Mobile Home Purchase and Sales Agreement

A mobile home purchase agreement is made between someone who wants to sell their mobile home and someone who wants to buy the mobile home from them. It will need to have certain clauses and descriptions to ensure that both the buyer and seller are well-informed.

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Create a Personalized Mobile Home Purchase Agreement Form online in under 5 minutes!

What Is a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement?

This printable purchase and sale agreement is a draft that clearly outlines the procedures for selling a mobile home. It will have a full description of the home and purchase price. Similar to buying a regular home or any large purchase, a mobile home agreement should help both parties and make the selling process much easier.

When Do You Need a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement?

It’s a good idea to have a mobile home purchase agreement in many different scenarios:

  • You are selling a mobile home
  • You are looking to buy a mobile home
  • You aren’t sure what should be included in a mobile home
  • You are buying or selling a mobile home with land included
  • You are buying or selling a mobile home in a park to a new resident

Any time the transfer of ownership of a mobile home is occurring, there should be an agreement.

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Create a Personalized Mobile Home Purchase Agreement Form online in under 5 minutes!

How to Use a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement

Using a mobile home purchase agreement can be an easy and simple process with the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Find the appropriate mobile home

Mobile homes come in all shapes and sizes. There is no right mobile home for everyone. To find the best one for you or your family, check the size, amenities, and location. Also, consider the land that comes with it if there is any.

If not, you will need to have your own place to keep the mobile home. Always ask the buyer to see the mobile home in person before agreeing to buy anything. Some people buy mobile homes on private land while others buy them in mobile home parks.

Mobile home parks will usually have extra fees such as the homeowner’s association fees and a security fee.

Step 2. Negotiate the terms

As when you buy anything, there will always be negotiations. The buyer will want to get a price that makes them feel valued and the seller will want a price much lower than the advertised one. Negotiating terms comes with compromise.

As the buyer, always get an accurate estimate from a professional or trusted website to make sure you are getting the correct value. An estimate will also make it easier to negotiate.

Step 3. Inspect the property

Property should always be inspected before buying. It should be done by a certified inspector that can accurately say that the mobile home is safe and habitable. They should also check for leaks and other structural defects.

Make sure that the inspector checks the siding, electrical, plumbing, heating systems, hot water tank, and foundation.

Step 4. Draft the agreement

Meet with the other party or a lawyer to draft the agreement. Make sure everyone agrees on the writing. Drafts can always be changed later, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 5. Sign the agreement

Both parties will need to attend the closing and the signing. The seller will also need to hand over the title and the buyer will need to make the payment. Most people do this in the presence of a lawyer to ensure all parties are getting what they are entitled to.

What Should Be Included in the Agreement?

A good mobile purchase agreement will help protect the buyer and the seller from possible problems. Having a filled-out purchase agreement will help keep your mobile home in safe hands.

Buyer, seller, and mobile home description

All of the buyer and seller information should be listed in full. Make sure that there is contact information for everyone in case someone needs to be reached after the agreement has been completed.

A full description of the mobile home should also be included. This includes any possible damage, structural alterations, or extras that were added. This helps the buyer know exactly what they are receiving.

Items and amenities included in the mobile home

If the mobile home is being sold with amenities or furniture, they also need to be listed in the agreement. This could include appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, or even televisions.

Some mobile homes have amenities or furnishings installed permanently into the mobile home, but they should still be listed separately. Make sure everything in the mobile home is accounted for and fully described. You can also list outside features that are included such as lighting fixtures, doorbells, or anything else.

Purchase date

The purchase date is important because it shows the date of transfer. This is when the buyer gives the seller the money. The purchase date will usually be laid out ahead of time and planned for so that both parties are prepared.

Closing date

The closing date is when the buyer and seller will meet to sign the paperwork. Most people choose to do this in front of a lawyer or witness. The seller will also give the buyer all the titles and deeds to officially hand the mobile home over.

Filling Out a Mobile Home Purchase Agreement Template

The best way to fill out the purchase agreement template is in front of a lawyer so you can ensure that it has all of the necessary items.

Step 1. Identify the parties

In the first section, you will need to write the names and mailing addresses of the buyer and seller. You will also write in the date that the agreement is taking place.

Step 2. Describe the mobile home

Write in a full and detailed description of the mobile home that is being sold. You will also need to indicate the State ID number. Include the address of the mobile home and the name of the community it is in.

Next, write down all the amenities in the mobile home that are being sold with the purchase price. Write the serial number of each item if possible.

Step 3. Indicate the purchase price

Write down the purchase price that the buyer and seller have agreed on.

Step 4. Indicate the closing date

List the closing date that the two parties have agreed on to make the deal official.

Step 5. List additional terms

If there are additional terms of your agreement, list them under item 15. If there are not any, leave it blank.

Step 6. Sign and date

The buyer and seller need to sign, print, and date their information. This officially closes the deal and gives it to the new owner.

Published: Aug 18, 2022