Iowa Small Estate Affidavit Form

After a person’s death, they usually leave behind some property. Claimants who want to claim this property can use various legal means, including signing a small estate affidavit (SEA). This form is especially needed if the deceased person did not leave a will regarding sharing of the estate.

Each SEA form in the United States should contain the following information:

  • Description of the estate, including its value (approximate or exact)
  • Details about the dead person (decedent)
  • Information about the successor(s)

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People often include other details in a SEA form, such as a description of the decedent’s debts.

Rules applicable to the completion of SEA forms depend on the state where you create the document.

Iowa Laws and Requirements

You may learn about the small estate affidavit provisions in Chapter 635 (Administration of Small Estates) of the Iowa Code. According to Section 635.1, you may file a SEA form if the value of the dead person’s estate does not exceed $200,000.

The  Iowa Code requires a notary public agent to acknowledge the SEA form.

Iowa Small Estate Affidavit Laws Details

Max. Estate $50,000
Min. Time to Wait After Death 40 days
Filing Fee At least $5
State Laws Iowa Code, Sections 635.1 to 635.13
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Create a free high-quality Iowa Small Estate Affidavit online now!

Filling Out the Iowa Small Estate Affidavit Form

By following our guide below, completing Iowa small estate affidavit form will be much more comfortable.

Download the Iowa Small Estate Affidavit Template

You need to find the right template. You can create and download one using our form-building software.

Note that this is a general form. There exists a document specifically for vehicle transfer, it exists.

Identify the affiant

The person completing the affidavit should write their full name and address.
Affiant identification part of Iowa small estate affidavit form

Name the Decedent

Write down the decedent’s full name, date of death, and address of residency during death. Specify how the affiant is related to the decedent.
Decedent name indication part of Iowa small estate affidavit

Choose the Suitable Options

You will see a list of options asking whether the decedent had a written will or not, along with other details. Choose options that suit your situation.

Every option adds the documents you need when filing the form. Read the texts carefully to avoid skipping important details.
Suitable options choosing part of Iowa sea template

Sign the SEA Form

After reading the statements and adding all details, put down your signature. Then, ask a notary public agent to sign the document.
Signing part of Iowa small estate affidavit template

Fill in the Table

You must fill in the table on the last page of the template. Here, you have to add the names of potential successors, their relationships with the decedent, and their addresses. Also, you should state if the stated heirs are dead or alive.
Part for filling in the table of small estate affidavit form for Iowa

Published: Apr 5, 2022