Idaho Prenuptial Agreement Form

Contrary to popular opinion, a prenuptial agreement form is an excellent instrument to provide for the future and protect the potential couple from unfavorable situations during married life. The covenant is authorized not only by wealthy people. This prenup agreement template is used to inform the potential spouses about each other’s assets and liabilities, property, and financial situation. In the event of an undesirable divorce or other emergencies, including one of the spouses’ death, this information will be highly valuable.

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If the parties prefer to keep their personal pre-married assets and accounts independently, they should consider the prenup contract. Among many benefits and purposes of these agreements, we can list the following:

  • Handling the estate property and financial accounts during the marriage.
  • Managing the afore-mentioned assets should the marriage end in separation, or one of the spouses dies.
  • Issues of adultery, possible penalties, and compensation.

To crown, these practical solutions of earthly situations deprived of romantic vibes will help one avoid many problems, especially when sharing the property or dealing with the other person’s debts.

Idaho Prenup Laws and Requirements

Idaho recognizes the document as a “premarital agreement” and provides the necessary legal support in Chapter 9, Title 32 of the Idaho Statutes. Idaho enters the group of 27 states that follow the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act (UPAA) and find the prenuptial contracts enforceable in their territories. The act drafts a unified system of laws and regulations that every participant should follow. Therefore, residents who contract a marriage in Idaho must comply with the requirements of the Act and the state.

Below are conditions that should be fulfilled to provide legitimacy to the prenup covenant.

Signing Requirements

Under § 32-922, Chapter 9 of Idaho Statutes, any premarital agreement must be executed in a written manner and voluntarily acknowledged by both signatories. The paper doesn’t need a notary public certification and becomes valid without consideration.

Following § 32-924, the premarital covenant goes into effect only after the marriage is legally registered. Suppose the spouses decide to introduce adjustments and amend the paper. They should create a new separate document, report the modifications, and sign the paper.

The requirements above must be satisfied if the spouses decide to terminate the agreement.


Provided the premarital document complies with the Idaho requirements and laws, the paper is considered enforceable. Still, there are cases when the agreement’s enforceability may be challenged and deemed invalid if the aggrieved party manages to provide proof. Below are some of the cases:

  • One of the parties was forced to sign the contract.
  • The contract is one-sided and extremely unfair towards the other party, including the inadequate reporting of premarital financial situation, assets, and liabilities by either party. Still, the case will be reviewed in court, and the authorities will decide whether the contract is applicable or invalid.
  • The agreement ignores or diminishes spousal support (at the moment of separation) prescribed by Idaho public laws.

Court Refusal

As a rule, the Idaho courts support prenups and allow spouses to act following the pre-marriage arrangements. Still, there are certain situations when courts may refuse to approve the contracts. The reasons for refusal cover forced signing under the threat of the signatory’s life and unconscionably constructed contracts.

Also, Idaho courts will refuse to satisfy the terms of children’s supervision and visitations. Following state law, prenuptial covenants are not legitimate to assign the rights for guidance and related issues. The court will rely on the state and federal laws, taking into account the minor’s preferences.

What Prenups Can Cover

Idaho doesn’t provide a unified prenuptial agreement template. The parties may negotiate and register in writing the following topics:

  • The parties’ entitlements and liabilities regarding the assets, estate, and monetary funds, including their realization and managing.
  • Life insurance policy (if any) and inheritance
  • Distribution of personal and shared property in case of separation or the spouse’s death
  • Designation of jurisdiction
  • Alimony issues and terms
  • Any other preferences concerning the financial provision and property

Property Type

The matter is covered in Chapter 9 (Husband and Wife—Separate and Community Property) of the Idaho Statutes. Idaho prenuptial agreements indicate the rights and responsibilities to trade, utilize, exchange, conduct the property regarding its category. Therefore the document may list specific directives to managing one kind of property and other instructions to govern other types of assets.

  • Following § 32-903, separate property is recognized as any property the potential spouse possesses before the marriage.
  • 32-906 defines community property as any assets and monetary funds acquired after the marriage is registered.
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Published: Jul 12, 2022