Convert PPT to PDF with FormsPal

The FormsPal conversion tool has many features that help quickly convert a PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file. Here are some solid reasons to use our web application.

FormsPal converting tool is easy to use

To convert the file, upload it from your computer or any other device or copy and paste the URL of the file. After you initiate conversion, you will get your document in a matter of several seconds.

We do not keep your documents

After you have uploaded and converted your file, it will be deleted from our server. It will only be used for the purpose you have authorized us for.

We support multiple platforms

Our users have various gadgets, which is why the converter we present is compatible with all platforms. It efficiently works with Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as mobile platforms.

Our tool lets you upload any file size

You should not worry about compressing extensive documents using additional software before converting your file with FormsPal. Our tool is designed to work with any file size.

Conversion is always accurate

No style or formatting changes will be made to your initial document. Furthermore, you don't have to worry if you have an old or the latest version of PowerPoint. Our conversion tool supports all PPT formats.

The tool works equally fast on all mobile devices

The FormsPal free PDF converter lets you get a converted file in no time on smartphones operated by both IOS and Android. A good internet connection is the only prerequisite.

How to Convert PPT to PDF

There are just a few steps you should take to convert your presentation into a PDF file:

  1. Find the file you need to convert.
    Upload your PPT file directly from your device. You can drag and drop your PPT file to the appropriate area of our website if you are using a PC or laptop. You can also choose a file from one of the popular file-sharing platforms.
  2. Change or simply convert the file.
    It is possible to convert the file immediately to PDF or make some changes to it. You can also alter the page order or select which pages should be included in the final document.
  3. Save the file as a PDF.
    Click the Done button located at the top right corner of the editor page when your document is ready. You can save the converted file as a PDF and store it at the destination of your choice (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Downloads folder on your device). You can send it via a message or email, as well.
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Learn More About Our Converter

Our online converter lets our users convert PowerPoint presentations to PDFs in just a few quick steps. To do that, you don't need any additional software installed on your PC or portable devices. All you have to do is choose the file you would want to transform and upload it in the respective area on the FormsPal website.

Why would one need to convert a PPT into a PDF? That's an easy question to answer. When providing information to clients through a PowerPoint presentation, the data is not secured. PDF helps solve this issue by letting the author set the requirement for recipients to provide digital signatures to open the document. Additionally, it might be enormous when a presentation includes the advanced video and sound features, making sharing more difficult. PDFs typically compress data which leads to taking less storage space without the loss in quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions from customers. Check them out to find the answer you could be looking for. If there isn't one, you can ask your question through online chat.

What if my PPT has multiple slides? How will the conversion be handled?

Our tool transforms each slide into a single PDF page. For example, if your presentation includes five slides, your converted PDF will have five pages in it. But you can also choose to save each of the slides as a separate PDF.

How can I prevent all my files from merging when I convert them to PDF?

Our tool will automatically merge all files that users provide into one PDF. You can choose to convert files into separate PDFs if you prefer.

Do hyperlinks remain in the converted PDF?

Yes. The online converter we offer keeps the anchor text in the final file, and hyperlinks remain intact when we convert.

Can I save my PPT as a PDF with notes?

Yes, the notes you created in Microsoft PowerPoint are kept in the PDF converted through our tool. You will see them below the respective slides.