Convert PDF to PPT with FormsPal

Our conversion tool offers many features that will allow you to turn PDF to PPT/PPTX in the fastest time possible. Take a look at some of the features of the FormsPal converter that you will enjoy.

Simplicity of the tool

The process consists of three simple steps. First, select the file you want to convert from your device or cloud storage. Second, upload it to our website. Third, let the tool do the conversion and download your document.

Security of your documents

We want our users to know that we do not keep any documents they convert on our server. All files uploaded are deleted within a short time after the conversion takes place.


Considering our users have different devices, we made sure that our converter works on all platforms. You can easily use it on your Windows, Mac, and Linux device or the most common mobile platforms

Big processing capacity

The FormsPal tool can easily handle large files and plenty of PDFs at a time

Accuracy of conversion

The text and images from your original PDF will be converted into a new format without any losses in terms of formatting


The tool allows you to convert PDFs on mobile devices operating on the most common systems, such as iOS or Android. You only need a good internet connection to perform the conversion.

How to Convert PDF to PPT

Only several steps separate you from successfully converting the document into PPT/PPTX format:

  1. Choose what file you want to convert.
    You can upload your PDF from your device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) or use the URL of the necessary file on one of the file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.
  2. Decide what you want to do with the uploaded file.
    You can instantly convert it into PPT/PPTX or first bring some changes to it if needed. For instance, you can add some information, alter the existing one, or erase extra details
  3. Save your document as a PPT/PPTX file.
    After you have edited and reviewed your file, click the Done button. Download the converted file to the device of your choice or store it on the preferred cloud storage service. Alternatively, you can choose to share it via email or a message
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Learn More About Our Converter

In situations where you need to change the format of your document, there is no better tool than our PDF to PPT/PPTX converter. It lets you turn your document into a PowerPoint presentation in just one click.

Some people might think that PPT or PPTX are better formats to deliver presentations than PDF for various reasons. First, it might be connected with the PowerPoint's unique features, letting you use animations, 3d models, videos, and other tools to add visual interest to the presentation. Second, the PPT format allows you to set smooth transitions between slides. Third, a PPT or PPTX file is easier to fix if there are minor mistakes that should be fixed in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. We are happy to help you if you don't see the answer to your question – just write your question in the online chat window on our website!

Can I convert PDF into a PPT file with multiple slides?

When you use our converter for turning PDF to PPT, you can upload a PDF file with multiple pages and get a PPT with each page transformed into a separate slide. It means that you don't need to adjust margins or anything else before the conversion.

Can I convert PDF to PowerPoint format without a laptop or PC?

Yes, to convert PDF to PPTX, having a smartphone with an internet connection is more than enough. Just use your mobile browser to launch the FormsPal converter website. Once you find it, upload your file and click the conversion button. Your PPTX file will be ready in seconds

Is there a size limit for the documents?

We do not set any size limit for the documents you can convert using the FormsPal converter. You can upload one large PDF and use our batch uploading option to work with multiple PDFs at a time.

Is it possible to convert my file without losing its formatting?

Definitely! The FormsPal tool lets you keep the formatting of the converted document. All the fonts, visual elements, and alignments will look the same regardless of the device you use to store your PPT/PPTX file.