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Utah’s power of attorney is a valuable document for those who need someone else to care for their finances, property, or other matters. Use POA if you want to designate some paperwork and operations in governmental establishments to another person. There are various POA forms to serve specific situations.

On this website, you can access various power of attorney forms made by an experienced lawyer to cover a number of specific but common situations where POA may be of use.

Governing Laws:

utah durable financial poa

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Create a high quality Utah Power of Attorney online now!
utah durable financial poa

Use durable power of attorney form if you want to be sure that the assigned person remains in power to conduct all actions even in situation when you are incapacitated.

Also Known As Vermont DPOA
Signing Requirements Notary Public and 1 Witness
Download PDF Template
utah medical poa

Medical power of attorney offers a person you trust a right to make health care decisions for you. It comes into help when you bacome incapatitated or not in a condition to give your consent to treatment or make any other medical decisions.

Also Known As Health Care POA or MPOA
Signing Requirements One (1) Witness
Download PDF Template | Utah Advance Health Care Directive
utah general financial poa

General POA is a form used to hand over some rights to manage the financial matters to your trustworthy family member, friend or other person. These rights are terminated once you get incapacitated.

Also Known As General (Financial) POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template | Power of Attorney
utah limited poa

Limited power of attorney is a document you can use when you need a dedicated person to take over some financial or property issues on your behalf for a limited period of time.

Also Known As Special POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template
utah minor child poa

A parent uses a child power of attorney to temporarily assign a guardian for their kid. Such guardians will have the right to make decisions regarding your child’s life and health in your absence.

Also Known As Minor POA
Signing Requirements No Statute
Download PDF Template | POA over Protected Person or Minor Child
utah real estate poa

A real estate power of attorney is a document that provides the person of your choice with the ability to manage all matters related to your property. It’s helpful when you have any property for a lease, sale, or purchase but don’t have time to take care of it yourself.

Also Known As Limited Real Estate POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template
utah form tc 737 preview

State tax power of attorney, or form TC-737 in Utah, is a document you can use to assign a trustworthy person to manage tax matters for you, including sign and amend returns or signing agreements and consents on your behalf.

Also Known As Utah Comptroller POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download Form TC-737
motor vehicle poa preview

Utah vehicle power of attorney is a document that allows a designated person to handle any deals, processes, or transactions regarding your car in the DMVs.

Also Known As DMV POA
Signing Requirements Notary
Download PDF Template
utah revocation of poa

Termination power of attorney is an act you can perform at any time to dismiss power of attorney. Most of the POA forms contain the end date, but you can use this form to terminate the POA earlier than planned.

Also Known As POA Termination Form
Signing Requirements Notarization is Advised
Download PDF Template | Revocation of POA

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Published: Apr 17, 2022
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