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Wisconsin power of attorney is a document that provides the legal rights in addition to you to make decisions regarding your finance and property. The limit of its power is determined by the type of power of attorney form you sign. If you need someone to handle your real estate or tax issues while you’re unavailable, you can fill out the limited or special form for this case. Below you can access the most common POA forms, including the statutory form for Wisconsin state.

Below you can access the most common POA forms, including the statutory form for Wisconsin state.

Governing Laws:

wisconsin durable financial poa

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wisconsin durable financial poa

A durable power of attorney provides long-term rights for the assigned agent, even for situations when you become incapable of decision-making (due to health, addiction, or incapacitation). In Wisconsin, the statutory form is durable unless stated otherwise.

Also Known As Wisconsin DPOA
Signing Requirements Notary Public
Download PDF Template | DPOA Form-00036
wisconsin medical poa

In Wisconsin, the Advance Health Directive states that the designated person makes decisions related to health when you’re no longer able to do it yourself. This paper must be notarized and signed in the presence of two witnesses. You can regulate and mention in the POA the limit of your agent’s authority.

Also Known As Health Care POA or MPOA
Signing Requirements Two (2) Witnesses
Download PDF Template | POA Health Care Form-00085
wisconsin general financial poa

The most common reason to use a general power of attorney form is to entrust a family member, partner, or friend with the right to handle financial matters for you. This form stays valid unless you’re incapacitated or incapable of making decisions for other reasons.

Also Known As General (Financial) POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template | Basic POA
wisconsin limited poa

Limited power of attorney is used to assign a person for a limited amount of financial decisions to handle some of the financial or property needs. There is no particular form for Wisconsin; you can personalize it to meet your needs.

Also Known As Special POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template
wisconsin minor child poa

Delegating authority over children to non-parents is a serious step to ensure your child has a legal guardian when you’re not there. In Wisconsin, you can provide partial rights to a trusted person, from custody and care rights to medical care treatment consent.

Also Known As Minor POA
Signing Requirements No Statute
Download PDF Template | Delegating Parental Authority
wisconsin real estate poa

Suppose you don’t have the ability or time to take care of your real property. In that case, you can specify on the real estate power of attorney a person who can do it on your behalf – from renting to hiring personnel for maintenance and repair.

Also Known As Limited Real Estate POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template
wisconsin form A 222 preview

The Wisconsin form of POA A-222 specifies the agent who will represent you at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and can report and pay taxes on your behalf. You can grant full or limited authority to the person based on the number of responsibilities you’re to hand over to that person.

Also Known As Wisconsin Comptroller POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download Form A-222
motor vehicle poa preview

Motor vehicle power of attorney is needed when you want someone other than you to submit documents regarding your vehicle, sell or purchase the car in your name.

Also Known As DMV POA
Signing Requirements Certified Technician and Notary Public
Download PDF Template
wisconsin revocation of poa

You have all rights to revoke power of attorney at any given time. If you want to terminate the document’s validity before the date mentioned there, you can use this form to inform the assigned person.

Also Known As POA Termination Form
Signing Requirements Notarization is Advised
Download PDF Template | Revoking A POA For Finances Form

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Published: May 26, 2022
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