Colorado Small Estate Affidavit Form

When someone dies, some people aspire to take over their property. A Colorado small estate affidavit form (SEA) lets such people legally state their intentions without the lengthy probate cases. The document is extremely useful, especially if the deceased person did not leave any paper stating their will.

Every state has its rules for creating a small estate affidavit. Usually, the terms set for heirs to submit this form vary from state to state. In general, such an affidavit consists of:

  • Information about the deceased person
  • Information about the heir(s)
  • Details about the estate of the dead person

And other significant details. Sometimes, the signatories have to include the dead person’s debts in the SEA form.

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Colorado Laws and Requirements

Another name for the Colorado SEA form is the “Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit” form. To understand which rules to follow when completing the Colorado SEA form, consult the relevant sections of the Colorado Revised Statutes. Title 15, Article 12, Part 12 describes most of these terms and requirements.

Section 15-12-1201 directs that successors may create and submit a SEA form in no less than ten days from the day the deceased person passes on. A SEA form is applicable only for property items whose value is no more than 70,000 US dollars.

You are required to notarize a SEA form in Colorado to make it valid.

Colorado Small Estate Affidavit Laws Details

Max. Estate Twice the amount set forth in Sec. 15-11-403, as adjusted by Sec. 15-10-112
Min. Time to Wait After Death 10 days
Filing Fee $83
State Laws Colorado Revised Statutes, Sections 15-12-1201 to 15-12-1205
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Create a free high quality Colorado Small Estate Affidavit online now!

Filling Out the Colorado Small Estate Affidavit Form

If you want to avoid any uncertainties and successfully create and fill out the Colorado small estate affidavit form, follow our guidelines below.

  • Download a Template of the Colorado Small Estate Affidavit Form

To create a small estate affidavit in Colorado, you should find the relevant template. Using our form-building software speeds up the process and guarantees success.

Keep in mind that there also exists a similar form for vehicles. Here, we explain the steps for completing the general SEA form. Be extra careful when choosing the template.

  • Read the Notice Carefully

The first thing you will see in the form’s text is a notice that signatories should read the document carefully.
Notice part of a small estate affidavit form for Colorado

  • Add the Name of the Affiant

The one who signs the document (the affiant) should insert their name to the relevant blank line. In Colorado, the affiant should be  18 years old and above.
Affiant name adding section of a Colorado sea template

  • Write the Name of the Decedent

Then, insert the name of the dead person. By adding the decedent’s name, you also confirm that ten days have passed since they passed away.
Decedent name indication part of a Colorado small estate affidavit document

  • Check the Value of Property and the Year of the Death

Ensure that the total value of the property does not exceed 70,000 US dollars. If the decedent died before 2020, the conditions differ. You may check the information in the SEA form.
Part for checking value of property and death year of a sea template for Colorado

  • List the Successors

In the primary chart, name every successor. Describe each item and indicate its value. Below that, you may also add people that may get the property on behalf of successors.
Successors listing section of a Colorado template of small estate affidavit

  • Sign the SEA Form

Having appointed the successors, you should sign the form and add the current date. Write your name twice in the relevant lines.
Signing part of Colorado sea document

  • Ask a Notary to Sign

In Colorado, you have to give a SEA form to a notary to get an acknowledgment.
Notary signature part of a small estate affidavit form for Colorado

Published: Aug 4, 2022