Convert Excel to PDF with FormsPal

The FormsPal conversion tool has many features that allow you to convert a PDF file quickly and efficiently. These are just some of the reasons to use our service.

Clear and straightforward processing

After uploading the file, click on the conversion button. Your document will then be available in a matter of seconds. Our best developers worked hard to make the conversion process as clear and simple as possible.

Your data will be safe

Users who upload files to our server should be confident that all the data will be removed after the conversion. Your documents will be used only for the purposes you have allowed us to.

Manage files from any platform

We have made our converter compatible with all platforms our users might work on (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Therefore, you can manage your Excel files promptly no matter what operating system you have.

No matter how large a file you upload

Feel free to upload large Excel files and batches of documents at a time when using our online PDF converter. We have ensured that our tool can handle any document size and volume.

High-quality conversion

The conversion of your spreadsheet to PDF will not require any style or formatting changes. However, you are free to adapt the Excel file to your needs by adding or deleting content materials.

Easily convert on mobiles

The tool works smoothly with any smartphone or tablet. To convert XLS or XLSX into PDF format, you only need a good internet connection. You can even do it on the go!

How to Convert Excel to PDF

There are just a few steps that separate you from having your Excel file converted into a PDF:

  1. Select your Excel file.
    You can upload your Excel file from your device or cloud service. If you use a laptop or PC, you can drag and drop the document in the respective area on our website. Alternatively, you can copy and enter the URL with your file.
  2. Manage the document.
    You can convert it to PDF immediately or make certain modifications first. You can add and delete information, leave comments and highlights. You might also want to change the order of pages or choose which pages will be included in the document
  3. Save the document as a PDF.
    After you have finished working on your document, click the Done button you will find at the top right corner of the editor. The converted file may be sent to the destination you choose (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Downloads folder, etc.) or shared via a message or email.
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Convert Excel document to PDF in just a few simple steps. FormsPal does not require that you install any additional software to conduct the conversion. With your personal or portable computer or mobile phone, you can work anywhere, even on the go!

Why would one need to transform an Excel file into PDF? There are some unbeatable advantages PDF format has. First of all, PDF files are secure – you can protect the information with a password. Secondly, PDFs are versatile – files look the same regardless of what operating system they are running on. Lastly, the PDF format lets you decrease the size of a file – you can even include high-resolution images and merge multiple file formats into one file.

If you know about these benefits of PDFs and want to convert your spreadsheet into a PDF, our online converter is the right tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions from customers. If you don't find the answer, we will be delighted to help you.

How not to let all my files merge when I turn them into PDF?

By default, our tool merges all the files provided by the user in a single PDF. If you want to get separate PDFs after your conversion, you need to choose the mode to convert files into each separate PDF within the editing process.

What file types are possible to convert into PDF?

FormsPal makes it easy to convert Excel and various other files into PDF. Many formats are supported by our service, including DOCX, PPT, JPEG, etc. The easy-to-use FormsPal web interface allows you to convert any document into PDF.

Is there any restriction on the file volume?

There is no limit to the number of documents that you can convert online with our tool. Uploading large files may only cause a slight delay in the server's response time. This could mean that your conversion may take a bit longer to complete.

How do I convert my file to another format without harming the formatting?

Our online converter preserves the formatting of the original document. It means that fonts, images, and alignments will all be consistent on all devices from which the file is downloaded.