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Navigating through the complexities of vehicle registration within military communities presents unique challenges and requirements, which are thoroughly addressed by the Ae 190 1Aa form. This comprehensive document, titled "APPLICATION FOR MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION OR RENEWAL AND ALLIED TRANSACTIONS," serves as an essential tool for service members and associated personnel seeking to legally operate their vehicles on or near U.S. Forces installations, particularly within European territories. The form mandates clear, legible inputs, inclusive of vehicle information, personal identification details, and compliance with specified regulations such as AE Reg 190-1/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 11240.6Y/USAFE-AFAFRICA Inst 31-202. Critical elements range from the vehicle’s make, model, and color, to more detailed aspects like power rating and fuel type, ensuring a comprehensive account of the vehicle's specifications. Additionally, owner responsibilities, including the lawful disposal of vehicles and adherence to safety inspection requirements, underscore the importance of regulatory compliance. The Ae 190 1Aa form not only facilitates the registration process but also intertwines with broader legal and operational frameworks, ensuring that vehicle registration aligns with the stipulated safety, environmental, and legal standards set forth by the U.S. Forces in Europe.

Form NameAe Form 190 1Aa
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesae 190 form, ae form 190 aa, allied typed ae, form 190 1aa

Form Preview Example


(Items must be typed or legibly printed, as prescribed in AE Reg 190-1/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 11240.6Y/USAFE-AFAFRICA Inst 31-202.)

(All dates must be in DD/MMM/YYYY format.) (USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMW) website is at

1. U.S. Forces registration number


2. Effective date

3. Expiration date

4. Registration code(s)




5. Former registration number



6. FRS


















































7. Make










8. Body type






9. Model






10. Color(s)









11. Year






















































13. Power rating:


































































Chassis number








16. Lien holder














17. Fee code


18. Inland

19. Suspense clearance














































Bill of Sale
























































































































































City and State:









Zip code:











































































































Insurance company







21. Insurance policy number









22. Insurance effective date



23. Insurance issue date








































Sponsor (block 28(1)) branch:


Army (1)


Air Force (2)


Navy (3)


Marines (4)




Coast Guard (5)










































Sponsor information: Blocks 27-38



26. Type of ownership:



Joint w/spouse (M)

Agent-owner (A)

Co-owner (C)



Leased (L)

































28. Name (last, first, MI)





29a. SSN




29b. DOD ID #



30. U.S. Forces license


31. Class


32. Date of birth











































































































































Military unit/organization







34. CMR/PSC/Unit



35. Box


36. APO AE


37. Military




38. Marital status





































telephone no.



Single (S)









































































































































Unaccompanied (U)
















































Accompanied (A)



40. Name of additional driver (last, first, MI)



41. SSN







41b. DOD ID #








42. U.S. Forces license


43. Class















































































































































































































































































































































Stateside license plate number now on vehicle












45. German title book/former owner name and SSN/procurement agency


















































































Notes for FRS/RMV use only:

















E-mail address
























RMV control number:



















































































































































Signature Requirements (Complete appropriate blocks and date and sign the form.)

46. Vehicle-owner statement









50. Mechanical safety inspection

51. Verifying authority

a. As the owner of the vehicle described in this application, I certify that all data is correct and


The vehicle described in this application has



that I am familiar with the provisions of AE Reg 190-1/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 11240.6Y/USAFE-


been inspected in compliance with AE Reg




190-1/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 11240.6Y/USAFE-



AFAFRICA Inst 31-202. I understand that before I depart the U.S. Forces in Germany, I am





AFAFRICA Inst 31-202 and found to meet or



required by law and international agreements to dispose of the vehicle described in this





exceed the requirements indicated therein.



application in one of the following ways:















The inspection stamp is valid for 75 days after



1. Export (at Government or personal expense).





the date shown below.







2. Sell or give to another person with NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) tax and



2 long plates



1 long, 1 short plate









customs privileges.



























1 med-, 1 long-plate




3. Sell or give to a person without NATO SOFA tax and customs privileges after settlement















of German tax and customs liabilities.








2 short plates (by exception only)



4. Donate to the U.S. Government or the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) fund.



1 med-, 1 short-plate









b. I understand that it is unlawful to abandon this vehicle. In the event I depart the U.S. Forces









1 small /


1 Medium



in Germany without having made provisions for disposing of this vehicle in one of the ways






specified above, I hereby release the United States and its agents from any liability arising








from the transfer, storage, sale, or other disposition of my vehicle. I understand that if I do not
















dispose of my privately owned vehicle (POV) properly, the following actions will be taken










Date/Inspector’s signature


Date/Verifying FRS rep. signature

against me: (1) Notification of my commander or supervisor. (2) Suspension of driving and



















vehicle-registration privileges. (3) UCMJ actions, if deemed appropriate.








































47. Statement of loss (Check applicable parts.)


52. Customs clearance/stamp (Import Lic)




















Required under AE Reg 550-175/ CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 5840.1F/USAFE Inst 51-702.

I verify that on (date)






the following item or items of my POV was/were






Das beschriebene Fahrzeug wurde am heutigen Tag bei der deutschen Zollbehörde








illegible, and that I have complied with














AE Reg 190-1/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 11240.6Y/USAFE-AFAFRICA Inst 31-202:










Gegen eine Zulassung unter dem USAREUR-System bestehen keine Bedenken.




One license plate


Both license plates, number


















b. Alarm number:
















































I am aware that AR 190-5/OPNAV 11200.5D/AFI 31-218(1) and the installation traffic code










provide for the removal and temporary impoundment of privately owned motor vehicles that













are parked either illegally or for unreasonable periods, interfering with military operations or
























creating a safety hazard, are disabled by accident, left unattended in a restricted or controlled













area, or abandoned. I agree to reimburse the United States for the cost of towing and storage,













should my motor vehicle, because of such circumstances, be removed and impounded.











48. Date signed and signature of individual in block 28 (1)


49. Date signed and signature of individual in block 28 (2)





























Authority: Art. 9, 10, and 11, Supplementary Agreement to the NATO SOFA; 10 USC 3012.

Principal purpose(s): To evaluate an application for a U.S. Forces privately owned vehicle (POV) registration and issue registration documents on establishment of eligibility and determination of accomplishment of regulatory requirements.

Routine use(s): a. To determine registration, insurance, and prima facie ownership status of a POV for law-enforcement (LE), investigative, and administrative purposes and to verify the licensed status of individuals to both U.S. and foreign LE authorities. b. For locator purposes within the USAREUR RMV.

c. To ensure compliance with regulations pertinent to the registration of POVs, and to notify commanders, supervisors, or other responsible authorities when a violation has occurred. d. To enable fulfillment of requests from individuals for miscellaneous services performed by the USAREUR RMV.

e. To determine tax-free gasoline allowances to be authorized.

f . To respond to requests for identification, registration, and lien and insurance data concerning POVs and POV ownership received from LE, investigative, and administrative authorities of the U.S. Forces and foreign countries or from attorneys, lien holders, prospective POV purchasers, or insurance companies.

Mandatory or voluntary disclosure and effect on individual not providing information: The disclosure of personal information, including the Social Security number, is mandatory for registration. Failure to provide any item of information will result in the rejection of the application. Rejection for this reason is necessary since names do not provide an individual with a unique identification. Unregistered POVs are subject to impoundment; owners are subject to administrative or disciplinary action.

Previous editions are obsolete.

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