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The affidavit usually includes information about the parent who is giving up their rights, the child, and the reason for the relinquishment. The parent who signs the form must do so voluntarily and without coercion or duress. Once the form is signed, it is typically filed with a court and becomes a legally binding document.

It is important to note that giving up parental rights is a serious decision with significant legal consequences, and it is important to consult with a lawyer before signing any legal documents related to parental rights.

Here, you'll find quite a few details about affidavit parental rights form PDF. It is suggested that you check out this info before you begin working with the file.

Form Name Affidavit of Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? Yes
Fillable fields 1
Avg. time to fill out 27 sec
Other names affidavit of voluntary relinquishment, termination of parental rights form, terminating parental rights affidavit

Form Preview Example








JD-JM-60 Rev. 7-11



C.G.S. §§ 17a-112, 45a-707, 45a-715;



PA 11-240, Sec. 2

1.Print or type; this form must be filed with every consent termination.

2.Attach original to Superior Court form JD-JM-40 or Probate Court form PC-600 or PC-601.

3.This affidavit may not be executed by a mother within 48 hours immediately after the birth of her child.

4.If a minor parent is consenting to the termination of parental rights, a Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the court shall assure that the minor parent is giving an informed and voluntary consent.

Court use only Docket number


Superior Court

Address of Superior Court












Court of Probate

For Probate District of


Probate district number or juvenile venue number












Name of parent who is consenting to termination of

parental rights


Date and time of birth of child/youth






In the matter of


, a person under the age of eighteen.







I, the parent named above, voluntarily and knowingly consent to the termination of my parental rights. Termination means "the complete severance by court order of the legal relationship, with all its rights and responsibilities, between the child and the child's parent or parents so that the child is free for adoption except it shall not affect the right of inheritance of the child or the religious affiliation of the child." Section 45a-707 of the Connecticut General Statutes (Inheritance rights cease upon adoption.) I understand that no action taken with respect to my consent to termination of my parental rights affects the parental rights of the other parent.

I understand the termination of my parental rights to mean that I will no longer have the following legal rights and responsibilities on the effective date of termination:

1.the legal right to custody, guardianship or control of the child or youth; I will have no legal right to care for the child or youth or make any decisions on behalf of the child or youth;

2.the legal right to obtain the child's or youth's birth certificate;

3.the legal right to any state or federal benefits I may have been receiving for the child or youth;

4.the legal responsibility to support the child or youth and to pay for the child's or youth's maintenance, medical and other expenses, but I may be responsible for support of the child or youth until the effective date of the termination;

5.the responsibility to care for the child or youth or make any decisions on his or her behalf.

I have considered the following:

1.the child or youth will be legally free for adoption after the termination and I will have no right to notice of the adoption proceedings nor any right to participate in the proceedings; an alternative to the termination of my parental rights, the nature and extent of family and counseling services which may be available through an agency which could improve the relationship between the child or youth and me or reunite the child or youth with me;

3.the child's or youth's feelings and the emotional ties of the child or youth toward me;

4.the extent to which I may have been prevented from maintaining a meaningful relationship with the child or youth by actions of the other parent of the child or youth or any other person, or by my economic circumstances.

5.My consent today in the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters may permit the Department of Children and Families to seek to terminate my parental rights to another child of mine under the age of seven. It may seek to do so without giving me more than ninety (90) days to rehabilitate, if the child has been found neglected, uncared for or abused by the court.

I am aware that the court must conduct a hearing before approving the termination of parental rights even if both parents consent to the termination.

I am aware that the child or youth, upon reaching his or her 18th birthday, may have the right to information which may identify me or other blood relatives.

Signed (Parent)

If parent is a minor, signature of guardian ad litem

This is to certify that the above document was signed in my presence after having been read by the subscriber, who stated that she (he) understood its contents.

This is to certify that the above document was signed in my presence after it was read by me to the subscriber in the language understood by her (him) and that she (he) further stated that she (he) understood the contents of this consent and authorization for adoption.

Subscribed and sworn to before me on (Date)

At (Town)

Signed (Judge, Assistant Clerk, Notary Public, Comm. of Sup. Court)

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