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On August 13th, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released a new tax form, Form 813. The form is used to report the ownership of certain United States possessions, including Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands. The form must be filed by taxpayers who own 10% or more of any one possession. The release of this new form coincides with a change in IRS policy for taxation of income earned in U.S. possessions. The new policy exempts from federal income tax any income earned by a taxpayer from sources within a possession that are considered part of that taxpayer's trade or business there. This change is effective for taxable years beginning after December 31st, 2012.

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Form Preview Example

Verification of a Military Retiree’s Service

In NonWartime Campaigns or Expeditions

(See Instructions on reverse before completing form.)

To: (Select appropriate address from reverse.)





Solicitation of this information is authorized by sections



3502, “Retention Order," and 6303, “Leave Accrual,” of title



5, United States Code, and solicitation of the Social



Security Number (SSN) is authorized by Executive Order



9397, “Using Social Security Number as Identifier.” This



information, including the SSN, will be used to verify



periods of creditable service in all campaigns and



expeditions claimed. Furnishing this information, including



the SSN, is voluntary, but failure to comply may make it



difficult or impossible to verify periods of creditable service.




1. Name used during Military Service

2. Service Number (If Retired prior to 1970)

3. Social Security Number




4. Branch of Service

5. Date of Military Retirement (mm/dd/yyyy)

6. Date of Request (mm/dd/yyyy)





Service Claimed










(Provide at least

each month and year of















If not correct, give the dates (from and to) of the



participation in a campaign/expedition)


active duty the person performed in the period













covered by the campaign badge or medal.




7. Nonwartime Campaigns and Expeditions





















































































































































































































































































































































8. Requesting Agency’s Remarks






9. Records Center’s Remarks



























10. Requesting Official’s Name, Telephone Number and/or Email Address


Items checked were verified by our records. Items



















which do not correspond with dates shown in records










have been corrected.





















11. Requesting Agency (Name, Address, and ZIP Code)






Printed Name and Title of Records Center certifying



















































Date Signed






















Form approved for local reproduction.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Previous editions not usable.

The Guide to Processing Personnel Actions

SF 813 (Revised April 2013)

Instructions for Completing and Sending SF 813

Notes 1) Use SF 813 only for persons who are retired from active military service. Do NOT use this form if the person has completed 20 or more years of Reserve or National Guard service but will not receive a pension until age 60.

2)If retirement is from the U.S. Coast Guard, allow six months from the date of retirement before submitting this form.

Use SF 813 only to request verification of a retiree’s military service performed in a nonwartime campaign or expedition for which badge/medal was authorized, in order to credit such service for leave accrual rate and reduction-in-force purposes. Complete the address block and items 1 through 11, and send the form to the appropriate address listed below.

A. To verify campaign/expeditionary service for military retirees of the:

1)U.S. Coast Guard;

2)U.S. Army who retired before October 1, 1995;

3)U.S. Navy who retired before January 1, 1995;

4)U.S. Marine Corps who retired before October 1, 2001; and

5)U.S. Air Force who retired before October 1, 2004 (*for general officers, see below),

send the form to:

National Personnel Records Center


1 Archives Drive


St. Louis, MO 63138-1002

*If Air Force Retiree is a general, put “Retired General Officer” in the Agency’s Remarks block on the front of this form.

B. To verify campaign/expeditionary service for persons who retired from Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Army on or after the dates shown below, send the form to the appropriate military service at the address below.

U.S. Marine Corps, October 1, 2001

U.S. Navy, January 1, 1995

Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps

Navy Personnel Command (PERS-312A)

Personnel Management Support Branch (MMSB-10)

5720 Integrity Drive

2008 Elliot Road

Millington, TN 38055-3130

Quantico, VA 22134-5030



U.S. Army, October 1, 1995

U.S. Air Force, October 1, 2004

Human Resources Command



Veterans Inquiry Section

Dept. 420

550 C St. West, Suite 12

1600 Spearhead Div Ave

Randolph Air Force Base, TX 78150

Fort Knox, KY 40122


The SF 813 should be used to request verification of participation in a nonwartime campaign or expedition, and dates of participation, only if this information is not documented on the retiree's DD Form 214. It is the retired member's responsibility to provide the name of any nonwartime campaign or expedition for which credit is requested. Service will be verified only if the SF 813 lists specific campaigns/expeditions and inclusive dates of the retiree's participation. It is not sufficient to list just the service component (e.g., “USAF') or medal (e.g., “Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal”). If a follow up request is necessary, reproduce a copy of the original request and clearly mark the top of the SF 813, “Follow up Request.” For additional information see www.opm.gov/StaffingPortal/vgmedal2.asp, VetGuide Appendix A: Wars, Campaigns and Expeditions of the Armed Forces Since WWII Which Qualify for Veterans Preference.

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Be mindful when filling in this form. Make certain all mandatory fields are completed accurately.

1. When completing the verification military service form, make certain to incorporate all of the essential blank fields within its corresponding section. This will help to hasten the work, allowing for your details to be handled without delay and appropriately.

Stage no. 1 of filling in sf 813

2. Given that the last section is complete, you should insert the necessary details in Requesting Agencys Remarks, Records Centers Remarks, Requesting Officials Name, Requesting Agency Name Address, Items checked were verified by our, Printed Name and Title of Records, Signature, and Date Signed in order to move forward further.

 Records Centers Remarks,  Requesting Agency Name Address, and  Requesting Agencys Remarks of sf 813

Always be really attentive while filling out Records Centers Remarks and Requesting Agency Name Address, as this is the part in which many people make a few mistakes.

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