Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form

When you want to purchase a motorcycle in Florida, it is vital to include the Florida motorcycle bill of sale form (known as Form HSMV 82050) into the registration package. A motorcycle bill of sale is a legal document that acts as a receipt between the buyer and seller. It is a binding agreement that proves the transfer of ownership from one individual to another as it is on a particular date. If the purchase requests for an inspection, the seller must organize before the sale date.

The motorcycle bill of sale protects both parties from unscrupulous dealings. Since the form contains all details of the buyer and seller, fraudulent activities are unheard of in the State of Florida. After the parties agree, there must be a witness and a notary public representative to seal the deal. If you want to learn more about the requirements for bills of sale, read our comprehensive guide – https://formspal.com/bill-of-sale/.

Florida bill of sale forms – find out more about bills of sale that can be used for other things in Florida.


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Registering a Motorcycle in Florida

Before the registration process, make sure to learn all the specifics of a successful transaction involving a motorcycle. You can read more about it here.

After you fill out the bill of sale form and finalize the payment, you can now start the registration process. Like a motor vehicle, you must register your motorcycle as soon as possible after the purchase to get a new title of ownership.

You must go to your local DMV office in your county to register your motorcycle. There are several documents that you must present to the officers for successful registration.

There are no safety inspections required during registration. But, if you purchased the motorcycle out of the State of Florida, you must carry out a VIN inspection for the motorcycle. It is a procedure that confirms the validity of the bike. You also need to have an Odometer Verification form during the transfer of the motorcycle. Whether you purchase a brand new or used motorcycle, registration is a requirement.

If you are registering a motorcycle, you need the following documents:

  • Complete bill of sale form
  • Original title with valid signatures of the buyer and seller
  •  Application for Certificate of Title
  • Odometer disclosure form for motorcycles less than ten years old
  • Registration and title fees plus any other taxes accrued
  • VIN Verification if you bought the bike outside of Florida

Once you provide the DMV officer with the above documents, the registration process will be considered complete and you will receive your new title of ownership.

The following are details in the Florida bill of sale form:

  • Name and physical address of the buyer and seller
  • Purchase price
  • Date of sale
  • Motorcycle description: model, make, VIN, odometer reading, year of manufacture, color
  • Names and signatures of the buyer, seller, and witnesses
  • Notary public information

Once the parties agree on the final terms and conditions of the sale, they will all sign the bill of sale form to finalize the transaction. The notary public will ascertain that all the information is correct and input a notary seal to complete the transaction.

The seller will give all the parties a copy of the bill of sale while the buyer retains the original form for record-keeping and proof of ownership.

Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form Details

Document Name Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form
Other Name Florida Bill of Sale for Motorcycle
Relevant Link Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Registration Fee $7.50-10
Avg. Time to Fill Out 11 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 66
Available Formats Adobe PDF; Microsoft Word
Template Preview
Create a free high-quality Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale online now!

How to write Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Here, you can see the directions written by using the form made by our professionals. But, it is best to opt for the official form should it be provided by your local governmental bodies.

Step 1: Indicate the document’s creation date.
step 1 to filling out a florida motorcycle bill of sale date

Step 2: Type in the information of all parties (buyer and seller):

  • Name
  • Address: Street, City, State, Zip code
  • Contact details: Telephone number, Email
    step 2 to filling out a florida motorcycle bill of sale example parties particulars

Step 3: Define the motorcycle being sold:

  • Manufacturer
  • Motorcycle’s model
  • Motorcycle’s body style
  • Year
  • Mileage (odometer reading)
  • Color
  • Motorcycle Identification Number (VIN)
    step 3 to filling out a florida motorcycle blank bill of sale details

Step 4: Specify the payment method and price.

This stage also involves specifying the exact date of the purchase and the full sum approved by both parties of the transaction. As soon as that has been concluded, you need to mark the method of purchase:

  1. The overall amount straight away. This is quite simple: on the same day, the buyer gets the motorcycle delivered to them and pays off the whole amount of money.
  2. Trade-in. If this particular option is picked, the selling individual trades their motorcycle for the motorcycle presented by the buyer. If the purchaser’s motorcycle is lower in value, they’ll have to even that out with an extra payment. You will also need to provide the information about the buyer’s motorcycle.
  3. In installment payments. With this method, you need to enter the dates when the purchaser has to provide the first and the last payments, along with their sums.

And after that, specify the way the purchaser will pay:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money order

The final thing to do in this particular part would be to determine if all applicable taxes are included in the price.
step 4 to filling out a florida motorcycle bill of sale sample way of payment

Step 5: Read through standard provisions and ensure that both sides are familiar with them.

These typically say that the buyer obtains the object sold in “as-is” condition and is liable for it once the purchase is completed.
step 5 to filling out a florida motorcycle bill of sale form standard provisions

Step 6: Sign the bill of sale.

The purchaser is usually not requested to sign the bill of sale. But, it’s recommended to get the document signed by both sides. You could also have one or a number of witnesses verify the transaction.
step 6 to filling out a florida motorcycle bill of sale form signatures

Step 7: Have a notary public attest the bill of sale

Notarization is typically not necessary, but it’s a solid way to create an additional level of legal protection to your deal.

The original bill of sale copy should be given to the buyer since they will likely require it to get a title to their newly bought motorcycle. As a seller, you may either make a copy and keep it or have two identical forms signed and filled out by both sides.
step 7 to filling out a florida motorcycle bill of sale template notary acknowledgement

Published: Aug 27, 2022