Arizona Corporation Commission Annual Report Details

The Arizona Annual Report is a comprehensive annual report that outlines the success of the department. It discusses programs, projects and activities undertaken by the Department in 2016 to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations. The report also includes information about how we use our resources responsibly to provide meaningful outdoor recreation opportunities for all Arizonans. The Arizona Annual Report has been published annually since 1945 when it was first produced by the State Parks Board. In 1974, responsibility for producing this publication shifted from state agencies to local governments through an agreement with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS). Today, each county produces its own edition of this document that summarizes their efforts to maintain or improve safety on roads throughout their jurisdiction.

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Other namesarizona corporation commission annual filing, az corp commission annual report, arizona corporation commission annual report form 2020, ecorp azcc gov

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Arizona Annual Report
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