and if you want to add more, you can do it in the section below.
Step 4 to filling out a wisconsin financial blank power of attorney powers

5. Choose the Dates

In this section, you are to enter the date when the General Power of Attorney comes into effect. You have two options: either let it come to force immediately after signing it or specify another date. You can also determine when the document becomes invalid.
Step 5 to filling out a wisconsin general poa template dates

6. Sign the Form

If you have read all the information in the document carefully and have nothing else to add, proceed to this section. Insert the date, sign the paper, and write your name below the signature.
Step 6 to filling out a wisconsin financial power of attorney form signature

7. Notarize the Document

As we have stated earlier, the state demands that the from be acknowledged by the notary public. After everything, a notary agent verifies the document by appending their signature.
Step 7 to filling out a wisconsin general poa example notarization

Template Preview
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Published: May 21, 2022