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The US military has released its new form, the 175 Op Form. The 175 Op Form is designed to help recruits get an idea of their potential job opportunities and what they'll be doing in them. It also helps recruiters find out more about a person's interests so that they can better determine if the person would be a good fit for the different jobs available with the military. The 175 Op Form includes sections on personal information, education, skills, work experience and skills desired by applicant. There are also sections where applicants can list any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect their ability to perform duties of certain occupations.

Listed below are some particulars about 175 op form. It's a good idea that you look at this information before you decide to begin working with the file.

Form Name175 Op Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameswhich retention rights, 175 op form, op 175 application, fillable op175 forms nycdoe

Form Preview Example

Chancellor’s Regulation C-175

Attachment 1


Directions: This form must be completed and submitted to the per session supervisor prior to commencement of employment in a per session activity. A copy of this form must be retained by the per session supervisor. An applicant who wishes to claim retention rights must assert such a claim on this form. Retention rights may be claimed ONLY in one per session activity. No person may work more than 500 hours in one or a combination of per session activities (with a maximum of 270 hours in a school psychologist and/or school social worker position) without prior written approval of the Division of Human Resources in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-175.

Last Name: _______________________________ First Name: ______________________ MI: _____________

Home Address: ________________________________________________________ Zip Code: ______________

Home Phone: (____) ______________ File No.: ______________

Email Address: ________________________


Are you a full-time employee of the NYC Department of Education?

Yes ____

No _____


If yes, indicate current work location: CFN ____________ District _______

School/Office _________________


License or Title ______________________ Hours of Employment from ________________ to ______________


Per Session Position for which you are Applying: Program Name: ______________________________________


CFN ____ District _____ Approximate Start Date __________ Do you claim retention rights? Yes ____ No ____


School/Office __________________________ Approximate Total No. of Hours in Activity __________________


Work Hours Monday – Friday ___________ to _____________

Saturday – Sunday __________ to __________

3.Between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, have you worked or do you plan to work in any other per session activity? Yes _____ No _____. If yes, indicate all positions below. Use additional sheets if necessary.

a. Program Name: __________________________________________________________________________

CFN _____ District _____ Approximate Start Date _____ Do you claim retention rights? Yes ____ No ___

School/Office __________________________ Approximate Total No. of Hours in Activity ______________

Work Hours Monday – Friday _________ to ___________ Saturday – Sunday __________ to __________

b.Program Name: __________________________________________________________________________

CFN _____ District _____ Approximate Start Date _____ Do you claim retention rights? Yes ____ No ___

School/Office __________________________ Approximate Total No. of Hours in Activity _______________

Work Hours Monday – Friday ___________ to ____________ Saturday – Sunday _________ to ________

4.Will your total per session hours for this year, including the hours for the position for which you are applying, exceed 500? Yes _____ No _____

5. If yes, have you submitted a waiver request to exceed the 500 hour maximum? Yes _____ No _____

6.Declaration: I have read and understand the requirements in Chancellor’s Regulation C-175. I understand that I am bound by this regulation. I affirm that the information give above is, to my knowledge, accurate and complete, and I understand that a willfully false answer to any question contained herein is a Class E felony which shall render this application null and void and may result in loss of retention rights, cancellation of per session employment, loss of pay, recoupment of compensation already paid, or disciplinary action.



Signature of Applicant


7.Approval by Per Session Supervisor: I certify that this applicant possesses the qualifications established for the position and that the selection was made after following advertising procedures set forth in Chancellor’s Regulation C-175.



Signature of Per Session Program Supervisor



Chancellor’s Regulation C-175

Summary of Chancellor’s Regulation C-175

Chancellor’s Regulation C-175 is available for review at http://schools.nyc.gov/RulesPolicies/ChancellorsRegulations Each school maintains a copy of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual for Schools (SOPM). Individuals may review a copy of these procedures in order to familiarize themselves with the process by which per session employees are processed and paid.

1.All per session employees must complete an application for per session activity (OP175) prior to commencing service.

2.Individuals who have been approved for waivers in prior years must resubmit new waiver applications each year. For this purpose, the per session year is from July 1st through June 30th.

3.Individuals must submit a waiver form for exceeding the limit on the maximum number of hours that can be served in a per session year. The maximum number of hours of per session work that may be performed annually is available in the C-175 regulation.

4.No individual is authorized to work in a per session activity during a normal school workday.

5.Per session employment, whether funded from the same or a different source, may not be used as a means of providing additional compensation for work similar to that which is performed in an individual’s primary assignment.

6.Individuals cannot serve in a per session activity for which, in their primary assignment, they are responsible for hiring, rating, or coordinating or which they normally supervise in their primary assignment.

7.No per session compensation may be paid for work performed at home.

8.Employees on sabbatical leaves beginning August 1st must complete per session activities in which they are serving in July. They will not be permitted to commence any new per session assignments until the September following the completion of the sabbatical.

9.Each per session employee is required to use a time clock to record the exact time of arrival and departure. The timecard is to be maintained at the work site and should serve as the basis of entries on the Personnel Time Report. If a time clock is not available, a daily attendance report with exact time of arrival and departure must be provided, maintained and approved by a supervisor. In every case, regardless of the specific manner in which time is reported, supervisors are accountable for verifying the record of attendance. Approval by a co- worker is not acceptable. Failure to maintain satisfactory records will result in the withholding of compensation or recoupment of payment already made.

10.Each per session employee is required to submit a time sheet for service that was performed during the prior per session period within one school day of the per session period immediately following each service.

11.Time sheets submitted for per session work which required a waiver that was not previously approved will result in the withholding of per session payment.

12.If a teacher is entitled to retention rights in a per session activity but fails to claim those rights before or at the time of application for a different per session job in which the teacher has no retention rights, the teacher may then be denied employment in the job for which there is entitlement to retention.

Notes: Requests for waivers must be submitted sufficiently in advance to allow time for review and appropriate action.

Failure to obtain a valid waiver may result in the withholding of payment for hours worked beyond the maximum hours as outlined in Chancellor’s Regulation C-175.


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