Location Release Form

When directors and producers of the movies (or any other videos and content) decide to shoot, they should also choose various locations. However, to legally shoot in some places, the crew will need to sign a location release form, also known as a film location release form.

With this paper, the property owner (or the entity owning the property) agrees on the filming that takes place at their location. In this document, the parties will indicate the location of the shooting, terms, and conditions. Both crew representative and location representative will sign the release of liability form.

The location release form has a template with many sections and looks more like a contract between two parties. Usually, the document states:

  • The address of the property
  • Details and signatures of the parties
  • Information about payments for the rent

If the location included in the agreement belongs to the public authorities (for instance, a public park), their permission is also usually required.

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When to Use Location Release

The location release form becomes necessary when you (as a filmmaker or photographer) decide to shoot in a specific location. To avoid legal problems and claims from the property owner, you should discuss as many conditions as possible and include all provisions in the form.

Location Release Form Details

Document Name Location Release Form
Other Names Film Location Release, Location Release Agreement
Avg. Time to Fill Out 7 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 12
Available Formats Adobe PDF

Creation of a Location Release Form: General Steps

  • Choose the location. As you can see, creating the location release form (or film location release form) takes place when you need to shoot in a specific area. So, before signing the document, you should determine the location for which you have to get the permit.
  • Identify the owner. After choosing the place, you should find out who is its owner (or grantor). Meet this person (or the representative of the entity that owns the place) and discuss the details of your agreement.

Both of you should decide the period of shooting in the location, the time of day when the shooting may happen, and other details. In some cases, you will have to agree on the rental cost.

  • Sign the location release form. The form will not be valid until both parties sign it. So, do not start shooting before signing the location release form.
Template Preview
Create a high-quality Location Release Form online now!

Filling Out a Location Release Form

We have created a guide with steps on how to fill out a location release form (or a film location release form) for your convenience.

Get the Template of a Location Release Form

To create the document, you should find the correct template. You may use our form-building software and get the needed file quickly.

Indicate the Parties and the Address

The most important items of this contract are the parties who sign it and the chosen location’s address. So, at the beginning of the document, indicate who is signing it (who owns the place and who gets the permission to film) and where the shooting will take place. Add the date here, too.
Step 2 to filling out a location release form parties and address

Define the Conditions

Then, you have to include the conditions and rules you have discussed. Among them are the right to access (for certain personnel and equipment), the schedule, the possibility to access on certain days, and so on.
Step 3 to filling out a location release example conditions

Mention the Cost

If you have agreed on paying for the location, add the cost of renting the location in US dollars.
Step 4 to filling out a location release template cost

Add the Alterations

When filming occurs in the location, there are often some details that a director or a videographer would like to change. If the location you are getting permission for needs some changes, discuss it with the owner and add the details in the location release form.

Include the “Release” Section

This document is called “release” because an owner of the location has to allow showing the property in the movie (on the TV, on the internet, etc). So, the part where the owner does not mind demonstrating the location should be included in the template.

Add Other Conditions

If there are notes you want to include in the form, add them here.

Sign the Location Release Form

After everything is clear and all needed details are included in the form, both parties should sign it.
Step 8 to filling out a location release sample signature

Published: Apr 7, 2022