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For those who are new to the concept, a ccsd residential affidavit is an official document that proves you live in the school district you claim to reside in. The document is used primarily for tuition purposes, as it can provide verification to the school you are attending that you do in fact reside within their district boundaries. In order to complete a ccsd residential affidavit, you will need to provide documentation such as your driver's license, proof of residency (such as a utility bill), and your student ID number. Once all of this information has been gathered, you can visit your local school district office and complete the necessary paperwork.

Below is the information regarding the file you were in search of to fill out. It will show you how long it should take to finish ccsd residential affidavit, what parts you need to fill in and a few further specific details.

Form NameCcsd Residential Affidavit
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields35
Avg. time to fill out7 min 34 sec
Other namesclark county school district residential affidavit, ccsd residential affidavit form, school district affidavit, county school affidavit

Form Preview Example

9998-500792Clark County School District


CCF-792 06/11

School: __________________________________________________ School Year: _______________________________

(Print school name)

(Print school year)

As required by CCSD Regulation 5111, the following documents, provided by the owner/renter of property, must be submitted to the school by the parent or guardian along with the residential affidavit:

Government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, state issued identification card, passport) AND

Current mortgage statement/rental lease agreement/rent receipt (apartment complex name must appear on receipt) OR

Current utility bill such as: gas, water, or electric (cable and/or telephone bills are not acceptable)

The following statement/agreement is to be completed by the owner/renter of property. Owner/renter of property and parent/guardian must sign form before a Notary:

Printed Name of Owner/Renter of PropertyPhone Number








Zip Code

I hereby state that currently the following school age child(ren) (print name(s) and grade level[s]):


and the parent/legal guardian(s) of said child(ren): ________________________________________________________

Print Name(s)

are residing with me, ________________________________________, at my place of residence.

Print Name

I further state that this family is NOT just using my address for the specific purpose of enrolling their child(ren)

at the above-mentioned school. I understand that if this statement is untrue, or if the living arrangements should change, the current school of enrollment will immediately withdraw this family’s child(ren) from the school. I further agree to notify the school upon termination of this residential agreement.

Signature of Owner/Renter of Property

Signature of Parent/Guardian

SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to before me this_________ day of _______________ , 20____, by

___________________________________AND ___________________________________

Owner/Renter of Property

Parent/Legal Guardian

NOTARY PUBLIC in and for the County of Clark, State of Nevada

Per Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) regulation NAC 386.782, students attending a school on

a Residential Affidavit are ineligible for athletic participation. Students may appeal this provision.

However, an appeal is not a guarantee of athletic eligibility.


9998-500792Distrito Escolar Del Condado De Clark


CCF-792 06/11

Escuela: _________________________________________________ Año Escolar: _______________________________

(Escribir en letra de molde el nombre de la escuela)

(Escriba en letra de molde el año escolar)

Como se exige en el Reglamento 5111 de CCSD, los siguientes documentos, proporcionados por el dueño/arrendatario de una propiedad, deben ser presentados en la escuela por el padre o tutor junto con la declaración jurada de residencia:

Identificación con foto emitida por el gobierno (por ejemplo, licencia de conducir, tarjeta de identificación del estado emitida por el gobierno, pasaporte) Y

Declaración actual de la hipoteca/Contrato de arrendamiento del alquiler/recibo del alquiler (el nombre del complejo de apartamentos debe aparecer en el recibo) O

Recibo de un servicio actual como: gas, agua o electricidad (no se aceptan recibos del cable y/o teléfono)

La siguiente declaración/acuerdo debe ser completada por el dueño/arrendatario de una propiedad. El dueño/ arrendatario de una propiedad y el padre/tutor deben firmar el formulario ante la presencia de un notario:

Escribir el Nombre del Dueño/Arrendatario de la Propiedad en Letra de Molde Número de Teléfono








Código Postal

Por la presente afirmo que el siguiente niño(s) en edad escolar (escriba su nombre(s) y su nivel de grado(s) en Letra de Molde):


Y el padre/tutor(s) legal(es) del niño(s) mencionado: ______________________________________________________

Escriba su Nombre(s) en Letra de Molde

residen conmigo,___________________________________________ , en mi lugar de residencia.

Escriba el Nombre en Letra de Molde

Yo a continuación informo que esta familia NO está utilizando mi dirección con el propósito específico de inscribir a su hijo(s) en la escuela mencionada anteriormente. Entiendo que si esta declaración no es verdadera, o si la situación de la vivienda cambia, la escuela de inscripción actual inmediatamente dará de baja de la escuela al niño(s) de esta familia. A continuación estoy de acuerdo con notificar a la escuela al terminar este acuerdo de residencia.

Firma del Dueño/Arrendatario de la Propiedad

Firma del Padre/Tutor

FIRMADO Y JURADO ante mi este _________ día de ________________ , 20____, por

_____________________________________ Y ___________________________________

Dueño/Arrendatario de la Propiedad

Padre/Tutor Legal

NOTARIO PÚBLICO en y para el Condado de Clark, Estado de Nevada

Por la Asociación de Actividades Interescolares de Nevada (NIAA) reglamento NAC 386.782, los estudiantes asistiendo a la escuela bajo una Declaración Jurada de Residencia no cumplen con los requisitos para la participación atlética. Los estudiantes pueden apelar para esta disposición. Sin embargo, apelar no garantiza la elegibilidad atlética.


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The PDF editor helps make writing files effortless. It is extremely effortless to update the [FORMNAME] document. Keep up with these particular steps if you want to do this:

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Step 2: Now you may change the ccsd residential affidavit. You need to use the multifunctional toolbar to include, eliminate, and transform the content material of the document.

The following sections will make up the PDF form that you'll be completing:

example of gaps in residential affidavit

Inside the area I hereby state that currently the, and the parent/legal guardian(s), Print Name(s), are residing with me, Print Name, I further state that this family, and Signature of Owner/Renter of note the information which the system requires you to do.

Finishing residential affidavit stage 2

In the Signature of Parent/Guardian, SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to before me, Owner/Renter of Property, Parent/Legal Guardian, NOTARY PUBLIC in and for the, Per Nevada Interscholastic, a Residential Affidavit are, However, and THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE NOTARIZED part, highlight the necessary particulars.

Filling out residential affidavit step 3

Describe the rights and obligations of the parties inside the box DECLARACIÓN JURADA DE DOMICILIO, Escuela:, (Escribir en letra de molde el, Como se exige en el Reglamento,  Identificación con foto emitida, identificación del estado emitida,  Declaración actual de la, (el nombre del complejo de,  Recibo de un servicio actual, and La siguiente declaración/acuerdo.

Finishing residential affidavit part 4

Complete the file by checking all these sections: Escribir el Nombre del, Número de Teléfono, Domicilio, Ciudad, Nevada Estado, Código Postal, Por la presente afirmo que el, Y el padre/tutor(s) legal(es) del, Escriba su Nombre(s) en Letra de, residen, Escriba el Nombre en Letra de Molde, Yo a continuación informo que esta, and Firma del Dueño/Arrendatario de la.

step 5 to entering details in residential affidavit

Step 3: Hit the "Done" button. Now you can export the PDF document to your device. As well as that, you can easily forward it via email.

Step 4: Make copies of the form - it can help you keep clear of potential complications. And don't be concerned - we don't reveal or look at your data.

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